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Confined, Concealed, Attacked

AJ Wiki LogoThis is a story of the AJWiki Adventures! SagaAJ Wiki Logo

Based on a true story of our beloved Animal Jam Wiki

Idea by ~Chief~

Written by Emerald Pup

Witnessed by many

This is the tale of a how a wiki got corrupted, silent outcasts afraid of what they opinonated, a mighty battle with not only physical users, betrayal, heartbreak, friendships, empowerment, and cookies.


Which means instead of updating, I'll be fixing errors/adding in stuff I forgot, etc.


Prosecution=Blocking. This either takes the form of  'being shot (to paralysis or death, depending on the severity and gunholder), arrest (to the dungeon), or removal from the wiki. This depends on the prosecuting site administrator's feel on the severity/necessity of the punishment.

Ban=Chat Ban. When a moderator/site administrator requests the said user to leave chat, or shoots them to brief paralysis for forced removal.

Time Out=Kick. When moderator/site administrator has the user leave the Lounge and they are not to come in for a few minutes, or are set to their dorm.

Rogue=Underager. When a user sneaks into Wikia when by status they are forbade there. 'Usually, HQ will sought for these types of users, and kill them on site.


The users were at work at the Animal Jam Wiki. Everyone doing their job, scrambled around, making sure everything was in tip-top order for any visitors who happened to stop by. Mango and Skyhaley were arguing--again, while Anakin, an administator, tried to keep them at bay; Flaming was cracking some jokes; Frost was checking in with everybody making sure they were doing their job; Cody, on break, was petting her cat, Amberkit and singing (quite loudly) Everything is Awesome; and Gray and Chief oversaw all of this.

Emerald Pup, known by many as PuppyGirl1244, added the finishing touches to the "Play-As-Your-Pet Party" exhibit. Afterwards, she dusted off her jeans, threw her hair back, and beamed. Her working shift was about over. Finally! It'd been a long day. Stretching, she walked to the cafeteria for dinner.

There was an entire section of the wiki, the Lounging Area, also nicknamed "chat." Chat Moderators had the task of, well, monitoring this section, making sure everyone follows the rules and having a safe time. The cafeteria, in fact, was a part of the Lounge.

The kids all piled inside. Some raided the vending machines while others hit the kitchen. The admins, sitting in their section, dressed in all black, talked quitely amongst themselves. Count slid out his gun, and started to polish it. He received a glare from Frost. Users withholding them aren't supposed to "play" with their guns at all, and only should take them out when it's necessary to use them. The wiki wasn't granted with actual guns, either, just ones that taze enemy for a good bit. It was figured that it was most probably due to them being a "kid-run wiki." However, if used a certain way,  and with certain ammunation (used for emergencies/extreme cases only) guns could kill on spot.

Gray, the head Bureaucrat, cleared his throat and stood up. "May I have your attention, please?"

Everyone quieted down and looked to him. Chief, second in command, stood up as well.

"Space has opened up for administrators, and we decided these three are responsible, mature, and overall worthy for the job. We would like to congratulate UniversalGalaxies, Diamonddragon88, and Lunifer, our newest admins!"

The cafeteria filled with hoots and cheers. The new admins stood up, eyes wide and mouth adjar. Lunifer beamed and ran over to the admins' section. "FINALLY! An updated gun!"

Anakin sighed. They each received an updated utility belt than the ones they had before; the original contained their gun, a walkie talkie, a rope, and a flashlight, but their minor gun was now updated to a full one, and two flares were added. The older admins strapped a purple band around their arms and discarded their blue ones.

"And, since the three's promotion," said Chief, clapping her hands together,"we have new spots for Chat Moderator. Icefern, Asmodeous, Mackenzie, BunnyBunnylol, and Emerald, congratulations!"

Everyone rooted and hooted as well.

The five girls stood up, dumbfounded.

"Well?" said Chief, smiling.

Emerald nearly passed out right then and there. Asmodeous, or most commonly referred to as Caspiea, just stood there, head tilted in disbelief. Icefern scratched behind her ear. Mackenzie slammed her hand over her mouth and Bunny stood gaping.

Finally, Mackenzie shrieked. "OHMYGOSHOHMYGOSHOHMYGOSH."

The five walked up to the admins. They each received an Official Chat Moderator badge, a black Chat Moderator utility belt, and their new uniform: black 100% cotton long-sleeved shirt, long slim black pants, black high-heeled pumps, a dark motorcycle jacket, and a blue band to go around the arm. The girls grinned. The admins all stood up and clapped for the eight new righted users, and the others cheered.

Yes, that small wiki was a happy, peaceful place.

But for how long would this last?

Chapter One

It had been two weeks since the promotions. By then, everyone had gotten used to their new powers, and were accurately using them. It was an ordinary day, at the most. Folks talking and giggling, Moderators monitoring the Lounge,  users fixing up exhibits, users mopping and sweeping the floor, users pranking others.

Asmodeous, generally a quiet young user, watched the chat quietly. Her black hoodie was pulled over her eyebrows and her head was tilted down. She could feel tension arising with two users. Slowly, she began to get up...

A loud banging sound sent the entire wiki jumping. Asmodeous jumped to her feet, and for a brief second she went into a panic. After which, she took a deep breath, and said calmly, "I believe we have a visitor?"

Everyone scrambled through the main halls to the great doors that were the only entrance into the wiki. Anakin walked over to them, and pulled one open.

All the young users stared, eyes open, awaiting the new guest. Well...guests. Two boys strolled in.

They both were in their teenage years, one fairly taller than the other. The shorter one was pulling a wagon, with something inside covered with a sheet. The taller one looked fairly handsome, with sharp eyes, high cheek bones, and muscles, and a few female users had their mouths adjar and eyes large.

Anakin Jared raised an eyebrow, staring caustiously at the wagon. "Uh, can we help you?"

Both boys stopped. The taller boy leaned against he wagon, a cigar in his mouth, and grinned. "It's not about what you can do for us, but what we can do for you!"

"Huh...?" asked Diamond.

"Allow us to introduce ourselves." The boy stood up straighter. "My name is Klintran, otherwise known as Klint, and this here is Legofanyoda."

The shorter boy bowed.

"Well, we've come to make a proposal, Animal Jam Wiki," said Klint.

"What kind of proposal?" asked Mackenzie.

"If MARRIAGE then..." started Cody.

"Business, my friends," said Klint, chewing on his cigar. "We've heard about you. In fact, way back in the day, I used to visit this place myself." He scanned the premise, nodding with a distant grin. "So, seeing how you guys are fairing, Lego and I have decided to help you guys out with things."

"What do you mean?" asked Chief.

"Well, we both are masters in engineering. You will most probably need our help, of course. Lego, show them."

Lego grabbed the sheet, and pulled it off, revealing a large, metallic item. Two attenne were stuck to the top, a wide screen on one side with a keyboard, and a few buttons. It stood about seven feet high, and it had a trapezoidal shape.

"What's that?" asked Nunya.

"A brand new device, I call the Klintron 9000, also referred to as Klinbot, or, as Lego calls it, Jayina. It's programmed to quickly fix up exhibits, make things look tip-top and pretty, quickly fight trolls, vandals, and just messed up users, well, helps make this wiki in shape!"

The users all exchanged a glance. Emerald, new to all of this, tilted her head. This was a little strange, yet it looked amazing. But, too good to be true.

"It's entirely foolproof, and has a very low chance of malfunctioning in anyway, but if so, we will get right on it!" said Lego.

Gray thought for a second. "Well, what's in it for you?"

"Nothing," Klint replied, moving his cigar across his mouth. "Just wanting to help out an old wiki. All you have to do is agree to let us work here. Do you accept?"

Gray and Chief exchanged a glance.

"EEEEEEEEEEEEE! That thing looks AWESOME!" cried Lilypop, dancing.

"Well, I'm not sure," said Gray. "We don't necessarily know you and you're coming with an outright, and possibly not genuine, offer."

"We don't need help, anyway. I think we've got everything under control," said Chief.

Gray nodded in agreement. "But thank you for your offer."

"Now, now. I am quite appalled."  The tall guest trolled over to the two bureaucrats, taking out his cigarette and rolling it between his thumb and index finger. "You both should be thinking about the welfare of this wiki, if you two are in charge! You can't turn down anything that would make it better, a bit selfish, don't you think? You need to make sure it's at its best, correct? And I guarantee you, I understand you might be wary, but as an older member on here, I want nothing but the best, and it will help."

The admins murmured amongst themselves, then nodded.

Chief looked down, and shrugged. "I guess...?"

Gray heaved a breath. "Alright, you're in."

Chapter Two

Lilypop squealed, then ran to the machine. "Okay, show us how it works! Turn it on!"

The two exchanged a quick glance. Klint flashed his pearly white teeth in a malevolent grin, walked over to the machine, typed in something and pressed a button.

The machine hummed and purred, electric bolts shooting from the attenne. Lilypop, shifting excitedly from foot to foot, giggled.

