A girl named Patricia was playing on a new game she found out about. It was a game called Animal Jam. She recently made a account with the username Cherrytree143 and had very little items. She had no rares, betas, or items with a high rarity. She only had a couple of colored Non Member items that she received from trading with her friend Katyperryfan. These items were no use to other Jammers. The only things other people want were spikes, headdresses and other items she did not have.

Patricia wondered what was up with people these days. Since she was a non member, she was frustrated that everything had to be for members. She wanted a membership so badly, but her mom had told her no. That day, Patricia saw a member fox wearing a red rare fox hat. She really wanted it, but knew the fox would not accept. She found out the fox's username was Membersarethebest. Luckily, the fox hat was on her trade, so she tried. Patricia added some pink horned leg pads, a police hat, a blue sky wallpaper and some woven shoes to what she wanted to trade. What she thought happened. The fox did not accept Patricia's trade.

Patricia was about to log off and go eat dinner when she saw the fox with the fox hat say...

"You are such a crazy nm!!! You don't deserve to play Animal Jam!!! No one will ever try to buddy you!!! You are smelly and spoiled!!!"

Patricia was taken back by this rude remark.

"Why is she calling me smelly and spoiled? I did not do anything." Patricia thought, as she looked out her window. She had a sudden urge to do something awful. She wanted to get her revenge. Revenge was beneath her dignity, but this time, she felt as if she had to do it.

Patricia looked up some hacking sites on the web to get the fox and other members that had laughed at her back. She found a site that you could add horror stuff to a kids game, so of course she tried it. She downloaded the hack onto her laptop and typed in what she wanted to add.

She wanted to add a new adventure that only the bullies would be able to go to. She sent it in to AJ and came on. She looked at the adventure tab and sure enough, her adventure was there. Patricia could keep track of the people who went on to the adventure, and five of the bullies wanted to try it. As the bullies went through the maze filled with bodies of decaying and dead animals, Patricia's wolf got ready at its spot. The bullies went on and on, seeing more corpses of animals, and they heard some screams and whines in the background as they kept going.

Every couple minutes, the screens would flash red and they say foxes running across them. Their task was simple: To get the five glowing gems and insert them in the statue of a fox hat. The five bullies, including membersarethebest, each grabbed a glowing stone and headed to the middle of the maze were the statue was located. They put them in the five holes. They thought that the horrid adventure was over, but they were wrong. As they headed to exit the adventure, membersarethebest typed in her chat bar,

"We haven't gotten a prize for completing this wretched adventure. There is always a prize at the end."

Patricia saw what the bully said, and stepped out of the hiding place she was in. The bullies just looked at her blankly. Membersarethebest typed in her chat bar ,

"Oh look!!! It's the smelly non member who wanted my fox hat!!!"

The bullies inserted laughing emotes as they typed in mean things.

Patricia just replied, "Oh I'm smelly, right? And you want a prize from MY adventure? Well, you will get a prize. A prize of torture and pain."

An image appeared on the bullies' screen as they watched in horror. Their animals, all foxes, we're getting ripped to pieces by Patricia. The screen showed her wolf cutting off their tails, and parts of their heads. Then it showed Patricia's wolf taking the body parts and stitching them together, adding fake ears and muzzles. Then she stitched on the tails she ripped off, and laid the item down, which was now a fox hat. She glued some buttons for eyes and looked at what she had done. Then she looked at the bullies. She saw them writhing in pain as their foxes struggled to get up.

"What have you done to us?" asked a bully.

"Oh, I did what you did to me. I made you feel the pain I felt and I made you see what this led to. Goodbye for now, my future fox hats." Patricia typed in, and logged out.

The next day she saw the victims telling the stories to their friends in Coral Canyons. She felt no pain for them. After all they had done to her, she had no feelings anymore. And to this day, bullies roaming Animal Jam that have foxes will automatically get sucked in to this adventure, and see what their future holds.