Please don't change this. You can only edit it. MAY SCARE SOME USERS UNDER 10


Chapter One = Corruption in the game

It started on a cold, stormy Morning. It was 12:00 AM and I just logged on Animal Jam. My screen was glitchy and it took ten minutes to log on my account. I got on, but all the servers were empty and renamed. A server, Heck, looked like some poor jammer had its blood smeared on the screen. The other servers, only five left, were Blood, Slaughter, Demon, Suicide and Cannibal. I almost threw up. I selected the server Cannibal, without thinking. The cute, friendly animal pictures were replaced with animals eating each other. Then, ten minutes later, I got on. Forty jammers, lifeless, were on the ground beside Liza the panda alpha. I was so lost in my mind. I thought Liza was a friendly, harmless alpha! She started smiling with her metal ax in her hand, the ax bloody and dripping. It was so awful, I thought I was in Heck.

Chapter Two = Meet Cosmo

Trembling in fear, I went downstairs and grabbed my parent's butcher knife. Even though I was only Eleven, I'm not going to hurt myself. Liza held her bloody ax by my wolf's neck, then one koala hosted Meet Cosmo. I quickly pressed join, and in a flash, I joined the adventure. I'm pretty sure that I blacked-out. My last memory was the poor koala's head being chopped off by Liza's bloody ax, and the koala screaming " Run! Go and run!" So I ran into the meet Cosmo adventure, now I felt like I was stabbed in the gut for not helping the koala. Now, I am in the meet Cosmo adventure. Cosmo, he looked normal, and I was pretty much in the normal game, I thought. But when I looked at the top bar, usually the quest bar, it said Find some BLOOD, BOOMSEEDS and a few PHANTOM HEARTS. I then went in Cosmo's den, only to see many internal organs, bloody and lying around. Instead of living plants, dead plants and blood were replacements. Bloody knives were all over the floor, and I curled my fingers around my father's butcher knife. I was being quite stupid, realizing I cut my fingers on the butcher knife. I went back to the computer screen, seeing Cosmo yell. " Get the heck out of my den! " He yelled, but I typed " Shut up Koala." Cosmo looked at me and went back outside. I then collected the blood, out from the dead plants. Find BOOMSEEDS and some PHANTOM HEARTS. The quest bar now read after I gave Cosmo the blood. But I thought Cosmo was the plant alpha, not the Death alpha.

Chapter Three = Phantom Hearts and Boomseeds

I then realized the boomseeds weren't where they normally are. Well, I had to go search by the beehive. Bees swarmed around the boomseeds, my animal grabbed them and then ran, hoping this would all be over. now for Phantom Hearts. Cosmo gave me a knife and told me to stab two phantoms in the chest and rip their hearts out, and give them to him. I then placed the item on my wolf and went to stab some phantoms. One in particular, came up to me. I then stabbed the Phantom in the chest and ripped its heart out. " Goodbye punk. " I typed with my bloody fingers, going off to kill another phantom. I then stabbed another phantom in the chest and ripped its heart out. Then I gave it to Cosmo. Cosmo then poured the blood, boomseeds and phantom hearts in a cauldron, and the mixture was blood red. This wasn't any ordinary potion. Cosmo was trying to kill me.

Chapter Four = Killer Cosmo

Trembling, I went into Cosmo's den, grabbing several knives. These were throwing knives. " GET BACK HERE LITTLE GIRL SO I CAN RIP YOUR THROAT OUT! " Cosmo shrieked. I wasn't afraid of a koala. I then bolted out, seeing Cosmo with his bloody claws. He bolted at me, scratching my wolf, but I was somehow feeling the pain. I then threw a few knives at Cosmo, but I typed was no effect. I had to think fast. I would climb the tree to stab Cosmo in the neck. I climbed the tree, but Cosmo could manipulate the actions of the tree without moving a muscle. I then leaped, trying to make several boots while I was in midair. I held the knife in my animal's mouth, aiming at Cosmo's neck. I succeeded, slashing Cosmo's neck and slaughtering him. Cosmo let out a huge blood-curling scream and fell to the ground. Thump. Cosmo was dead. Looking at my father's butcher knife, there was a spot of blood on it. This was Cosmo's blood. Now, if you go on Meet Cosmo nowadays, he is not evil. But his slaughtered spirit still is full of vengeance and is waiting to kill....

I hoped you liked this! It's my first creepypasta. this took three days to do, maybe because it's so long.

~ Snail