Prolouge- The Storm

-Skye's POV-

As I was on the cruise ship with my sister Lily, I looked out into the sea. It was a calm day, no storm clouds in sight. Well, we forgot to turn around. On the boat we met some friends, an eagle named Von, a bunny named Grace, and an owl named Daisy. As we got to the middle of the sea, I anticipated our vacation to the mystical islands that lay on the outskirts of Jamaa. A few hours later, my sister Lily seemed to become terribly frightened about something.. She raised a shaky paw to the sky, where I saw large storm clouds looming overhead. I, too, became petrified, my little fox body shaking at the sight of the waves. The winds grew stronger, and we were instructed to get into our cabins, like the other passengers. The waves grew larger as the ship tried to brave the storm. Lily and I were huddled together in our bed. A wave began to ram into the ship, and broke through the wall, letting the ocean spill into our cabin. A young arctic wolf saw us and grabbed us by the scruff, then took us to the deck. The wave rammed into our ship until it was halfway smashed. I hugged Lily tighter as the final wave rammed onto the boat, and we sank down..deep down.

I hugged Lily all through this deep, dark, airless stranglehold. The waves tossed us around, and I don't know when I let go of my sister, but somehow I did. I awoke on a beach, and the first thing I thought was to find my sister. I called out weakly, "LILY, LILY!" There was no answer. My fur was soaked, and my paws were quivering from the cold. I didn't think I would survive this...

Chapter One- Castaway

-Lily's POV-

I woke up, coughing water out of my mouth. I looked around for my sister Skye. I couldn't see her anywhere in sight.. What if she didn't make it here alive.... The thought made me cringe. I tried to stand, but fell immeidiantly. A sharp but stabbing pain welled up in my back leg as I fell to the sandy bay once more. I felt like I was going to die here..alone..

"Hello..Can you hear me?" A sweet voice rung in my ear as I blinked my violet eyes open. There was a young arctic was the same one who had taken me and Skye to the deck. My focus cleared as I looked at the wolf, then remembered the pain in my leg and fell back down on the sand. I winced at pain and tried to speak to the wolf. "D-do you k-know where my s-sister is..?" I rasped. I had to find Skye, no matter what. We had to stick together at all times..

The arctic wolf shushed me. "You need to rest. I'll go find you something to eat, you're STARVING!" She exclaimed as she left. But..but I must find Skye.. I thought desperately.

Chapter 2- The Natives

-Skye's POV-

I called out for Lily once again. "LILY! LILY!" I stood up and looked around. Mira, no.. I begged. She has to be here.. She has to! I looked around once more, then decided that my survival was more important at the moment. I searched for some shelter or at least a fire. But all I found were..coconuts. Just coconuts. I picked one up in my paw and sipped the juice from it. At least I'm not gonna starve to death now.. I told myself as I ate some more.

A few minutes passed, and it felt like hours. I had managed to find some firewood and had warmed up by my handcrafted fire when a brown fox came up to me. He had feathers behind his ear, and his face had some sort of native marking on it. I was petrified, I didn't know how he would react to me..

The native fox said something in his language that sounded a bit like, "Huguaha!" Two other native foxes came behind him, one red, the other orange. They looked at me, and I looked back, my blue eyes filling in fear. "What do you want from me?!" I asked. The natives looked at me, then bowed down. The orange fox whispered something to the brown fox in their native language, then the brown fox came forward. "Our queen." He said. I looked at him, puzzled. "I'm your...queen?" The native nodded and had the two foxes take me to their village. I smiled. Maybe this won't be so bad after all...

Little did I know..this was a plot to kill me.


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