Just a short story I made up when pulling my cat pens' head off. Totally not creepy. LOL.

"Yes! I have ten diamonds! I am SO buying that cat in the Diamond Shop!" Enchanted typed, super excited. "Ugh, why would you want a cat, of all things? I am getting that dog." Wretched typed. Both of them glared at the computer screen, then headed to the Diamond Shop to get their animal. Hmm... I want Enchanted in my name, still... Aha! Enchanted Thecat! Completely original! Can't believe I thought of that creative name! Enchanted thought, proud of her creative name. The cat looked a lot like the pet cat, except more realistic, even cuter, an looked a tad bit like a puma. Probably used the snow leopard mesh. Enchanted thought, looking at the gorgeous cat. It's default colour was white with black splodges. The dog looked like the wolf, except with a non-bushy tail, and floppy ears. The dog had long curls in the fur. It's default colour was brown. Enchanted clicked her animal, and noticed something. There was a new tab next to Patterns! When scrolled over, it read Patterns 2. Enchanted looked at the options. Wow! She thought. Tabby, plain, hairless... Enchanted scrolled through the many options, but finally settled on tabby. It was orange, black, and white.

In Jamaa Township, a fierce verbal battle was raging. "Cats rule! Dogs drool!" and, on the side of dog-lovers: "Cats stink, worse than pink!" That was from a young boy. Somehow, AJ blocked none of the words. Not even the usual blocked words! Not a single animal in Jamaa was not a cat or dog. Even non-members or Jammers who had no diamonds were either a wolf or tiger.

After thirty minutes of insults and chants flying back and forth, a message popped up. It was from AJHQ! Behind the screens, people rolled their eyes, groaning. A stupid "Get your RIM before it's too late!" message or something, now? Some people actually enjoy fighting you know. Don't ruin it! AJ, you stink like dumb cats. One person thought. Really AJ? Now? You're as annoying as a dog! Yet another person thought. But people stopped their insulting thoughts towards AJHQ when they read the message. We are not really adding these animals. Look at you fighting! Many asked why we wouldn't add them, so we put them in for only thirty minutes, nobody would listen to our e-mails. Remember, kind Jammer's make the best buddies! Have a nice day. Jam on! ;)

Nowadays, nobody remembers what happened during those thirty minutes of hatred. However, the cat and dog questions are starting to pop up again. Maybe AJHQ will do their thirty minute release again, but more harsh. Maybe the fighters will get banned forever... Maybe they will never get diamonds back... Who knows?



Lapdog Laptop: --One New Message--

Dogs are annoying. Cats are so going to get back in! -Kitty Voncat

Catpad: --One New Message--

Cats suck. Dogs are going to get in, but cats won't! -Canine WoofWoof

Lapdog Laptop: --One New Message--

You know, this fight is stupid. Let's just end it and be friends? =) -Kitty Voncat

Catpad: --One New Message--

You're right. Neither of us are better. We are equal. Friends? -Canine WoofWoof

Lapdog Laptop: --One New Message--

Friends. -Kitty Voncat

Have a great day, guys! Hope you enjoyed my little short story. Please comment! =D

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