The bot shook, and Klint stood back, getting a cellphone out his pocket and beginning to text. The machine revved loudly, and the electricity caused a small explosion sound to take place as it shot in every direction.

Every single user froze, their pupils dilating, then shrinking. Their brains slowly became disconnected from their actual selves, and stimulated differently. A few began drooling, but all were groaning. Lego's eyes widened, and Klint, furrowing his brow, chewed harder on his cigar, replacing his cellphone.

After about 2 seconds, everyone's eyes turned to normal, with a quick gasp. But, almost as if someone had snapped, they all dropped.

And stayed down.

In about three hours, the users slowly began reviving.

"Ohh...what happened?" moaned Frost.

"I don't know," said Gray, getting up. "Is everyone okay?"

"Think so," said Hurricane, yawning.

In truth, they were not. They didn't know about it yet, but the bot itself toiled with their brains, causing them to disconnect with their real selves. They were no longer in control of themselves. Whatever it was took over, and the users automatically had a loyalty for Klint.

"That...was...interesting?" asked Lego.

"So, now that the demonstration's done, let's get to things, alrighty?" asked Klint. Every user cheered.

"Do you need any help?" asked Anakin, strolling over to him. "I'm always ready."

"Nope, just enjoy it," said Klint, winking. "We'll get started first thing tomorrow. Now, do we have a dorm? Lego and I can share, which we are both fine with."

"Not currently, but we can get one arranged," said Gray. "We'll be right back. Diamond, come with me."

The two admins walked down the halls and towards the dormitory to find space for him.

Chief brushed a few strands of hair from her eyes, stood up, and smiled pleasantly at Klint. But something didn't feel right, and she knew she had to contain it.

"So, how'd you make this thing?" asked Codywife, poking it.

"Simple with a little wiring, coding, parts, and skill," said Klint.

"And epicness, obviously," said Cody, giggling.

In about a few minutes, the two strolled back. "There," said Gray, "you're room 83C, which is the third floor." He tossed him the keys. Klint nodded his head as a thanks.

"Well, I am so very tired, I'd best be on my--"

Half the non-righted users grinned and lifted him high into the air. The other half lifted Lego into the air as well. Laughing, they all carried them towards their dorms.

The righted users stayed, just dumbfounded.

"Um...I'm unsure if I trust this guy, really," said Frost. "He's awesome and all, but..."

"I hear ya," said Emerald, shifting uncertainly from foot to foot.

"Why not?" asked Lunifer. "They seem awesome to us!"

"I'd say give them a chance," said Gray. "Then go from there."

Chief looked down. "Okay."

The girl stood in front of her mirror, that night, brushing the snags out of her hair. She sighed. She was second in charge of this wiki, and knew she had to stay strong. But in truth, she felt horrible. Something about that new user sent caution running through her. He seemed charming, but with a dangerous side to him. But, it wasn't like she could speak up or anything. Folks already started to love him, would they even listen to a girl like her?

Chief put her hair into a ponytail and sighed. We will see, she thought. We will see.

Chapter Three

The hallways of the dormitory was dark, but a dim light flickered from one room. Hushed voices came from it.

The boy wiped off some lint off his shoulder. "I don't understand, Klint. How could that have happened?"

The other boy leaned against the dresser, running his hand through his hair. "You see, the way that bot works: In order for it to tackle vandals and clean pages, it needs to actually take initiative over whatever it's handling. It does this by transmitting what I call 'N--Neuro--Waves'. It sends a foreign message to the brain--or mainframe--dazing it and transforming itself into the brain waves already preset. So, you're kind of braindead. For electronics or so, it basically does the same thing, except with the set-up and wiring. When this happens, it makes the technology or the person easily concede and comply to anything, so things can be handled easier. Generally, this is only temporary, when handled right."

The younger boy raised an eyebrow. "Okay...?"

"Well--Jayina did indeed malfunction, apparently. It's possibly from the radiation the cellphone gave off while I was texting, and the new enviroment. Well, this caused an absurd of N Waves to transmit broadly, and since it was uncontrolled, it took over the users' minds. Now, as the bot handler, they all are extremely loyal to me."

He stomped out his old cigar, right there on the carpet, took another a fresh one and began to light it.

Lego's eyes widened. "Well, why aren't I affected by it?"

Klint paused for a moment, frozen in mid-lighting. He had to withhold a laugh. "Well, although I don't know for sure, it's most probably due to you being already configured to Jayina, so, like I am, you aren't able to be affected by her transmitters."

"Well," said Lego, tilting his head. "You CAN undo it, can you?" asked Lego.

"Not necessarily; it is quite complicated. But, Lego, this is a wonderful mishap for us. Our plan's going along well, and this was a major help in it."

The other boy's eyes lit up, and a wry grin grew on his face. "It's foolproof."

"Well...yeah...not entirely. Even though I don't have control over the waves anymore, they aren't permanent. It's quite possible for users to come to again. And if anything taps into their actual self, they'll become self aware and break out. So, we're going to have to be as careful as heck, okay?"

Lego nodded. "Yep. Wait--what if users join after this? What will we do about them? They wouldn't be here for the N Waves mishap."

"Monkey see, monkey do, Lego. They'll easily fit in with everyone else being loyal, doubting their own suspicions. And, there's a good chance that due to Jayina's radiation, some of the N Waves may transmit to them as well."

Lego nodded once again. "Now, bed, please?"

The older boy chuckled. "I've got top bunk. I already called it, so don't you dare."

Chapter Four

A shadow cast over Icefern. She held the handle of her gun firmly, her head up. The shadow grew larger as it approached her. Suddenly, Ice flipped around and fired four shots at it.

The dummy blew backwards, bullet holes all over it. Beads of polyester poured from its bullet tears, and collected around her feet.

Another one came flying at her, but she tucked-and-rolled out the way in the nick of time, firing several shots. A few missed, but most of them went straight for its head and neck. Three dummies, several yards away from her and on a higher platform, rolled away from her, but she was quick in firing them. She grimaced as she noticed eight of the dummies beginning to surround her, but did not procrastinate in shooting them all.

The remains of the dummies faltered, and disappeared back into the ground as they appeared. A bright light came on.

Ice stood up straight and replaced her gun in her belt. "Well?"

Frost, who was in charge of that section, walked over to her.. "Well, an improvement, but you have to remember to be steady in your shooting and quicker on your feet. It's often your life you're fighting for."

Ice raised an eyebrow. "Uh...okay?"

"You've got a 7 rating for now," replied Frost, writing something down on a clipboard.

A lot of Moderators were training that day, and Ice's training wrapped it up. All the other users gasped with relief and jumped up, hardly able to contain their excitement.

Emerald, who was sitting near the Panda exhibit, munching on a carrot, her black stretch pants dusty, jumped up. She was as excited as the next kid; right after the training was when Klint and Lego would demonstrate Jayina. She wiped her mouth with her sleeve and beamed. But something was amiss...something didn't seem right. Awkward in a way.

I'm just hysterical, that's all. I'm sure it'll be amazing. She thought to herself. Shrugging it off, and biting off the rest of her carrot, she ran to the Center.

The Center had a few gift shops, mini-user-made-groups, a fountain, etc. It was where most speeches and meetings took place. It also led to most exhibits and the Lounge.

Right there in the Center, was Jayina, and Klint and Lego leaning against it. Kids crowded around them, sitting on benches with their eyes sparkling in wonder.

Emerald took a seat between DylanBoyles and NunyaPie. She, too, looked in awe.

"Before we can start, we have to program Jayina into this wiki's mainframe," said Klint, puffing his cigar.

"Already done," said Lego, beaming proudly.

"Okay. Now, see, a lot of these exhibits have been put in duplicate categories, or some that have incorrect titles. Now, Lego will program it to correct all categories..."

Klint gestured to his comrade, who quickly scurried to the side of the bot and typed something in.

Jayina hummed and purred. She suddenly grew a bit taller, and her top slowly rose. Giant metallic arms stretched from the opening. She buzzed once more, and suddenly, a flash of light. Afterwards, she retracted the arms, the top closed, and she went silent.

"Done," said Klint.

"That fast?" cried Lunifer.

"Mmmhm," replied Klint, patting the bot. "That simple."

The admins, who stood to the side, took notes.

"Well then!" said Gray. "That surely wa--"

Suddenly, Codywife burst into the Center.


"How convenient," grumbled Count.

"We're on--" started Frost, but Klint held up his hand. He pointed to Lego, who quickly typed a command in.

"Target Locked"  said a feminine robotic voice.

The arms immediately returned, and shot out towards an exhibit.

There was a screech, and a boy shot towards us, eyes wide, the robot arm hot on his tail.

At the arm's end, there was something--a gun. 3 shots were fired and the boy fell.

Some users gasped, and then everyone stood up and applauded.

The two boys took a bow.

"That was amazing!" exclaimed Tornado.

"Stupendous!" said Cody, dancing.

