The Beginning

This is a Five Nights At Freddy's and Animal Jam mix. Do not edit anything even spelling. Also, read "Forbidden Banished Antleres". It will explain a lot.

I slammed the door shut, Foxy knocking.

"Why did you come!? I've been checking you every now and then? Why??" I cried. Secretly, I had a crush on him and I checked on him to admire his cuteness.

"Open de door!! Now!!" Foxy growled. He kept on pounding, and soon I only had 1% left. I sighed. I opened the door. Foxy's jump scare was better than Freddy's. Foxy barged in and gave me flowers and bit me. Then a purple portal opened up and he shoved me into it.

"WUT ON EARTH IS HAPPENING?!" I cried, shocked. I felt like I was morphing... slowly... I felt antlers growing on my head and my structure flattening. I looked at my... paw? It was black and fluffy, and I couldn't pick up my monitor. Then I saw my reflection in the screen.

Yolo I'm coded differently, peeps!!

I was a wolf with antlers!! The mist cleared around me, and I was in a weird world with talking animals. A really odd-looking panda introduced herself as "Liza". She showed me around this place, called "Jamaa", and told me of the Alphas and how this place works. Then she said that I was the new "Alpha" added in by the "creator" to lead a new group of "antlered wolves". I nodded. I feel like I already knew everything!! Like someone magically programmed me with coding and all that random stuff!! I'm still confused why I came here, though...

Anyway, I should tell a little about Jamaa. It's pretty nice here, and I'm an Alpha!! I've made really good friends with the wolf alpha, Greely, and the deer alpha, Sigurd. I don't think the other alphas like me that much, though... I keep on calling for a more peacefull way of dealing with the phantoms. I don't know what got into me!! I'm suddenly believing in peace and stuff like that!! It's like someone had rewritten my life... my code...

Exiled!! Dang It!!

The other alphas (except for my friends) have been complaining about us antler wolves being peaceful and good stuff like that. They decided to send us into exile. Greely and Sigurd tried to convince them to turn their minds, but I guess they weren't enough. Tomorrow we're leaving to the Unknown. I already wrote another story called "Forbidden Banished Antleres", so please read that before you read the next chapter.

I Don't Know What To Name This Chapter Besides "Alive Again"

If you didn't read the story, here's a quick summary:

  1. We went into the Unknown
  2. We started wasting away
  3. We replaced small body parts with robotic parts
  4. We started looking horrible
  5. I led my pack/herd back to Jamaa with the help of my great grandma
  6. I died and Liza kicked my body

So yeah. I'm a ghost now. Hi. Thankfully, since I am an Alpha, I came back alive because Alphas don't die as long as they still have their body left. I'm still in my old body, which is really messed up and creepy. MY TAIL IS JUST BONES!! Oh well. Now I'm alive again. My voice emitter is still broken.

Necessary Mushy Stuff That Explains A Lot Even Though It's Mushy Also This Is A Long Very Explanatory Chapter With A Very Long Title

I was dreaming about playing on top of a gigantic pie when suddenly Foxy appeared. Since I was dreaming, my voice emitter and body were fine.

"Arrrrr... Shiver meh timbers!!  It's meh luv!!  Hi," Foxy croaked, wearing a tuxedo, top hat, and holding flowers. He still had a hook and eye patch. "Will ya dance wi'meh?"

"WUT ARE YOU DOING IN MY DREAM!?" I shouted, surprised. I totally didn't expect the pirate I dreamed of to appear in my dream.

"Explaining stuff," he coughed calmly. "Now answer me question: Will ya dance?"

"Uhh... Yes?" I replied. He took my hand with his hand and hooked the fur on my wrist with his hook (duh). Then we started dancing. His really heavy metal foot stepped on my right foot.

"Eh, Sorry. Also, I'm here to explain why ya are here," Foxy purred. "It startd on tha' very day I gave you a bite n' flowers." We both blushed. "I wa' in love wi' ya, even though I 'm a robot. I h've a soul, remember? Anyway, ta prevent ya from getting stuffed into an anima'ronic sui', I open' up a por'al to Jamaa, pushed ya in there, an' started coding. I AM TE CREATOR!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyway, I coded ya'll up, so yeah." Foxy hugged me so hard, that I think if it was in real life, I'd die a second time. But I was dreaming.

"Thank you for telling me. Also, I XXXX you too." Sorry. The "word" got crossed out for a reason.

"SCREEEEEEECHHHH!!!!!" Foxy screeched in happiness but accidently killed me in my dream. Then I woke up.


I woke up. On my nightstand was a plush pirate of Foxy. SO ADORABLE!!!!! I gave out free hugs the whole day. I EVEN "ACCIDENTLY" HUGGED A PHANTOM AND IT DIED OF CUTENESS (oops :-D)!!  Liza groaned when I hugged my Plushie. My voice was fixed.

"Grow up," she grumbled.  Sir Gibert appeared.

"Stop being so annoyingly HAPPY," he roared angrily.  "Your happiness, it BURNS!!  IT BURNS!!!!!!!!"

 "I killed a phantom by hugging it," I protested, pointing at the dead phantom.

 "Who even CARES?!" Peck hissed, suddenly appearing.

 "What is that?" Sir Gilbert gestured towards the Foxy Plush.  

 "Foxy the Plushie," I said happily, grabbing it and hugging it.  "Anyway, ya'll came to hear my report on how the phantoms are doing."

 "Let's hear it................." Liza muttered.

 "Welp, today I hugged a phantom to death..." I said joyfully.

 "WHATEV!!" Peck interrupted rudely.

 "...Some phantoms tried crossing to Jamaa, but then a purple portal opened up and swallowed them.  Then I heard screaming and the clanging of metal suits.  Then something weird happened.  A robot hook-" I continued.

 "Move on!!" Sir Gilbert yawned.

"...Wait!!  What about-"

 "Moving on to Sir Gilbert's report!!" Peck yowled.  I hugged my Plush.  Dat hug Doe...


Foxy gets dismantled by Purple Guy and disappears FOREVER!!

THE LAST CHAPTER!!  Actually it might be the last... I Don't Know Exactly. Hopefully I Spelled That Right. Anyway, This Chapter is Also Long And Super Sad

4 years later...

"We've had enough of you," Sir Gilbert snarled.

"My karate teacher DIED when he saw you," Peck snarled. "He thought you were a disgrace to Jamaa."

"We oh so kindly welcomed you to Jamaa, but all you've done is be annoying. So GO," Liza cackled. She gathered all the jammers, tricking them to believe I was evil. Crowds of Jammers gathered closer to me, their fangs and claws shimmering in the sun. Peck karate-punched me in the face.

"IN YO' FAACE!!" She screeched. Step by step, the crowd came closer and closer, forcing me to back away. After a couple minutes, Liza yowled.

"ATTACK!!" That split second, everyone chased me. "CHASE HER TO THE BORDER"

Ferocious jaws snapped at my heels, and claws pulled my fur. Liza was only a few feet away from my tail, and eagles and owls flapped, circling over my head as spies. Soon I was at the border. I knew what was happening.

"Good job," Liza coughed. She raised her clawed hands, and yes, pandas do have long claws. "Now go. Go to the Unknown and don't come back, OR ELSE." She held up her phantom-blood-stained claws and held a chainsaw in her other hand. I had no choice. I turned and darted away into the Unknown, when something hit me. "Don't forget your little toy." Foxy the Pirate Plush. "Now GO." A chainsaw started to buzz, and snarls echoed. I could only do one thing.

I fled.


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