It was a normal day, I logged onto animal jam and I went to my den. There was someone there but it didn't say anyone was there, the person was an all white wolf who said "I'm coming for you!" I didn't believe him and my mom told me to get off because it was time for dinner.

Next Day

The Next Day I woke up and someone was in my room he said "I told you I was coming!" I screamed my mom came down and yelled "GET OUT" he said "see you on animal jam." I told myself I would never go on animal jam ever again. I lied to myself and went back on, he was on too. He said "miss me?" I typed "NO". Then he logged off and my computer turned white. He said "that's rude" and my computer malfunctioned.

Next Week

I told my mom, she said "never go on animal jam ever again" I nodded and when we got a new computer I tested it she and I both forgot what we said so I went on animal jam he was on and said "I thought you hated me….AND I'M NEVER LEAVING ANIMAL JAM SO YOU SHOULD LEAVE!" I said "ok" and logged off and was panting. I saw on the computer it said "NEVER GO ON ANIMAL JAM EVER AGAIN". I was crying and vowed to never return to animal jam again, I remembered that and I will never forget.

Never talk to strangers kids.

P.S this is my first creepypasta so sorry if this was bad.

By:IloveMLPforever! I did a blog of this but IndigoPI said stories like that are on blah blah blah and so I had to do it on this so yeah but please still comment. My username is p6034 on animal jam.

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