Hey guys! CatQueen here. I think I will finally go back to this story again. Unfortunately, I don't think I will be able to add your characters in after all. Sorry!

Cleo's Tale in Jamaa

Cleo was very overwhelmed when she finally got to enter Jamaa. It was loud, colourful, and very different compared to the one she knew. She eventually managed to get enough gems to buy some items and do something called 'trading', which she wasn't very fond of. After a few days in an empty den and a new overwhelming world, she finally managed to put together an outfit that she was satisfied with.

More soon! Hope you enjoy! Random tip of the day: If you enjoy reading, try writing! If you don't make a plan, it can be very similar to reading. I enjoy writing without a plan because I can read a story, but I can choose what happens. And if you're stuck on what to write, just message me on my message wall and I will be happy to help! ~CatQueen

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