Before there was Animal Jam, there was a game, called Animal Cave. Back on January 1, 1991, a young college student thought of making a game, about animals, since he loved animals. Before making the game, he drew 3 characters. A black and blue feline named Graeme, a pink and white wolf named Darcy, and an orange canine named Blaze. The animals looked very realistic, with realistic anatomy. The game, site, and forum was completed and released on December 31, 1993. The game was sort of like AJ, since AC also had villains. They were not phantoms, but they were called "Shadow Animals". Since Warriors did not exist in the 90s, many people roleplayed Ratha's Creature (A novel that was very similar to Warriors, it came out in '83.) on that game.

However, in 2004, it was closed down. It was due to hackers getting in the files. However, in late 2015, a fox jammer reported seeing a pink and white wolf that had realistic anatomy in Sarepia Forest. Her nametag was "Darcy" and she said "IM BACK" and soon, Darcy attacked the fox, and a message came up saying "We are sorry, a corrupted animal has killed your animal. Revive?"

The jammer clicked YES, but her computer shut down, and she screamed in rage that she blew up. Later, a cheetah jammer saw a black and blue wildcat that had VERY realistic anatomy along with an orange wolf with VERY realistic anatomy as well. Their nametags read "Graeme" and "Blaze" They said "YOU CANT STOP US HAHA!" Once they spoke, the AJ window closed and the jammer decided to draw in GIMP. He tried to draw a wolf pack, but the cursor drew itself of Graeme, Darcy, and Blaze attacking his cheetah. He vanished into thin air after that. Now, if you ever see, Graeme, Darcy, or Blaze in Animal Jam, log off very quickly, before they speak. Or you will blow up next time you eat a muffin, or spontaneously combust, or be vaporized.

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