When I was much younger, maybe just a bit older than my Great War self, I was seen as a strong leader. Really, it was just a shell. A cover. I don't know why I acted this way. I just know that I was a coward and I should've been ashamed of that. Everybody just ADORED me, acting like I was the new Zios. I led many animals into believing that I was. I was fine with it, and ignored what I really felt.

My name is Mythical. I've been through a lot. But it's not enough. It was never enough. I don't feel worthy to have people like me.

"Hey guys! I'm so glad to have you here!", I said, ignoring myself.

They all cheered. They! They cheered for me... No. I'm strong, and I am worthy of this.

"Today, we'll be watching the imprisoned phantoms!"

Those... phantoms. They aren't evil. I can't believe we're doing this.

"As you all know already, those phantoms tried to kill us before.", Mythical glanced at the collapsed Zios statue next to him.


I'll finish this later.