"Oh, shut up, Cody," snapped Mango, "happy that the wittle bot saved your butt?"

"Mango, drop it," said Anakin.

"Ugh, why are all of you so idiotic?" moaned Hurricane. "Just--get over it and thank Klint?"


Klint leaned back, smiling. He held up his hand. "Silence, everyone. Now, anyone want to see Jayina up close?"

Everyone ran towards the bot.

Froststar had noticed something amiss. And ever since they joined, things were...different. Folks seemed to be in the most horrible of moods, turning on each other, snappish, depressed, tired. Everyone also thought Klint was the best guy around. She felt something rising...but what was it?

Chapter Five

Several weeks had passed. Tension grew stronger and stronger, as folks snapped more, slacked off more, often having the worst of memory. But through all this, they still were the happy, cheery wiki.

Lego ran his oil-stained hand through his hair. He had just finished maintaining Jayina. "So, this's been going real well, hasn't it?"

Klint, lighting a cigar, nodded. "Very well, Lego. I think it's about time to test how far they'll actually let us go. Of course, we have to get down to business at some point."

Lego dusted off his jeans. "So, what do you suppose we do?"

Klint ran his tongue over his teeth, and grinned. "With great responsibilty, there should be great power, don't you agree?"

Frost finished her daily run of the exhibits in the wiki. "That wraps it up," she replied, replacing her pen behind her ear. She brushed a few strands of hair from her eyes, and made her way up to her dorm to relax for a bit. She was on break after all.

She smiled at herself in the mirror, her head held high and cheery. Because of her leadership amongst the other admins, and strong initiative, she was promised third role as bureaucrat of the Animal Jam Wiki, if at any point they would need one more. Standing alongside Gray and Chief? Bureaucrat of the wiki? That was an honor.

She removed her utility belt and hung it in her proper place in her closet. One more hour until they would call dinner. She flopped back on her bed, and stroked her cat, Amelia, and closed her eyes. Soon...soon.

Gray sighed. He had just had to deal with two users quarrelling over what one had said and what one had didn't say and, etc. It'd been a hard-working day. Night was approaching.

He shoved his hands into his pocket and started walking towards the Center.

"Oh, Gray?" a voice from behind him said.

He stopped in his tracks and turned around.

Klint strolled up to him. "Say, I have an idea, for something that could surely help organize this wiki."

"Okay," said Gray, "I'm all ears."

"So, basically, from my home wiki, we use this a lot," said Klint. "It's something we call 'Request for User Rights', or 'RfRs' for short."


"It's a certain set-up. Users who wanted any type of rank--Chat Moderator, Administrator, etc--would go up to the bulletin board in the Center, sign up with their name, date of joining, reasons for applying, and signature. After which, it would be put into our computer database, and folks would be asked to vote either by their  devices or simply writing on there. If they get enough supports, they will receive the rank."

Gray thought about this. "How many supports would they need to have to pass?"

"75% or more."

"Any pretty much anyone could nominate themselves?"

"Yes, or who they believe should take the rank."

Gray pondered on this, then nodded. "Sounds good to me. You want to start working on it?"

"Already done. I just needed approval," replied Klint with a chuckle.

"Alright. If you need any help with anything, feel free to ask," said Gray.

Klint nodded. As Gray turned around and left, he grinned viciously.

"Poor unfortunate souls <heh totally not a Little Mermaid Reference>, so innocent, so naive, they won't even know what hit them," he thought to himself. "Say goodbye to your 'sunshiney' world."

Chapter Six

After dinner, Gray walked up to the podium in the center. He tapped the mic to test it.

"Hello, Animal Jam Wiki. I have an annoucement. We now have a new set up for those who wish to obtain user rights."

Everyone paid close attention.

"Klintran will explain more," said Gray, gesturing to Klint. He walked up to the podium, cleared his throat, and explained how it would work.

"The votes can be accessed via the Bulletin, or your phones under Wiki Notifications," Klint concluded. "So, any feedback? Do you guys support this?"

Everyone in the Center cheered.

"Klint, best idea YET!" called Count.

"Even I will say, that doesn't suck," said Hurricane.

Bunnybunnylol shrieked.

"First thing tomorrow, they're opened." Klint grinned.

So the next day, of course, the Center was crowded with people surrounding the Bulletin, or pulling out their phones so they could vote.

Emerald pulled out hers insantly, and looked to see who'd been nominated.

ILJ for admin? Heckno.

Hurricane75 for chat moderator? Instant support.

Froststar1 for bureaucrat.

Emerald knew Gray had promised her 'crat when necessary. If they had RfRs FOR bureaucrat open, then the admins probably were accepting one already. She really couldn't think of anyone else fit for the job, well, at least not as much as she was. Instantly, she jammed her thumb on the "Support" box.

Soon, everyone'd cast their votes.

"Thank you, everyone," said Klint. "The voting period will end in five days."

Emerald fired three shots at Flaming, who toppled to the ground.

"I don't think I can ever unsee that," moaned Lilypop.

"Don't mind him, he's just...Flaming," said Reka, rolling her eyes.

He'd just presented the chat with some highly inappropriate pictures.

Trying to keep from fainting, Diamond, with one shaky hand over her eyes, picked up the pics and instantly threw them in the trash can.

Uni and Mackenzie dragged him out and up to his dorm.

Yes, it was quite eventful in chat. But Froststar1 didn't seem to notice. She seemed to have something else on her mind.

She glanced over at Klint and Lego across the room.

What were they up to? One doesn't simply go up to a random wiki and do all this without asking for something in return. The mischevious glances the two gave to each other. Something bigger was going on.

She trusted them not one bit. They were up to something...but what?

Klint happened to glance over at the girl, who was eyeing them suspiciously.

"Well, looks like we've got one lost, from the N Waves," he mumbled frustratingly.

"If she finds out, we're doomed..." said Lego quietly, eyes wide.

"Not necessarily," he said with a wry grin. "She's nominated for 'crat, correct?"

"Um...yeah? Probably wouldn't be good for a 'crat to not be catered to us."

"Listen closely, then," he replied, and whispered something to him. Lego's eyes widened, but then, he slowly grinned mischeviously.

Chapter Seven

Jayina was keeping the wiki in tip-top shape, and the techy twosome were handling their jobs well. The work they did, Klint was even promoted to Moderator.

The entire Center applauded as he walked towards the admins, and took his new uniform and utility belt.

"Dude--I wonder what he'd look like in a outfit like that," awed Thisispi.

"Probably like Mr. Swaggains--or somethin like that," said Mario.

"...a kitten just died, somewhere," inquired Diamond.

"I'll do my best to make sure this wiki's chat is moderated well," said Klint with a short grin.

"Good," said Gray.

Lego looked up, smiling from ear to ear.

"Don't worry, your time'll come," Klint said with a small chuckle, punching him in the arm. But with the glint in his eye suggested something more into the sentence's meaning.

Of course, soon the day of the RfRs came around. Everyone whipped out their phones, or ran to the Bulletin, to check the results.

Emerald pulled out her phone, got onto the internet server, and looked.

Ilovejamaa's request for adminship: Did not pass


Hurricane's request for Chat Mod: Passed

He earned it, for sure.

Froststar1's request for bureaucrat: Did not pass

Emerald slammed her hand over her mouth. What the heck? She was positive everyone had voted for her...right?

Quickly, she went to the RfR archives.

Several supports, a large amount of neutrals, and two opposes, by Mango and Lego.

Well, maybe the neutrals did it. The girl shrugged and sighed. Frost was so close.

Frost groaned and banged her head into the wall. Well, of course it didn't pass! She asked too early. There were enough 'crats already. Maybe sometime a bit later she would get 'crat.

Lego dipped his head. "Is it time?"

Klint rolled his cigarette around with his tongue. "Yup. I've done mine, you do yours."

A chime came from Puppy's phone. She opened the server.

Two new RfRs had been requested. The girl looked up to see several users running to the Bulletin as well.

Klint requested administrator rights. Lego, CM.

Instantly, there was a flood of supports for Klint's. Emerald herself supported. Hey, why not? He seemed good for it anyway. (ln the actual case,  I  didn't know about LFY's RfR so yeah dunno what I'll put in here heh--add later :3) Who'd knew it'd be the biggest yet greatest mistake she'd ever made for there?

Diamond, Universal, Cody, Evilrainbow, and Emerald were all sitting in the Lounge, several hours later, the admins and CM monitoring it like usual. They chatted amongst themselves quietly, until

Lunifer burst into the room, out of breath. "GUYS! QUICK!"

"What's wrong, Luni?" asked Diamond, jumping up.

The boy placed his hand against the wall and panted hard. ""

"Anakin WHAT?" the girls shouted, standing upright.

"" Lunifer said, slouching against the wall. "No...reason...yet...just....ask...him..."

Anakin, his head down, slowly trudged in. He had nothing but his black uniform; his utility belt, badge, and band were all gone.

