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Chapter 1

It was loud and chaotic in the Animal Jam Wiki chatroom. In the corner, Gray, one of the bureaucrats, was arguing with three people at once. He was generating a lot of noise, which was a trademark of Gray. Near him, Silver and Rinzler were quietly whispering to each other. Over by the door, Dia, Asmo and Pup slouched against the wall, tired after a long day's work.

The door swung open quietly, silently, unnoticed at first by the hordes.

A new user stepped in, one that no one had ever seen before.

He was tall, black-haired, brown-eyed. He was fairly muscular, enough to turn a few glances. Rinzler and Silver paused and looked over.

Silver stood up as his friend waited on the couch. Approaching the stranger, who was a good foot taller, he looked small and insignificant.

Extending a muscular hand, he grasped the stranger's. "Hiya, I'm Silver! Welcome to the wiki!"

The stranger brushed back a flap of hair, exercising his good looks. "Hello. I'm Sky. Sky of Twilight, to be exact."

Leaning against the wall, Gray grinned and blew hair out of his eyes. "Hi. I'm Gray. You're not. Glad to hear it."

Pup and Dia lurched over and shook Sky's hand in a drunken huddle. "WELCOME TO INSANITY!"

As the stranger leaned backwards slightly, the door opened once again. MC, FireSlime and Jeff walked in. FireSlime stopped in his tracks and, blurting out the obvious, yelled, "Wow, there's a new user!"

MC, suave as ever, put his arm in front of his friend. "Hello, my good sir. May I ask your name? I welcome you to the wiki."

Sky introduced himself, almost matching the MC of MC in suaveness.

In the corner, Chief and Uni were smiling. "This guy seems mature," Chief murmured quietly. "Maybe a candidate for rights later, if he stays."

Chapter 2

The following morning, MC got out of bed early. He always did. It was the only way for him to collect his thoughts before the hectic days.

However, he wasn't the only one up. He found Sky of Twilight standing by a window on the fourth floor of the wiki.

At first not wanting to interrupt the new user's pondering, he continued walking. Then, in an uncharacteristically indecisive maneuver, he turned to speak to Sky.

"Was it a hectic day yesterday?"

Sky, sitting with his elbows close together on the windowsill, turned his head so he was looking over his shoulder. "Oh yeah, it sure was. Everyone wanting to know me and stuff. Are they always this... friendly?"

MC gave a short laugh, more out of politeness than friendliness. "Yes, they usually are. It's a fun place to be during the good times. During the bad times... it's complete anarchy."

Sky tilted his head. "Bad times?"

MC, gathering his thoughts, was slow to respond. "Well, we had an attack from a former bureaucrat some while ago. I wasn't there to witness it. And a user once threatened to bring us down via hacking us, but thankfully that didn't happen. We're doing fairly well now."

Sky let out a hidden grin as he turned away. "Wow. That's awful."


Silver and Rinzler were interrupted in breakfast when there was a knock on their dorm door. Then the door fell in.

<<REPLACE>>, uninvited, stepped in. She held one of the admins' ban guns in her right hand and had an evil grin covering her face.

"Hi, <<REPLACE>> " Silver mushed, his mouth full of breakfast. "What's up- WHOA!" He was interrupted by a jet of crackling red light that blasted his cereal bowl across the room. It shattered against the window.

"What was that for?!" Silver exclaimed, Rinzler behind him in shock.

<<REPLACE>>'s evil grin tightened as she recharged her gun. "You're bringing this wiki down, trying to take control, trying to ruin it!" she mumbled in a discombobulated voice. "And I'm going to stop it when no one else will!" She fired another bolt.

Silver, holding back Rinzler, had little chance to pull them out. Rinzler was struck in the shoulder, and he collapsed. The red jolt of electricity spread to Silver, and he collapsed, too. <<REPLACE>> stood over them, laughing, only to get struck in the head and her hands wrenched away from the rifle in the same moment.

Chapter 3

Rinzler flailed his left arm around, nearly knocking the lamp off his bedside table. He was in pain all over. It hurt so bad. He turned his head. Silver was lying one bed over, apparently still asleep.

Rinzler moved his head upwards, ignoring the jarring pain in his neck. Gray and Chief were standing at the edge of his bed, and Spleef was sitting on the chair at the end of the room, bouncing violently.

"What... happened?" Rinzler asked blearily.

"Mabel banned you, Rinz," Gray explained. "She shot you with a ban gun. Silver got hit too, since he was trying to pull you away."

That explained why Silver was there. "So why is my arm metal then?"

Chief and Gray exchanged looks. "Well, apparently she was aiming to kill you, and, well, that doesn't go well," Chief explained pityingly. "We managed to outfit you with this, but your arm got disintegrated. It probably would've spread farther if Spleef hadn't stopped it."

"How did he stop it?" asked an increasingly terrified Rinzler.

"Well, he hit you with his shovel," Gray explained, trying hard to stop laughing. Finally, he fell backwards in a torrent of chuckles.

