Snowflake was in Sarperia forest with a jammer named Julian2, screaming out his name as if any other girl would do. In fact, that entire room was crowded by girls and "the famous one". A role player, BarkstarofFernclan went into the scene and started to shout to all the obsessive fans crowding Julian2.

"Guys, he is just a stupid jammer like all of you! Get away and do something else in life."Bark shouted repeatedly.


Snowflake spat back, "Why don't you get a life and start respecting others feelings about other people?" That was when the drama happened. Bark the hacker started a fight by roleplaying. He was screaming out roleplaying actios like, "Claws nn" and, "Takes chunk out of fur nn". The things that Bark said actually happened to Snowflake. Eventually the fans of Julian2 backed away from Julian, and started shouting to stop the battle. Supprisingly, Bark changed animals into a weird figure made out of food, with a pizza pusheen cat named Pizzamia following him. He had a troll head, his smile was stitched up in blood, had a torso made out of a cat's body. Bark had bacon arms, cat legs, two watermelon wings, two pitch black eyes and a taco tail. Bark didn't seem so menacing now, but he had a thirst for blood.

"Now, Snowflake, would you like to say your last words?"

Snowflake hesitated, and then headed straight for Mt. Shiveer, even though she could hardly run fast because of her bloody wounds.

"Pizzamia, take care of Julian2 and his fans. I would like to see Julian to gone forever by the time I get back. At least, dead. Ok?" He screamed in fury at the little cat. Pizzamia nodded and unleashed her claws.

"Now, who shall be the first one to die? JULIAN2!" Pizzamia chuckled.

Bark was flying as fast as he could to catch Snowflake. He was crushing trees and moving Jammers out of the way with his hacking powers. He then caught up to Snowflake and grabbed her by the neck. The two were now at the Canyons Pathway now, which was good for Bark because no one could witness this bloody murder.

"Ah, Snowflake. It's nice to have you here. Now, if you excuse me, IT'S TIME TO DIE!" Bark screamed in a demonic voice. He shouted out his painful commands of roleplay like, "Gouge eyeballs out nn" and, "Rips stomach out nn". To finish the murder Bark shouted out his two favourite roleplaying attacks, "Pulls intestines out of system from mouth nn" and his absolute favourite, "Claws at heart pulling it out nn".

"Now, what to do with the heart. Aha! Stab it until there is nothing but a pile of blood left!" Bark roared in happiness. He unleashed his knife-sharp claws and stabbed the heart multiple times. Then, Bark somehow opened his bloddy mouth and devoured the innocent body of the dead Arctic Wolf.

Bark rushed towards Sarperia Forest again to see if Pizzamia had done her job. Julian2's bloody remainds had been blended into a milkshake, just for Bark. The heart of Julian2 was left for little Pizzamia to munch on for a while. All the innocent jammers that were in Sarperia Forest that had seen the incident had fled for their lives or to sulk for endless years.

Now, whenever you see a player named BarkStarOfFernClan in Animal jam, or even look at his player card, he will set out to capture you. Or maybe he already has. Maybe, the Animal Jam you love and play was made by the hacker himself to find out who everyone is and is trying to kidnap you in real life. He is always watching you when you play. Just avoid playing or talking about Animal Jam in particular. Oh look, who is that behind you?...

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