"Anakin--what the--"

He just shook his head.

Uni walked over to him. "Anakin...what's wrong?"

"Um...why'd you de-admin yourself?" Dia asked.

"Because I don't freaking deserve it," said Anakin, "now leave me alone." The kids exchanged a glance. "Come on, Anakin, tell us."

"We're losing an admin here, we might as well know," said Universal.

Anakin, arms crossed and eyes narrowed, grumbled, "I'm a stupid and terrible person. I suck at being an admin and I don't freaking deserve it anymore. I'm going to ask Gray to prosecute me indef."


Anakin shook his head. "And you can thank Count. I'm sure he'll be happy."


Suddenly, a user burst into the room. Count, gun held at arm point, fired two shots at Anakin.

He dropped.


The boy, with sweat pouring down his face, replaced his gun, and began to remove Anakin from the room.

"Well, that's done with," said Count. Mango shrieked.

"Count!" Dia cried, storming over to Anakin and pulling out her revival-syringe to wake him back up. "What the heck was that for?"

"He made several threats to users, plus in general's misbehaving."

"Do you have any proof of that?" snapped Mango, arms crossed. "Not currently," said Count, looking down. "But, I have witnesses."

"Oh please," said Mango, rolling her eyes. "You probably paid them."

Count whipped his gun out and shot at Anakin again. "Don't interfere, Mango. I'm doing what needs to be done. He's a troublemaker anyway. And that's that."

He picked the unconcious boy up by the shoulders and began to drag him out.

The girls stood there, dumbfounded.

Mango, eyes narrowed and fingers twitching, stood up straight.

Count walked back in again. "Anyway, now that tha--" He couldn't even finish as Mango lunged on him viciously.


Luni ran over and pulled Mango off. "Calm down."

Count got up, and dusted himself off. "Anyway, if it's any of your concern, I'd best be off. Will be getting myself a slice of banana bread and a latte if you need me." He strolled out the room.

"This is plainly nonsensical," said Diamond.

Frost popped her head in. "What's up, gang?"

"Count--Anakin's been prosecuted."

"He's WHAT?"

"Threats or something? And Anakin de-admined himself." Frost was silent. "Count have any proof?"

"Not really..."

"Then he's no right to do that. Where are they?"

Emerald leaned back. "Guards probably took him out. Count's in the kitchen."

Frost nodded and ran out the door.

Count, as he'd stated, was sitting in the cafe with a lattle and what was left of his banana bread. Frost brushed a few strands of hair from her eyes and stormed to him.

"Oh, hey Fro--"

She slammed her palm onto the table. "What the heck was up with that? I found out you prosecuted Anakin."

Count stood up defensively. "I did indeed. He made personal threats and was a general troublemaker."

"Well, how long is he condemned for?"

"Two weeks."

"Two weeks?" cried Frost. "That's absurd! Especially when you've prosecuted him without evidence."

"COUNT HOW COULD YOU BE SUCH A PIECE OF CRAP?" shouted a voice. Mango darted in.

"...Mango." started Frost. Universal, Diamond, Lunifer, and Emerald all trailed in behind her.

"I'll take care of Anakin, you guys stay here," said Frost, leaving the room.

"Don't you think about it, Frost," growled Count. He turned to the other five. "Don't tell me you're actually with Anakin, are you?"

"Uh, yeah, because you're a flipping jerk," said Mango, rolling her eyes.

"I actually dunno..." started Lunifer.

"I am on neither. I have no sides. I am a circle," stated Universal.

"Yeah--same!" said Emerald.

"Circle!" piped Diamond.

"Okay, then," said Count.

The door opened again and Frost, followed by a dizzy and dumbfounded Anakin, strolled in.

"You revived him? Are you that stupid, Frost?"

"He's served his time for now. Plus, you blocked him for too much of a time length and it was never discussed."

Count rolled his eyes. "Quit being so naive, Frost." He pulled out his gun and shot Anakin again. Four of the onlookers winced; Mango was on the brink of ripping Count to shreds.

"Dang it, Count!" snapped Frost. "You quit it. You wouldn't want someone sending a bullet flying through you 24/7, now would you?"

She took out her syringe and revived Anakin.

"Quit being such a biased idiot, Frost!" snapped Count, getting his gun out again.

"You're the one who needs to cool it and quit being biased. Be reasonable, Count!"


"What's going on here?" asked Evilrainbow, followed by Reka.

"I just came in here to grab something, and I see a dazed Anakin, four righted users staring, Frost and Count totally going beserk, and typical Mango. Okay," huffed Reka.

"Uhm, Count shot Anakin for making apparently personal threats or something for quite a bit of time and now they're arguing over his condemning," said Emerald.

"I'm with Count. That idiot should be blocked," said Evilrainbow.

"I think they're both idiots," said Reka.

"I'm gonna have to say--er--that Frost's right...?" said Lunifer, looking down.

Several other users came in to see what the commotion was about, and everyone--except the Circles--began arguing over who was right and who wasn't. Anakin was getting ticked off and snapped on Count himself.

"Uh--one of us should probably go get Gray," said Lunifer to the Circles. "Just saying."

"I've got it," said Diamond, and she walked out.

No later did she return with the boy.

"Oh gosh, what's happened here?" said Gray.

"Yeah, you know the story," said Diamond.

Gray sighed, and got out his gun.  "Everyone, quiet, right now."

Frost went to him and told the entire story. He thought for a second, nodded, and then shot Count. The boy fell straight down.  "Not what we expect from our admins, buddy."

"Anakin, you're currently on probation. You do anything like this again and you seriously will be in trouble and prosecuted for a longer time. Understand?"

Anakin nodded.

"Now, you're admin rights will be retained, but they can be removed at any set time if you prove to misuse them. Understand?"


"Now, I hope you all calm down and let's not have this happen again, okay?"

The users nodded. Cody ran up to Gray and hugged him. "OHMYGOSH THANK YOU SO MUCH! EEEEE!"


So, Count was de-admined and Anakin was on a close brink. That meant an admin spot was left open.

Soon enough, the day of the RfRs came around again. Everyone, of course, flooded into the Center, crowding around the bulletin, checking the results.

Smack-dab in the middle of the bulletin, there was the sheet that held the results:

Klintran's Request for Adminship-


Legofanyoda's Request for Chat Moderator-


Gray stood by the bulletin, standing tall despite the poundings of the crowd. "Ladies and gentlemen, we're proud to announce our new administrator, Klintran, and chat moderator, Legofanyoda!"

The entire wiki cheered, hooting. The two boys stood back. Klint's eyebrows were raised, and a smile grew on Lego's face.

The flood of users swarmed around the two, and uplifted them, their cheers filling up the entire building.

"Klint! Lego! Klint! Lego!" The two exchanged a glance, unnoticed, and winked.

"Alright, alright, calm down, guys," said Gray. Chief walked up to him with a box, her expression a bit uneasy. Gray opened it, and took out one uniform and one upgraded utility belt. After awarding the boys with this, they also received their colored bands.

So, it was done.

Klint was an admin, and Lego a moderator.

Chapter Eight

"Gather around, everybody!" said Froststar. As usual, her black uniform was spotless, her hair in a ponytail, a pen tucked behind one ear and a clipboard in another hand. When she had those accessories, it usually meant she was doing her daily wiki-check, tallying scores, or adding up votes, which were usually her responsibilties.

This meant either someone was getting tested, or a vote was about to take place, most probably the latter, since everyone was crowded in the Center.

"Okay. Recently, we've decided to do a rule revamp on our language policy. We've seen a lot of users using possibly questionable language, and possibly give some freedom on some level. So, for the next several days, we will be holding votes and discussions on language we will allow and disallow."

The users all nodded.

"Okay, so the current discussion will be held currently. For any user who is inable to make the discussion, or prefer not to speak at the time, or haven't made up your mind, you may fill in your entries here. The slips will be up during the voting period.

"So, what language should we allow and disallow?"

Most of the users piped in with their suggestions, which sprouted some minor debate, others, still pondering, kept quiet, or nodded their heads while listening to the users' debates.

At around noon, the discussion came to a close, to be resumed the next day or via ballots, and the users scattered out, either back to work or to lunch.

The admins had a special staff area, which was basically composed of office cubicals and a large whiteboard/projector towards the front, with a desk and desktop beneath it. It was generally used as an administrator workplace, say keeping things looking tidy/updating schedules, or simply a place where the admins could just chat about certain things. Chat moderators were sometimes allowed there as well, usually to grab a cup of coffee or goof around.

Lunifer walked to his cubicle, turned on his computer, loaded the software, and got to work. There was a minor flaw in the Graham section, he noticed, so he highlighted it and sent it to the center to be broadcasted. He was working on a certain project to help attract more editors.

The rest of the admins went to their cubicles to do their work as well.

Klint slowly walked in, then leaned against the wall, tossing his dead cigar into the trash. He just stood there, silently for a bit, looking down and kicking at the floor. Suddenly, he piped, "You know, I happened to notice that we lack specific rules for the Lounge."

