Hi, I'm KittensRoarAJ or prettyseal29358 and this is my first story. Its based of AJ chat which BTW IS HORRIBLE! Most of this is made up. Other then the chat and it been horrible and other stuff... THIS IS IN PROGRESS! AND PLEASE DO NOT EDIT THIS OTHER THEN EDITING SPELLING! IF YOU EDIT I WILL SEND A CURSE UPON YOU!!!! AND DUUUUHH ITS NOT REEEAAAL.

Chat Creepypasta

Ok, so, we all know that the chat has gone downhill since last year, but it is all AJ protecting little kids. Most people (even me) blame AJ for this. Its not the fault at all. Its a moderator. They hired him! He goes to Jamaa and sits on the right bridge. He watches everyone that is in Aldan and is in Jamaa township. Nobody knows why AJHQ hired him. HE HATES KIDS. He gets two dollars for any fixing of the chat! Every minor fix! Its pretty nuts if you think about it. If HE sees you saying something bad of him, he removes your account forever!

One day a innocent jammer walked up to the moderator. He asked this stupid question that you should never say to him. ''Be my buddy!''

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