Rinzler and Chief stared at him unamusedly, and then Chief sighed and explained. "A ban only works if the user hit with it is conscious. They need to be there to see it for it to work completely. You can hit them, but it won't finish. When Spleef-" she coughed, "-knocked you out, it stopped your ban from spreading farther. We were able to neutralize it; admins have a different kind of power for their gun that undoes bans as well." She started walking out, then turned around, tears in her eyes. "Also, CJ and Pup were holding onto Mabel when she was shot by Gray. We couldn't save them." She walked out.

Rinzler chose that moment to start screaming and flapping his arm in utter hysteria.


Asmo paced restlessly in the room she had shared with Pup before it happened. She was furious at Mabel, venting in fury, and the wall was already cracked and torn where she had raged.

And that Sky of Twilight guy, too. They all thought he was amazing. They didn't see how he turned away when they mentioned something evil. They didn't feel the malevolence within him.

Spleef knocked on her door, a puffing FireSlime behind him. "Results just in!" he yelped. "What users think of Sky of Twilight!"

  • 652Graystripe: Suave. But new. I don't know.
  • ~Chief~: Pretty mature, but not passing judgement this early.
  • UniversalGalaxies: He has yet to be master race, I'd say.
  • Diamonddragon88: HUEHUEHUEWATILIKEHIM.
  • SilverHexxitFights: He seems pretty decent.
  • Seaofclouds: I like him! :3
  • MC Photos: I believe that it is too early to judge him accurately. I withhold judgement, and recommend to the surveyors that this should not be published in the final issue.
  • Stormclaw of RiverClan: He seems nice. I like him.
  • OFFICIALHARRY: Cool guy! I like him!

"There you have it, ladies and gents! Goodbye!" Spleef dashed out the door, and FireSlime looked apologetically at Asmo before following.

Asmo facepalmed. She just did not trust this guy.

Chapter 4

The chat room was loud and noisy, packed with users. Gray was speaking to Punk and Harry in the corner; MC, Rinzler, Silver and FireSlime sat on a couch while Spleef paced in front of them; Dia and Sea danced a waltz near Sky, who stood in the center of the room. It was packed with activity.

Then Sky raised his finger and it all stopped. He commanded so much attention it felt like the gravity of the room was bending.

"I had an idea," he said. "If we keep promoting users, then we'll have a problem on our hands: too many righted users."

Everyone paused, considering this. A few nodded, and a few looked skeptical. Everyone waited for Sky to continue. And continue he did.

"And, of course, there are always going to be admins that are not as good as the others."

Dia sucked in a breath, and Silver leaned forward.

"So, should we not replace staff members with new ones, if they are not deemed good enough? An admin for an admin, entering and exiting."

More users nodded. Dia, Rinzler, MC and Asmo remained quiet. Spleef stood up.

"But what if all the admins are good?"

Sky tilted his head. "Then we won't need to replace any."

Chat slowly returned to normal, everyone unsure what to say. Road and Ice pulled Sky into a corner to discuss.

"I like this, you know," Road started conversationally. "I really do... It would allow us to fine-tune the wiki, make it a well-made machine that never goes wrong."

Ice nodded.

Sky smiled cautiously. "Would you support me if it came to a discussion on it?"

Road paused, hand on chin, and nodded. Ice nodded as well. "We'll do it."

"Great! Thank you!" Sky grinned, prepared to help the wiki.


The next morning, all the users checked their WikiPads as usual. A bright red notification flashed on the screen. "1 NEW MESSAGE," it said. "1 NEW MESSAGE."

They all checked it, and saw a discussion on Sky's replace-admin-with-admin policy from the last night. A few checked "Oppose." Far more checked "Support." Nobody checked "Neutral;" everyone wanted their say in this huge decision.

In five days, everyone checked back. Gray, with a heavy heart, had closed the thread and introduced the new rule.

Chapter 5

"What the HELL?!" Dia stormed. She and Asmo were pacing the floor of Dia's room. "This is CRAZY! We all know that you and I are gonna be the first ones to get shot down!"

"Calm down," a very un-calm Asmo murmured quietly. "We'll be okay. We'll find a way. We'll bring him and that- that thing down."

Dia was in near hysterics when the door opened.

"Well, well, well, are we plotting against users? You should know better," Sky grinned.


Gray grimaced harshly, wishing he hadn't had to do that. But rules were rules, and if Asmo and Dia were plotting - he had seen the video feed firsthand - he had to demote and block them.

He turned to the two users, buckled against the wall. "Any last words?"

"Yes. Go rot in hell, Sky," Asmo growled. Dia stiffened against the buckles, but said nothing.

Gray did not respond. He just shot with his energy gun. But in that moment, his eyes said, "I will make him."

Dia and Asmo disintegrated into dust. There was silence.

Gray, head slightly bowed, turned back. "We've had our votes. Harry and Indi will be replacing Asmo and Dia as admins. Replacing those two as wiki council will be Silver and Koala. We also have Punk and Rinzler as new custodians."

All the users looked proud, but Rinzler and Silver were holding back a force of rage in their smiling faces.


Night had fallen over the Animal Jam Wiki, and all was silent. No one dared to speak in their rooms, afraid that they would be overheard.

Twilight for the Animal Jam Wiki was coming.

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