I swear I'm okay, I mean it...!

W-Well, I may be locked in a room with cold stone walls, but I'm not crazy! It is kinda chilly in here- but that's alright. I've been here for a few weeks now. I think I'm managing just fine.

I may have killed six wolves, four rabbits and seven cheetahs, but it wasn't my fault!

Or, maybe it was... I don't know.

I would say my name, but I don't have one. They just call me "Leopard." That name is weird, even though I'm a snow leopard. I don't like that name. It doesn't fit my personality.

Wait, what's my personality again...? I can't think of it. Maybe I'm going insane...

No, no, I'm fine, I'm fine! Hmm... If I can't use my personality for a name, maybe I can use my looks... The rings in my eyes... Hmm... What will my name be...?

Rings! Perfect! My name is Rings now. Like the rings in my eyes, the rings that revolve around my mind that circle around my history...

Snap out of it! You're just fine... Forget the murders... Forget it. You're just fine... Fine...

This is boring. These walls are too bland. There's no other way to paint them... No paint. Wait... I can use my blood! I'm a genius! My blood will be my paint. These walls will be beautiful once I'm done... It'll look marvelous- a new theme!

Ow! That hurt. Well, the blood's coming from my tail... No, it doesn't hurt... You're not hurting... Pull yourself together, Rings! It's not hurting you! Just paint the walls. Make it look nice...

Ahhhhh... That looks much better. Not enough... But it looks good already. It looks niiiiiice.... Niiiiceee.... What now? There's not much to do trapped in the room of cold stone walls. The floor doesn't look good either. Maybe I can paint it...? No, you've done enough. You don't look at the floor. Ehehe... This is looking better. I actually like this...


(Art by me.)

Stop laughing! You're just fine! You're not insane, are you not? Why am I talking to myself? I forgot what's happening. Why am I here again? My head hurts... Why does my head hurt? I forgot why there's blood on the walls. Did I do something? My tail throbs... Did I do something? Did I..?

I'm seeing things now. My hearing seems to buzz. Does that even make sense? I don't know. I'm getting tired. I'm scared to sleep now. Will those things get me? They have blood all over them. One of them has half their face dangling to the side. I think they're... the animals I killed? No... I never killed anyone. Why am I here!?

I keep seeing the visions... or maybe they're real. Are they? Are they not? Are they both or neither? I'm confusing myself. I can't even think straight! I'm seriously tired of this. How long has it been? What year is it?

That's it. The alphas put me in here. I'm gonna get out and then put them here! They'll suffer like me!

Is that a door? Wait, no it's not. It's just a wall. I'm tired of this... I can't get out! There's only one way though... I guess I have to. No, I can't. You can't do this, Rings. You can end your own misery. You have no dignity! You'll never move on. You'll be trapped inside cold stone walls. Might as well starve.

No, I'll make them get me out- through dreams! I'll make them free me.

I'll be free one day. Free!

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