This all started a few years back... I was twelve, maybe. I had seen an ad for some game called "Animal Jam". I clicked, hoping it wasn't a virus. I signed up and created an account.

I played a few months, and decided to get a membership. Soon after, I was playing much more and was thirty dollars poorer. After a few more months, I decided I should quit, it's just a stupid kids game! I shouldn't keep wasting my money.

After about three years, I decided to check back up on it. The game was very different, and seemed to have a lot of glitches. "It seems like my user has been changed... I don't remember changing it to I_am_unwanted..." I thought. Instead of the cute wolf I had, I had a new wolf, all changed to black.

I decided to go to my den, which I had decorated to look like a castle. Instead of that, it was a volcano den, full of some new, very violent items. Instead of the fish pond, there was a pool of blood, full of dead fish. The screen suddenly zoomed on my wolf, whose eyes were beginning to glow redder. 

"Why did you leave me?" he whispered.

I-I-thought I was getting to old for this- He cut me off.

"TOO OLD? You let me starve... You abandoned me..." He said, his voice getting higher in pitch. His eyes were blood red now. "I will not be left unwanted."

The screen flashed black. I was too scared to use that computer again. After a week of begging, my mom was finally convinced to buy be a new laptop. I had almost forgotten about the experience once I opened the computer. The screen was red when I opened it, and after five seconds, my wolf flashed up. 

"You thought you could forget about me?"