P.S: this is my first creepypasta, don't expect me to be a master at this.

It was a great evening in the town of Jamaa. My mom, sister, and father were walking along the candlelit streets of the Summer Carnival with me. Mom was holding my paw and squeezed it tightly. Suddenly we went past an unusual stand that snapped in between the Carnival furniture and clothing stands. It looked like it was cursed. There were no items popping out of the stand, except a huge puddle of blood and guts. I could never be even more disgusted ever in my life. Suddenly my sister, Windypaw noticed it too. She made a disgusted face and stopped sucking on her lollipop, with the action done exactly like she had somehow lost her appetite. I could see why.

My mother and father stopped walking and paused to sit by a bench curved around a giant tree. We gathered around the violent stand that stood there still, no jammer passing by or even noticing it. In fact, I realized we were the only ones left in the carnival. I understood why. Nodding to my thoughts, I suddenly got creeped out and wide-eyed, I burst into tears. My mom turned to me with a concerned look on her face. Her left paw was cupped over her mouth, like she had heard something very unusual.

"Why what's wrong, Spiritclaw?", she asked, just like I had been terribly injured or something even worse.

But that stand just stood there, no effect or animation. It just froze there. Nobody knew why. I kept on crying until a while later I stopped crying and turned over to 10 year old Windypaw. She was fast asleep, snoring and laying on the bench like she was having a nightmare. She was shaking and frowning. Her lollipop was dripping out of her pocket, making a melt-like action. I soon leaned on mom's shoulder and fell asleep.

I never saw the stand until the next day. The stand just stood there. A 6 year old purple bunny was standing there crying, an older sibling hugging her in horror.

"We're stranded, our den got taken over by a fire and the phantoms stole our needs", I overheard a teenage male fox cry in teror, bowing down to his knees like he was nearly dead or starving like crazy.  

Then he passed out on the carnival ground, but that was when the horror came. A purplish-black goo figure rose behind the shadows of the creepy stand. It grew bigger and bigger, slimier and slimier. I was digusted. My little sister Windypaw choked in horror, losing her voice and laying on the bench with an icy cushion. Pretty soon, a few of the animals were either killed, or they commit suicide because they were stuck in the deserted carnival. Poor Windypaw had passed out, her mouth wide open and some teeth knocked down and were wobbly. She wasn't injured, just starved. I tried feeding her a banana that I kept as a spare snack. Nothing would work.

Suddenly, a beastly roar came up from behind my own shadow. I looked behind me. It was a triple-headed phantomthat looked like it was about to detroy Jamaa. That's when I noticed that one of them was choking Mira and trapping her in a dome that only the phantoms can destroy. Mira tried everything, but nothing seemed to work. She starved to her death.

A few nights later, the only survivors were me and my family, not including my sister. The same little purple bunny and her older sister ran up to us. They weren't dead either. In fact, they looked perfectly fine except ashes by their eyes and crying stains on the purple bunny. The purple bunny ran up to us, tears flowing down her eyes and chapped red nose that were no longer twitched. They slowly turned blood red. I'm Gemcrust, she told us, in a scratchy voice, like she was about to lose her voice. Gemcrust cleared her throat weakly. My sister Diamondfrost and I lost our parents because of this. We need HELP! Gemcrust cried, in the highest voice she could. Suddenly, the claw of a phantom had stepped onto us. A young phantom had carried our souls away. I'll miss you, I shouted to everybody else and then shuttered my eyes closed for the last time. This was SO not happening.

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