Several of the admins looked up. "Hmm..." Diamond started.

"Yeah, we don't," said Lunifer.

"Well," said Klint with a small grin, "I can take care of that, if you wish."

"Go on ahead," said Gray, "just don't add any stupid rules or so."

The boy chuckled, then walked towards his cubicle. He sat down, and prepped.

A few days passed, and users were still voting on the language issue.

The moderators sat in the Lounge, as usual, monitoring and chatting calmly. Until the doors swung open.

Klint walked in, pushing a whiteboard covered with a sheet along. "Can I have your attention please?" he chirped.

The entire chat silenced.

"Well--er--I noticed that the Lounge in general didn't have any specific policies, so, I took the initiative to write some for it."

He pulled back the sheet, and written on the board were bullets with rules. "Read and follow, please. These will be put into effect immediately."

The users all awed, and walked to the board, reading the new guidelines.

Puppy looked up to read the new rules she'd now be following and enforcing.

So far, the rules looked quite essential and helpful. She nodded. Klint did a good job with this.

Until she got to the fourth bullet.

"No inappropriate language, only the H, D, and 'crap' are permissed."

She froze. And just stared at it.

Something...slightly...flickered inside of her. A tiny bit of aggravation. Were they not discussing language already? Personally, the girl wasn't a fan of cursing, and enjoyed a clean chat. These were Klint's preferences, not the wiki's. Come to think of it, did Klint even ask permission to make these rules? Did anyone agree on these rules? She didn't think admins could do that.

She felt her heart sink, and backed away from the crowd, sweat droplets on her forehead, her lungs failing her. What was going on?

Klint was taking too much control. And that wasn't beneficial to the wiki.

Chapter Nine

The girl paced around her dorm. Chief was right to be worried. This wasn't good at all.

Fear engulfed the child. What did this mean? Why was this happening with Klint? How come he got away with it? Was she the only one who noticed the language issue?

She couldn't keep this contained for much longer. Her legs were shaking and she could hardly keep standing. She had to tell someone. She had to let this out. Maybe someone else could help.

She cracked open the door and scurried down the hall. She went to the Administrator's Floor and quietly knocked on a certain user's dorm.

There was a groan, and the door creaked open. A boy appeared, his eyes groggy, his hair messed up, his mouth in a fallen grimace. "Puppy? Isn't it like--4 AM?"

"Actually, it's only 11." The girl was known for often being able to stay up quite late. "Anyway, Anakin, let me in."

He moaned, undid the lock, and let the Moderator in.

Falling back onto one of the living chairs, she heaved a sigh, then looked towards the door. "No one can hear us, right?" she said in a low voice.

"Um...right," said Anakin.

"Well..." Emerald started, "it's about--um--Klint."

"Klint? What about him?"

" it just me or...does it kind of seem like...he's getting a bit...controlling?"


"Well, he just got mod then got admin right after. He created those chat rules and I don't think the rules were discussed or anything...he just did it for the fun of it, his own rules which the wiki must follow."

Anakin tilted his head to the side, pondered this, then said, "...I don't know."

"I'm sorry, I might be overreacting--but--umm...I noticed that and I'm getting kind of freaked out now..."

"I mean, you have a point, but--uh--I dunno for sure really. And I'm exhausted. I guess I'll think about it more."

The girl nodded, then got up. "Oh, okay. I'll let you sleep, then. Goodnite."

The boy flopped on his bed and was out in a matter of seconds.

"Very interesting," said Universal, pouring the tea into the cups. "And you bring up very good points."

Still shaken, Emerald had retreated to Universal's dorm, and told her the whole story. "W-What does that mean, though? He's just happy with his rights?"

Universal thought for a moment, then sighed. "I don't know. We don't know for sure entirely his intentions. But I believe a matter of time will tell. For now, we'll just see." She handed her a cup of tea. "We are safe--for now."

Puppy nodded, thanked her, and sipped the tea. Maybe she was overreacting. Just needed to take a chill pill.

But something inside of her tugged her back into caution.

So, the chat rules were enforced and everyone was following them. Folks were already using the appropriate language, and overall forgot about the voting ballot.

Puppy just walked about her own business, kicking at the floor. Her friends were right. She was probably overreacting. Yet her heart thudded faster as she walked past the two.

Puppy sat down in chat, leaning her head against a column, and sighed.

Anakin walked over to the girl and sat right next to her. "Hey."

Puppy opened an eye. "Yeah?"

In a low voice, the boy said, "I  think I kind of get what you mean about--you know who."

Puppy sighed. "Okay--but I guess time will tell."

Sudden commotion snapped them back to chat.

Mango hissed in chat, "You've got to be kidding me! What on earth did I do?"

"Calm yourself instantly," said Klint.

"Calm myself? You're the one being stuck up over everything--you need to calm! My goodness--this place is getting insane."

Narrowing his eyes, Lego lifted up his gun and--point and aim--shot her. She fell limp.

"Whoa, whoa--what?" cried Puppy, getting up.

"The heck?" snapped Anakin.

"Disruptive in chat," said Klint, nudging her gently with his foot.

"How long's she out for?"

"Three days."

"THREE DAYS?!" cried Anakin and Puppy at the exact same time.

"...yeah," said Lego.

"That's way over the top, dude," said Anakin. "She wasn't even acting up that badly!"

"On the contrary, I belive the ban length was justified."

"No--in such a case like that you'd only ban for like--a few hours!" cried Puppy.

"A few hours? That's basically taking a nap and coming back."

"Well, during that time she's not allowed!" exclaimed the girl. "Bottom line, for what she did, banning for several days is way too much."

Anakin, blowing a bang from his eye, knelt down near the fallen girl, got out his revival syringe, and pushed it slightly.


"Shortening it so she wakes up earlier."

"You've no authorization to do that," said Klint flatly. He shot her again. "No reviving without my permission."

The two exchanged a look. "Fine, then."

Anakin  glanced at Puppy, mouthing "My dorm."

"That insolent two-faced piece of--" continued the boy, pacing furiously around the room.

Puppy sat on his bed, kicking in the air. "What do we do, though?"

Anakin stopped in his tracks, then sighed. "I don't know, frankly. Just hope this clears up and folks can see the error in his ways. You're absolutely right. He's a control freak."

"I just don't get it, Frost," cried Chief, throwing her hands in the air. "Something about that guy--I just don't like. He's nothing but trouble, I know it."

"I hear ya," said Frost, leaning back on her chair uneasily. "Been noticing little things he's been doing. Don't trust him one bit."

"But what can I do? Everyone loves him anyway," sighed Chief.

"Hang on, I guess," said Frost, "hopefully, this will not last long."

"Hopefully," said Chief, "but no guarantee."

Chapter Ten

For almost a month, Anakin and Puppy kind of hid from Klint. Anakin would sometimes challenge the admin, while Puppy stood back, fear swallowing her.

Anakin kept getting snapped at, sometimes even prosecuted for a short bit of time, for just speaking up. It got to the point where his admin rights were threatened to be removed for causing continous trouble.

And then--the one instance happened.

Frost narrowed her eyes. "That is why I shot him. He was a troll, Klint."

"Still--you had no authorization to do so, and it was way out of hand," said Klint, rolling on his heels. "Plus no guaranteed proof."

"Out of hand? He threatened several of our users. I know what I'm doing. And since when did I need 'authorization'?"

Chief, Frost, Klint, Lego, Puppy, Anakin, Uni, Diamond, Cody, Mario, and Lilypop were all on chat at the time.

"So--who likes waffles?" started Dia, trying to get them off the subject.

"Whoa!" said Anakin, stepping up. "You've crossed the line, Klint. Frost's been here longer than you and obviously knows more of what she's doing than you ever will."

"Learn your place, Anakin, and cool it," said Klint.

"Cool it? Mango's right. You're the one in need of 'cooling' it! You're nothing but a ball of crap trying to swindle this wiki!" Anakin raised his voice. "You're obviously draining the minds of users here, trying to destroy us somehow! And you don't freaking know how to use your rights!"

"Anakin..." started Chief.

"Last warning," said Klint sternly, his eyes flashing with discomfort.

"Oh, boo-hoo," hissed Anakin, his fists shaking in rage.  "I'm so scared of another [beep] administrator who has the mind of a pin--"

But he didn't even finish his sentence, as a flood of bullets pounded him in the chest, causing him to fall back, blood splattering against the walls.

Puppy gasped in horror, slamming her hands over her mouth. Frost jumped back, shrieking. Chief instantly looked away.

Klint replaced his gun and shook his head. "Sorry to do this, pal. But it's what had to be done."

He then proceeded to exit the chat, kicking Anakin's body along the way.

The girl burst into Chief's room.

"He killed him!" wailed Puppy. "He freaking killed him!"

"I know...I know..." said Chief softly.

The other girl shook harshly, making her way to the chair. "He shot him and got away with it. He's gone..."

