Warning! This creepypasta content violence and creepypasta ! If have this viol in Jamaa, calling a Moderator in Wikia! 

This may be not suitable for kids ages 10 and below, lots of violence is included!

when I logged in to animal jam.. in Jamaa, wolves looked bloody!

my heart stopped beating,

I thought I didn't know, once, I was playing animaljam, and I went to Jamaa, and I looked and screamed, "WHAT HAS ANIMALJAM DONE!?!?!"

But a user,(fake) (Uknow23)

made me regret not trading her the spike!

the wolves at jamaa

I was sure maybe

he'd stop, but no, before I could log off.... ....the logout was crossed out!


And when I went to watch something in brady's theater or any other theater, It said just give the spike, and I'll stop. I thought "Who is this "person?" So I tried research.

After the research (ATR)

After I tried, I went to the theater.

The theater said "Curse you with creepypasta if you don't hand it over sir.

I laughed because I was a ma'am. I left for about 4 hours. But when I came back to brady's theater, he said to me "Give it over". He used Microsoft paint to fool me as it was "animaljam font" He spammed CURSE YOU about 50 times. he also hacked the chat to look creepy. when I went afk, look what he said: Hand the spike over and no harm will happen. Just click OK and we can settle this and trade! Note that your spike will be mine When you press OK.


When the harm was added.

Well, this user was mad as a cow that you hit. So, he tried his best to "creep" me out. He tried fake AJ HQ notice pads. Such as IMPORTIANT NOTICE! " We at AJ HQ, want to provide the best jammer experience, so, we have a huge notice for you user67! first, give that person your spike. Or you will be BANNED! BUT! I noticed his grammar was very poor! he spelled experience and important wrong! I laughed! Also, my username was not user67. Plus, he probably couldn't ban me, NOT IMPORTIANT!


A day later

As I was not crept out (because I've seen creepier)

and this popped on my screen when I looked at a rare "Give it"

Somehow I thought he wanted it so bad, then I saw I had 2 jamagrams! and they were just stupid ones from him.


Questioning :o

I tried clicking log off, even though it was crossed off, but this happened: voices started appearing in the room, I was actually starting to wonder why he wanted the spike anyway? but then, the computer faded to black. AHH! I screamed, but all the sudden the door closed ^ all above was planted in a room with C4. anyway, I looked around, then the voices said, "CLICK THE BUTTON ON YOUR PC....." I was like ._. JIMMY WHERES THE C4?

ok enough with the C4. anyway, I called my friend over, Gerald. he played animal jam too! but I asked him some questions. 1: What's you aj username? 2: do you want a spike? 3:do you hack, at all?

So Gerald was scratching his head, he said: One, its Redhead123, Two, yes, I do. 3: a tiny bit.

I was quickly forced to go to my private room to check the username, I asked my other trusty friend Jimmy, (like I asked him for the C4 earlier,,) to distract him. so I looked up "Redhead123", and sure enough...

Yes read on....

IT WAS GERALD! MY BEST FRIEND! He got reported and then got banned, Now another creepypasta mystery lies in my hands, whoever took redhead123 as a username, may be creepy, AGAIN,

  • Places C4 on text*


[waiting for idea from self]