Once upon a time, on a bright, sunny day, there lived a Jammer in a land called Jamaa.  His name was Count Thestar, and he was happy-go-lucky type of jammer, always have been too.

He would always have his bright and shiny green tail armor on, to go with his green fancy top hat.

He was a tiger, and down his back he wore a green worn blanket which USED to be whole and had no tears, but after years of fun it had been worn down.

Count grinned as he made his way to his favorite restaurant, because it was nearly noon and he wanted his favorite lunch, pasta. 

As he approached the door, Count noticed a note on it. "Help wanted!" It read. Count was excited, because, being good friends with the employees that work there already, he might have a chance for a new friend as well!

He opened the door, to be greeted by the smells of soup and noodles, slushies, smoothies, juice and the cocoa fountain the restaurant had in the middle of the dining area. Count smiled as he walked up to the counter.

"Hey Mr. Thestar Pasta Nose!" One of the chefs joked from the kitchen. "Hey Miss Arcticclaw Pots n pans!" Count joked back as the fox smiled, giggling as she stirred a pot of tomato soup.

"The usual, lil buddy?" A polar bear said,  picking up a pot. "You betcha, Skippy!" Count replied, smiling. A little while later, Count was full of pasta and some fruit punch as he left the restaurant after paying. He waved to his friends as he exited the building. It turns out it rained a bit outside as he was in there, but Count didn't mind, he loved the puddles!

As he jumped into a puddle, he noticed something beside it. It was this tiny little moth, with its wings all wet. "Poor little guy.." Count said as he gently picked up the insect. He put it on a plant, and after a while it dried off and flew away.

Count made his way to the small den he called home. Inside, the walls were covered with posters, some of them reading "Think POSITIVE!" Or "Be happy!".

One of the posters seemed different though, it was a dark blue with two glowing yellow eyes on it. It read "Pasta, sauce, pot and spoon, fork and bowl will be your doom.." Count gasped, then blinked. The poster was gone then, replaced with a poster covered in happy faces.

'That's odd..' Count thought as he went to his bedroom. He leaped on to his bed, hugging all the plushies in his collection. One of them he made himself, he named it Mr. Noodle, and of course, it looked like a bowl of noodles with a happy face.

Count rearranged his collection and dug through his drawers, eventually finding his green sweater. It was pretty obvious, he liked the color green. He slipped it on,  and looked at himself in the mirror. He grinned and exited his bedroom. 

Later that day, strange things had been happening to Count, he lost Mr. Noodle, and he thought he saw that poster again. He put up a lost sign in Jamaa Township, where he lived, and then he decided to call it a day and go to bed. 

The next day, it was still rather wet outside, and it was raining, but Count went outside anyways to get to his job. He worked at the Sol Arcade, and he helped fill the claw machines with plushies. 

He stayed for a little while fixing things before the place opened. Sky High was out of order today, according to his boss and the sign on the machine, and apparently the game wouldn't open up for Count to fix it.

"Leave it, it's broke." The Boss said as he walked by, his furry arctic wolf tail brushing up against the game. "Okay, I'll work on Phantom Fighter then." Count said, his boss nodding.

TBC. Wip