Even though the guns were for paralysis, certain upgraded guns, if used a certain way, could actually kill--which was what happened then.

Frost, who was sitting on the bed at the time, wiped the tears running down her face. "We can't do"

"That Klint...that Klint...that Klint..." started the trembling girl. She bit her lip and swallowed the lump in her throat.

"Indeed--I don't like or trust him," said Chief.

"This has gone on long enough," said Frost. "I won't tolerate it."

"You saw what he did," started Chief. "He's a brat who gets whatever the heck he wishes."

"Anakin was shot for virtually nothing. Why the heck does that boy still stand with his admin rights now?" exclaimed Puppy. "This wasn't fair. I don't even know..."

"All we can do is hope for the best, now," said Chief. "Something is starting. And honestly-- I can't tell what."

The other two girls nodded. "Now, I suggest we stay calm. And don't aggravate him. I don't know what we can do yet, but I don't believe this will go unnoticed for long."

If only she knew.

If only she knew

It was hard to see her scuffling in the darkness. A small figure, making her way down the grand stairs and into the halls of the wiki.

Where was it? Where was he?

She soon spotted him, his body glowing in the thin moonlight cracking from the window of the Center. Looking both ways, she grabbed him by his arms, and dragged him to the doors.

Pushing open the gates with her back, she dragged the body out  and across the pavement, and down the streets.

It wasn't too far now. She used to visit this place a while ago.

Soon, they had arrived.

She brushed a few hairs from the fallen boy's face, left him in the yard, got out a key and opened the gates.

She brought him inside.

The boy cracked open an eye, a low groan coming from him.

He looked up to see a girl, kneeling next to him, changing the bandage wrapped around him.


"Shh," she whispered harshly. "I've gotten the bullets out, dressed your wounds--but I'm quite sure you're paralyzed from the torso down."

The boy looked down.

"Klint's a nutjob. But you're going to have to stay here for a bit--okay? I'll tend to you every night or when I can. You're going to be okay, okay?"

The boy just moaned. Wiping tears from her eyes, the girl went back to work.

Meanwhile, there was still a lingering darkness over the AJ wiki.

Klint stood in his dorm, washing his hands in the bathroom and staring at himself in the mirror. One down--a few more to go.

There was still a threat in this wiki.

He recalled right after dinner, while folks were heading to bed, he caught Frost's gaze. A cold glare, that sent the message "You will never succeed."

Oh, how they would wish that. Pathetic children. No idea what was in store for them.

Chapter Eleven

For days, weeks, Puppy would sneak to Anakin's old wiki to nurse him back to health. They came to the conclusion that he was, indeed, paralyzed. It got to the point where Puppy had to sneak to the Medical Wiki, steal a wheelchair, and bring it to him.

Over time, Anakin gradually got better. He was able to sit up, followed by good enough speech, proper conciousness, now to the point where he could manuver his own wiki by himself in the wheelchair.

Occasionally, Mango would check up on Anakin, and promised not to tell about her helping him.

Tension was arising in Animal Jam Wiki, however.

Klint and Lego knew there was something against them. Something that could throw a wrench into their entire stragey.

"Nothing can detour us," whispered Lego into Klint's ear. "We must take all precautions."

Klint leaned back, shut his eyes, and nodded. "Don't worry. If Anakin's shooting wasn't enough--we will get the message across."


Mackenzie rammed her head into the wall. "Absolutely not! I'm tired of that irritable thing they call an admin!"

Puppy nodded.

"He about killed Anakin, shot Mango, and gets away with anything the heck he wants!" The girl in rage threw her hands in the air.

"Well--I'm helping Anakin now," said Puppy calmly.

"And that kid--Lego--who does nothing but follow him around! How stupid do they think we are?" Mackenzie threw Puppy's pillow on the floor and stomped on it in rage. "Oh, what I wish to do with both of their little heads..."

" pillow..."

"Oh, uh, sorry!"

A beep came on Puppy's phone. She walked over to it to check.

"OH, [beeeeeep] NO!" Mackenzie shrieked all of the sudden.

"What?" cried Puppy.

"Check. Notifications..." started the other girl.

Puppy unlocked her phone.

Oh. Heck no.

Tornado had nominated himself for b'crat.

Klint had nominated himself for b'crat, and Lego, admin.

Someone save this wiki.

"You're kidding me," said Anakin, leaning back on his chair and putting his hand to his head. "He's seriously nominating himself for 'crat?"

"Why  wouldn't he?" groaned Puppy.

"Ya'll got some idiots running ya," said Mango, swinging her legs on the counter. "If he gets it--oh gosh."

"I guess all we can do is hope for the best. I voted on both."

"Can I see?" asked Anakin. "The RfRs."

Puppy nodded, flipped to the app on her phone, and showed him.

"Well, Klint's got some supports, and Lego has a good amount of opposes. Heck of a lot of neutrals, if I'll say."

Puppy checked it. "Yeah."

Frost slammed down her phone, staring at her reflection in rage. So, she's denied bureacrat, when she was promised before--and now Tornado and KLINT get a shot at it?

Anger infuriated her. However, she took a deep breath. It may not pass at all. I mean, really. What sense would it make?

Chief shook her head. "You're kidding me," she said to herself. "Absolutely kidding me. Tornado, I can get. What's up with Klint? And Lego?"

She sighed, and flipped open her phone to check on the results.

Lunifer yawned, and decided to check on the RfRs.

"Dadada, oh, looksie, Klint and Tornado nominated themselves for b'crat. Isn't that dandy? Wait--wasn't Frost denied this? Meh."

He then looked at Lego's nomination. "Humdee--what the heck?"

Every one of his opposes were struck out.

"How the--what the--who the--"

Lunifer slammed down his phone. "He can't do that! What madman decided to--"

"FREAKING. STRUCK. OUT. EVERY. ONE. OF. HIS. DANG. OPPOSES!" screamed Mackenzie into her pillow.

"I. KNOW!" cried Puppy. "And look--he gets away with it! Apparently, he struck them for invalid reason's."

"Invalid reasons? Only on his RfR?" cried Macker, hissing. "And Tornado and Klint's RfR's passing anyway. To heck with Frost, who was promised this way before then!"

"Four b'crats--that's sane?"

"Is anything sane around here nowadays?"

Chief stormed into Macker's dorm, slammed down her phone, and then exclaimed, "I'm done. If these pass, then I'm freaking done."

"You obviously can only vote neutral on here because to heck with you if you oppose! No one cares about your own dang opinions because apparently they're invalid." Chief slapped her forehead and let out a long moan. "I could care less about Tornado's, he kind of earned it--but Klint/Lego?"

"They better not pass," growled Mackenzie.

And they passed, of course.

There was a huge ceremony in the Center due to the appointment of two new b'crats.

Both Klint and Tornado stood at the foot of the podium.

Gray heaved a breath, and said, "Ladies and gentlement, users of the Animal Jam Wiki. Thanks to their passing Requests for User Rights, you have all voted and appointed Klint and Tornado as your new bureacrat, and Lego as your new admin."

Lego stood farther back, adjusting his new purple band and beaming.

"I'd like a round of applause Animal Jam Wiki's new bureacrats!" Gray's voiced boomed over the Center.

Everyone cheered, except for a few, who all faked a smile but exchanged an uneasy glance.

The two new 'crats walked up the stage's stairs. One looked kind of nervous, unsure how he even got there, and the other stood with a proud, confident smile.

Gray awarded them both with red bands around their arms, a fully upgraded utiliy belt--this contained a pager to Community Central, a small remote that upgraded the rights list at a push of the button, and the highest level of a gun--and a key to 'crat-only sectors, usually for user rights or basic wiki set up.

The two bowed respectfully, turned around, and smiled.

Frost, eyes flashing with rage, couldn't believe it.

She was promised.


But no...she couldn't because they had enough 'crats..

"They had enough 'crats."

"I'm sorry!" Gray said, putting his hands in the air. "Out of my control."

Frost had resorted to confronting him about that.

"I'm sorry--you had PROMISED me it. But nono, get Tornado and KLINT who joined, like, yesterday, over one of the head admins!"

"The vote was the vote. Tornado's earned it for a long time--he just wasn't admin until a lot later. As for Klint, the vote was the vote, I'm afraid."

"He had, like, three freaking supports! Most of the folks who voted didn't even WANT him into office!" Frost shook with rage and disbelief. "I had five."

"There's nothing I can do now, okay?" said Gray with a sigh. "Keep your cool. Plus--you had two opposes, Klint and Tornado, none."

"Ugh," Frost said, then stormed out. She passed Lego on the way, who then proceeded to start laughing.

"Wow, that attitude!"

Frost snarled at him. "Shut it."

The boy threw his hands in the air. "Hey, sorry, miss!"

She was sick of this. Sick of this. Nothing but bias here.

Night had crept upon the wiki. One girl tossed in her bed.

Cody had began mumbling in her sleep.

