NutheadPastas In A Nutshell: Clichès in One Big Bad Quality Pasta

One day I logled into AJ as usually and I was lagging rlly bad. I was quite nervouses and I felt rlly scared. Suddenly, a rlly creepy scary wolf walkde up to me and said "animaljam rokcss"!!! I said "lol wut pls leaf me alon" and then the rlly scary wolf jumped at meh! Chunks of flesh fell from my fox'xs lifless body and I was like Hz Sven rage use duuafnendgakhadfiungrw uiadfb Hagen,have ha,never,Danvers faeniadvimsackmmcso


ths note was found in th home of. a jamere and ther was blud all over it and bc we r th poleeicke we can do wot we like so it's secret now lol

----:-/-/-/:-:-516)/6:73(WIP) P.S: pls give me a spike I'm New Jammer :(( this isn't a troll fix btwtw