Ok so here are the animals so far:

Land Animals:

-Name: Zero

Child of: Greely the Wolf Alpha

Apperance:sea blue pelt with amber eyes black mystery cloak, gold chain, elf bracelets, hightop sneakers red

Personality: Strong, Quick, Smart, Shy

Friend: Snow, A white wolf who lives next to Zero.

-Name: Amber

Child of: Jade the Snow Leopard Alpha

Apperance:Pink With black spots and emerald green eyes, Red sword, Purple Ribbon scarf, Pink hightops,Pastel blue Butterfly Hair bow

Personality: Smart, is nosy , bugs the other alpha childern mostly Orion ( Son of sir gilbert)

Friend: Alex, Cream colored Snow Leopard Who lives in mt shiveer with Amber.

-Name: Orion

Child of: Sir Gilbert the Tiger Alpha

Apperance: Fire Orange Pelt With Ash black stripes and gold eyes, Red duel samurai swords,Grey horned leg pads, Red Rhino horn helmet, Black Infinity necklace

Personality: Quick, Social, Wizard like

Friend: Luke, A black tiger Who lives in the canyons pathway

-Name: Iris

Child of: Juno the Arctic Wolf Alpha

Apperance: Light grey Coat, purple markings, Sky blue eyes, Golden Royal Cape, Pink hightops, Purple star necklace

Personality: Quirky, Fast, Loud

Friend: Percy, A brown arctic wolf Who lives in a cave in sarepia

Sea Animals

-Name: Domick

Child of: Drake the Shark Alpha

Apperance:A leather black uppper coat a grey underbelly Blood red eyes, A eyepatch and Lionfish body armor

Personality: Helpful ( most times), Bully, When he hears the word ' phantom' or ' The Phantom king' he stops what ever he is doing and gets ready to battle

Friend: Brusier, A Blood red shark with Gray spots who lives in a sunken ship in the deep blue by Domick's Lost ruins

-Name: Pryce

Child of: Victor the Octopus Alpha

Apperance: Seashell Red, Seaweed green stripes, Ocean blue eyes, Trident, Police hat, Green coral necklace

Personality: Nice, Helpful, Smart, Athletic

Friend: Wade, A Octopus with Pastel Green with blue eyes, Who lives by flippers and fins pet store

-Name: Alexia

Child of: Tavie the Dolphin Alpha

Apperance: Pastel purple upper coat, Pink underbelly, White flowers, Blue eyes,

Personality: Happy, Nice, likes to make music, helpful

Friend: Daisy, A Light blue Dolphin who lives in bahari bay

Land And Water Animals

-Name: Tyrell

Child of: Marco the Penguin Alpha

Apperance: Black and white, Pastel Red Tiger shark stripes, Red sword , Blue Rhino helmet , Blue and orange hightops

Personality: Helpful, short tempered, Fast

Friend: Jayce, A blue and green penguin who lives close by the juice hut

-Name: Morgan

Child of: Harper the Seal Alpha

Apperance: Purple, Lavender Swirls, Blue eyes, Tutu, Pink flip flops, Pink beaded necklace

Personality: Girly, Nice , Helpful, Annoying (at times)

Friend: Pearl, A pastel purple seal who lives in the canyons pathway

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