She was having a dream, she thought, but something about it felt real.

She saw...darkness...engulfing the wiki. She heard a laugh, right near her.

Two kids--a girl and a boy--felt straight down. Dead. But she couldn't make out who.

There were screams, someone crying.

The outline of the wiki, the columns, the roof, the beautiful halls, the structure. Crumbling to dust.

A soft voice Betrayal is amongst you. It takes everyone to fight.

And a face. She couldn't tell. It flashed so fast.

She gasped and sat up, then looked around. Her ordinary dorm. The moonlight pouring through her window. Cody heaved a sigh. It was just a dream.

Or was it?

Either way, she rolled over in her bed and went back to sleep.

Footsteps filled the dorm halls as Frost, late, trudged to her dorm. It'd been a long day, and she really needed to unwind. Maybe she did need to cool down. Maybe her 'cratting was just not meant to be.

The halls seemed silent, dead, with no other lifeform without walls seperating them.  Something about it seemed amiss...awkward...

Her heart thudded faster. She could promise you, she felt a nearby presence. Her dorm was near. She could get there.

Her breaths were heavy. Something was wrong, she knew it. Standing in front of her dorm door, she got out her key, and prepared to unlock the door...

Her blood-curling shriek was cut off as a knife sliced through her stomach, then pulled straight out. The world flashed before her--and all she saw was red.

The girl fell, just like that, straight down, beginning to curl up.

Little did they know, another lifeform was right there--seeing all this. Standing over the now fallen girl, she met the gleaming gaze of someone. Through her adjusted eyes and the emergency lights down the farthest corridor....

...was the face of Klint.

And the other lifeform could do nothing.

Chapter Twelve

Everyone had crowded around that hall. Yellow tape even had to be put up to keep the other users from getting too close.

Once Gray, Klint, Diamond, and Tornado had finished inspecting the case, they stood up and just shook their head.

"Can't find anything," sighed Gray. Diamond gently nudged Frost and bit her lip.

"Who would do this to Frost?" cried Lilypop. Some of the onlooking users were weeping, or trying to run to their fallen admin one last time. The rest stood in utter horror.

"If anyone knows anything about this," Tornado piped, "please speak now."

No one made a sound.

One user, however, backed up uneasily. Why was Klint still near her? How come he could stay? She kept thinking back to the night prior, his face briefly flashing as he stood up. It was Klint. She knew it. She saw him right there.

"You okay, Puppy?" asked Caspiea.

She nodded. "Yeah--I'm fine..." and looked down.

"Well, if you are the one who caused this, you know who you are," said Gray. "By not revealing yourself, you will be obliged to live with the guilt for the rest of your days." Klint, standing right next to him, didn't even flinch.

"As for the rest of you, this is a tragic incident and a heart-rending day we will never forget. We'll always remember Frost. However, I advise you all to watch your backs, and if you know of anything you may go to your nearest admin. And don't let anything like this happen in the future. Report suspicious behavior, remember to look out for each other, and keep honest."

Puppy couldn't even stay there any longer. Blinking back a world full of tears, she tore from the crowd unnoticed, ran downstairs, and out the gates.

Anakin slammed his hand down onto the table. "He WHAT?"

Puppy, who was already pacing frantically around the room, hissed, "He freaking killed Frost. I saw him, Anakin. I SAW him."

"That's it," Anakin declared, starting to stand up, but then collasping back. "I'm freaking going to that wiki and burning it out its corruption." Tears clouded his vision.

The girl held his arm. "No, don't."

"And you didn't tell Gray because..."

"How could I? 'Oh, yes, one of your 'crats just killed an admin.' He'd totally believe me, now would he?"

Anakin sighed.

Puppy stood up taller. "This wiki is corrupted and they're hiring complete idiots to office. I wonder why I still stay the--"

"HUSH!" Anakin hissed, holding up his hand. "Did you hear that?"

"Hear what?" the girl listened.


"Coming from the door," Anakin whispered.

Puppy slowly walked to the door, and opened it. There, lying in front of her, caked blood all down her torso

was Frost.

The girl shrieked. "FROST! You're alive?"

The fallen admin moaned something screechy. She rolled to her side and shut her eyes.

Puppy grabbed her by the shoulders and pulled her indoors, shutting the door behind them.


Anakin wheeled himself over. "Oh my--" Eyes wide, he snapped, "Get her on the couch, now."

The two went back and forth, getting band-aids, cleaning her up.

Frost moaned and rolled her head to the other side. "...Klin..."

Puppy, putting a fresh towel on her forehead, nodded. "I know. I saw him there. Don't worry, you're gonna be okay."

Frost gave a small nod, shut her eyes, and fell asleep.

They brought the girl into Anakin's bedroom and let her sleep. Meanwhile, they discussed this entire thing.

"So, Klint gets to shoot you, stab Frost, and gets away with it," said Puppy, kicking against the floor. "Why FROST of all people? What the heck did she ever do to him? Doesn't want any 'mutiny' I assume?"

"Because he's a load of crap," replied Anakin.

The girl leaned against the wall. "Heck, why the heck is Klint in office and not her? He and Lego got in by--what, cheating? Lego hadn't even done a thing to deserve it. What, have they got everyone brainwashed now?"

"Probably," said Anakin primly.

"That wiki is so freaking corrupted," spat Puppy. "I'm about done there. Why the heck do I still allow myself to be around that place? I can just go home with all this idiocy here. Heck, think the only reason I'm still there is because my friends are. This wiki's taking a path to downfall and if it doesn't catch itself it will be in ruins. Klint/Lego? Why are they here again?"

"There's one thing we can do now," said Anakin.

"Which is...?"

"We can call HQ, tell them what kind of stupid place this is, and let them take care of it." The boy dusted off his jeans.

"Ha, good luck with that," cackled a voice. Both kids jumped and turned their heads in the direction of the sound, only to meet the gaze of Flaming.

Chapter Thirteen

Puppy gasped. Anakin hissed, "What are you doing here?"

"Free land, ain't it?" Flaming said, crossing his arms. "Oh, let's make this a party, shall we?"

A group of users followed him in: Gray, Chief, Tornado, SuperCutieDraggy and--Klint.

After seeing that tall bureacrat, Puppy backed up.

"Well, nice family reunion," snapped Anakin. "Either you're here to visit me or you can't mind your own dang business."

"Calm, Anakin," said Gray. "Some of us are here to work things out."

"Work what out? What needs to be worked out?" spat Anakin. "What you need to do is get your freaking heads back and burn corruption in the wiki." He gestured at Klint.

"Corruption? That's a nice greeting, now isn't it," said Klint calmly.

"You're one to talk," Anakin spat, gesturing at his chair.

"Wait--Anakin's alive?" piped Tornado, eyes wide.

"To our misfortune, apparently," replied Flaming, only to get a whack from Gray.

"Anakin, you may as well just calm down," sighed Gray. "Accusations do you no good, and with the recent murder of one of our admins--honestly I don't think we're in the mood for this."

"Why'd you come, then?" hissed Anakin. "And about that 'murder', it only happened because you're all full of idiots who allow corruption and can't freaking see good from bad anymore. I'm for Klint/Lego burning eternally--who's with me?"

Chief, who was silent all this time, quietly piped up, "Anakin--you do need to calm down. However, I will say on some part...he's right. We could have prevented this...and I do see this wiki taking a downfall."

"Well, on Frost's behalf," Klint rocked on his heels. "We were already considering de-admining her before. She wasn't too mature in recent events, and honestly, I haven't seen her use rights much."

Chief's eye twitched, and Puppy stiffened.

"Well, lucky for you, you didn't have to do that," said Anakin, giving a sarcastic smile. "Because she was freaking impaled! And you're nothing but a mindless little [censored] who wants to burn this place down."

Flaming snickered. "Says Anakin."

"Now, hold on there, Anakin," Gray said. "No use in going after Klint for pretty much anything. Honestly--other than your prosecution--he hasn't really done anything. And don't worry. Anyone who has fallen and is hanging on to the wiki with their fingertips, trying to bring it down with them? I'm going to stomp on their fingers so they fall right down - without the wiki I've worked so hard on...metaphorically, of course."

"Good, now start doing it," huffed Anakin.

Suddenly, the door swung open.

"FROST WAS STABBED! WHAT THE HECK!" a girl screamed. Mango barged in. "And what are all you  lunatics doing in here? 'Specially you--" she looked Klint down, "--thing."

"Because they're all brainwashed, obviously," said Anakin. Klint flinched, slightly, and just chuckled. Idiot.

"Anakin--the admins have their own minds and opinions, doesn't always mean we're brainwashed," said Gray with a sigh.

"How would you know that--if you're brainwashed?"

"So now everything's brainwashing," said Flaming, rocking on his heels. "Gray and the admins don't get their own opinion--they must be brainwashed because the cursing psychopath tells them to."

"Although a bit rough, he has a point there," said Klint, running his tongue over his teeth.

