Animaljam 2020

Earl rolled his eyes.

Infinity Arcticpaw was crowded by a crapload of people, and all he was doing was telling some fake rumor about a dilapidated coffee shop that used to exist in Mount Shiveer.

" If your stories are so real, why don't we go to Mount Shiveer right now to see the coffee shop." Infinity spun around to face Earl.

" You think I'm lying? Well we'll see." The crowd, Earl, and Infinity teleported to Shiveer, which was just a unused territory now that Animaljam made better lands." Its here." Though Earl hated to admit it, there was a dilapidated building in front of him, the sign was so old and crumbly they could barely read the sign." Well, who has the guts to go in? " The air was tense with silence." I'll go by myself then." Earl said, sounding braver than he was.

He shoved the door open, which creaked. The small coffee shop looked snug, and he could make out the remains of cusions, as well as old clothes that were forgotten about. I mean, he thought to himself, why would anyone need a arctic coat when the the Arctic Wolf Wenzie was already made? He shook his head at the dumb items of the path and looked around the coffee shop." Oh! A fridge " Curious, he went over to the fridge, which had a bad stench. Holding his breath he pushed open the fridge. Inside were the remains of a Fox, Bunny, Cheetah, Leopard, and even a Crocodile. Already sick, he made up his mind that the owner of the shop was mental. He suddenly noticed a piece of paper. Picking it up, it showed the process of making the coffee, grinding in the bones, flesh, organs, and blood of the victim into the innocent coffee. He then heard footsteps, and that was the last thing he heard before dropping dead.

" My ancestors... I shall make the coffee you once made, but this foolish Arctic Wolf will be my ingredients." Infinity murmured, crushing Earl's remains into a harmless coffee. His family secrets were safe, for now...

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