There's an Arctic Wolf from Jamaa- Pretty, beautiful, popular, but rather dumb. Then there's a Griffin, hailing from the Aurora Borealis Kingdom- Hostile, very secretive and intelligent. But what happens when the two meet on the night of the Comet of Mira? Adventure will spark, reuniting two split kingdoms that were nonexistent to each other after the Phantom War. However, the phantoms are planning something very sneaky, and might mark the beginning of the Second Phantom War. Can the two 'friends', Darling the Arctic Wolf, and Lydia the Griffin stop it as well?

Note from Wolfy

Yup, I have decided to make an Animal Jam inspired story. For this tale, I will be planning to add your characters to the story as recurring characters. You need to provide this kind of info:

Let me provide an example:



Animal (either mythical if living in the Aurora Borealis Kingdom, or wild if living in Jamaa):




Have fun creating your characters!

- Wolfy (ɔ◔‿◔)ɔ ♥

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