Frost turned in the bed. Moaning, she could hear voices...

"That's it--I can't do this any longer," cried Chief, standing up tall. "I do not trust Klint/Dep and I often question their acts. Anakin, I see what you're trying to say, but you need to chill, okay? In fact, I understand what all of you are trying to say. Four 'crats alone is too much. Honestly, we're taking too far jumps in too short of time. I know I'll get de-admined for saying this--but--I couldn't hold it in."

"Chief--understand you feel that way. You aren't getting de-admined for something like that, but stop being a biased idiot," said Klint.

"How about you stop being a [censored]," snapped Anakin.

After that--well, a lot of fighting broke out. Puppy, who had been standing by throughout all of this, finally broke. She clenched her hands into a fist and shouted off the top of her lungs:

"QUIET!" Everyone stopped and turned to her skeptically.

"I just came here to talk to Anakin--I did not mean for this to turn into a full out wiki arguement. I don't even know what the heck a lot of you're doing here."

"As stated earlier, Flaming brought us here," said Klint, "and we came to sort things out. Honestly, you can't keep much stuff from me."

Puppy felt her heart drop at that last line.

"Well, says Mr. Klint," Anakin said with a nod. "Puppy, why don't you tell them how corrupted this wiki is? That information you know. And how innocent their admins actually are."

The users raised their eyebrows and turned their attention back to the girl. "What's he talking about, Pup?" asked Tornado.

Puppy felt all the breath leave her, and looked down. How could she tell them?

"...Puppy?" asked Gray.

Anakin raised an eyebrow as well. "Well?"

She couldn't keep it in any longer.

Gathering as much courage as she could, she looked straight into the users' eyes, primarily to Gray and Chief's, and stated, plain as day: "I saw Klint stab Frost last night."

Chief and Tornado gasped, while the others stood horrified. Soon, all eyes were on Klint.

"...Klint.." started Gray.

The boy felt a slight uneasiness. Of course. Puppy, of all people.

Keeping as cool as he'd always been, he shook his head. "This is just sad right here. You guys honestly believe I'd kill someone unjustified?"

"Uh, yeah," said Mango, pointing at Anakin's chair.

"Well, I didn't, and I myself am pretty certain of that." He strolled over to the girl, who did her best to stop trembling, and patted her--a bit hard--on the back of her head. "This makes no sense whatsoever, as well. As already proven by this conversation alone, Anakin has some sort of thing against me. Puppy often hangs around him--and takes part in these conversings. Obviously, she's got some sort of--bias against me. Due to the probable trauma of seeing her friend and admin getting stabbed last night, and the things Anakin's feeding her, she possibly thought she saw me. Poor delusional kid."

Delusional?! Puppy's already preset fury began to grow more.

"And even if so, why is she telling us now? When Anakin prompted her? You told users if they knew of anything, speak up. She could have taken that as an opportunity to say something. Instead, she didn't. Honestly, guys, I'd like you to give me more credit than me actually murdering someone."

"How was I supposed to tell?" snapped the girl. "I saw you standing over my friend--I know I saw you. How was I able to report  one of the 'crats of murder? I was scared, okay? Which was why I came here."

She stopped instantly. She'd never even got close to lashing out before.

Klint just sighed and shook his head. "Try to get your head straight first."

The girl looked back to the other users. "Guys...?"

Gray just look skeptic. Chief, pale as snow, was frozen, staring at the floor. Tornado didn't meet her glaze as he spoke: "Um...Puppy...well...I don't know...okay? I mean--Klint has a point..."

Emerald put her face in her hands. They didn't believe her. They now thought she was crazy and biased. Why wouldn't they? Klint gave himself a good comeback.

"Well, with that, I do believe this over," said Klint, clapping his hands together. "As for Frost's murderer, I don't know if we'll ever find the true culprit. But I think we can take this entire situation and turn it into a lesson."

Mango had her eyes narrowed, and Flaming looked confused.

"I don't think we have a reason to stay here anymore, so...well, let's go," said Gray. Tornado and Flaming nodded, and followed him out. Anakin groaned and wheeled himself into the kitchen.

Chief kicked at the floor, looked at Puppy and nodded, and then followed the others. The girl felt a pang of relief. At least not all of them thought she was crazy.

Klint was on his way out, but then for a brief second, he turned his head back to the girl. In that one gaze--it told her everything.

And long after he had left, she was still trying to recover.

Frost rolled her head to the side. Aching all over, she leaned forward a bit and did her best to sit up.

Wincing in pain, she prevailed, and put her hand to her stomach. "Pup...? Anakin...?" she called, hoarsely.

The two users, hearing her, came to the room.

"What...happened?" asked the girl.

Puppy, uneasily, told her the entire story. Frost put a weak hand to her head. " sick...of"

Anakin huffed a breath. "And of course, no one believes Puppy, because apparently she's 'delusional.' If only they could see you alive."

Puppy placed her hand on Anakin's shoulder and shook her head. "Too dangerous, she was already a target. She'll have to stay here with you until she recovers, and will go back whenever she's ready to."

Frost tilted her head in concern. ""

Puppy, turning nearly pale, shifted uneasily. That gaze Klint gave her--was she next? And if not, who was?

"I'll be fine, don't worry. I don't think he'll come at me just yet."

Frost gave a small nod, then lied back down. Anakin turned to Puppy. "Well, I think we're fine here. You best be back at AJ Wiki--before things seem suspicious."

The girl nodded. "Call me if you need anything." After which, she walked outside and back towards the wiki.

Emerald swung open the doors, only to be greeted by a high-pitched siren. Running in, she could see the entire wiki glowing with red emergency lights, many users panicking, and a group of taller users, in a white-blue-black uniform and golden badges, searching the premise and guiding several users around and out. These taller users held larger guns, a fully-equipped utility belts, giant caps with high peaks and were considerably older than the majority of the AJWiki users. Puppy automatically knew who they were: HQ Officials. But what were they doing here?

"Everyone, evacuate the Main Halls immediately, and go to your dorms," a voice boomed over the intercom. Chief and Gray stood back, Chief looking uneasy and Gray, looking a bit miffed, conversing with an Official.

Emerald looked around in hurry, quickly dodging a storming HQ Official. Cody was pushed past her.

"Cody!" she cried. "What's going on?"

The other girl, eyes wide, replied: "They've discovered a rogue in here!"

A rogue? Rogues were users who've snuck into Wikia while they've been forbidden to. Once discovered, they're usually killed on the spot. They'd caught one here? But--who? Puppy slid between two flailing users and ran around another Official, heading towards the stairway. She had to get away from there. She found herself heading up to the top dormitory floor, to catch her head. She stumbled into the corridor, heart pounding. There was a figure standing in the middle of the hallway.

"Mackenzie?" panted Puppy.

The girl swung her head around. Emerald could see her red, puffy eyes and tears rolling down her face. She walked to her in concern. "What's wrong?"

"They're after me...they're coming for me," Mackenzie replied, voice cracking and shaking.

"What? Who?" cried Pup. And then--everything fit together.

Mackenzie was the rogue.

"You're a rogue...?"

"Pup, you gotta get out of here!" cried Mackenzie. "They're coming for me, I don't want you getting caught up in it in the process." "You can escape!" Emerald replied, a bit frantic. "Go down the fire exit and run away from here. Hide at another wiki."

"No, I can't. They're Officials, they'll discover me before I can even leave the building."


The girls could hear footsteps coming up the dorm stairway.

"I've got to go. They're coming!" cried Mackenzie. "Just, Puppy, remember who you stand for." She turned on her heels and darted down the corridors.

"MACKENZIE!" screamed Emerald, doing everything in her power not to run after her friend.

The hallway was soon flooded with Officials, some grabbing Pup and escorting her back downstairs.

Mackenzie was never heard from again.

So it began.

A new era for the Animal Jam Wiki.

Chapter Fourteen

Time had passed since the death of Mackenzie, the said "murder" of Froststar, and the withdrawal of Anakin. Floods of users came and went. As Klint had stated, they instantly fit in with the crowd for trusting him.

The boy started at the grand gates of the wiki, eyebrow raised in skeptism. What lied ahead? Was it even safe? Was this a wise decision for him to be making?

Well, he guessed he'd find out in a minute. He squeezed his eyes shut and pushed the doors open.

Nunya was just sitting in the corner, listening to Lapfox Trax on her MP3 and squeezing her octopus plushie, until she spotted him first.  Jumping up, she instantly yelled, "HAI DERE!"

The boy turned his head towards her, "Hi. I'm new here."

"Well, I can see that!" the user darted over to him and shook his hand. "I'm NunyaPie. What's your name."

"Uh, Roadhawk..." replied the new user.

"Hue, good to meet'cha, Roadhawk. Here at Animal Jam Wiki, we're one crazy bunch. I'll show ya around!" chirped Nunya, grabbing him by the arm--forcefully--and dragging him through the wiki.


~To Be Continued, Sorry I gtg~

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