Chapter 1 - Becoming A Member

Hi. I am Countess. Countess SunnyRose. Just call me Countess. I was redeeming my membership. A 6 month membership to be exact.

I told all my friends on Animal Jam. "Hey guys. I'm getting a membership!!!" I said. One of my friends, Infinity MajorPaw, but I call her Infinity, saw what I said. "Nice! I thought you wouldn't! Go ahead now, redeem your code! I can't wait," Infinity said, cheerfully. "Okay, I'll hurry. Just for you!" I replied.

I logged off, and went to the option on the menu page called, 'Membership.' I clicked 'Redeem Your Code.' and typed in the membership code. I went on my parent dashboard and got myself Free-Chat. I logged back on, and I got my membership gifts. I went back to my den, where my friend, Infinity was waiting.

"Hey! OMG, you got your membership!" She screamed. "Yep. I did," I said back. "Plus, I got myself some free chat like you." She paused and replied. "OMG! Show me proof then." I showed her proof all right! "I am Countess Sunnyrose, and I got a sensational membership!" I replied. "OH You're right! Plus, I'll give you 2 black longs from me so you can get rarer," Infinity said. "OMG, thanks SO SO much!!" I screamed.

Chapter 2 - Rare, Rare, Rare

2 years later, I got 4 headdresses, 5 black longs, 103 den betas, and 55 clothing betas. "Hey Infinity, I got 4 headdresses, 5 black longs, 103 den betas, and 55 clothing betas!" I boasted to her. "Cool, can I have a headdress?" She said, feeling pretty unrare. "Sure." I said, and gifted her a headdress. "THANKS SO MUCH!" Infinity screamed. "No prob, girl," I replied back to her.

I was trading one day, and I was gifted a diamond. The sender said, 'Lost Jammer.' Of course, I wasn't scared, and it obviously wasn't real. "Hey, some 'Lost Jammer' gifted me a diamond! Its probably not real though." I Jam-A-Gramed My friend Infinity, and my other friend Baron SillySpirit. But I call him Baron. Baron replied, "Be careful, Countess. Send everything to a backup. No wait, there is no use.. He knows every account you have. It IS real. My sister was hacked by him." And Infinity replied, "Be careful, OMG!! I hope he doesn't hack me too!" I still thought he wasn't real though. But I was wrong. I was wrong SO bad.

Chapter 3 - Logged Out

The next thing I noticed on the next day, was that someone was following me everywhere I went. they were named 'Awesome SunnyBrave.' Of course, it was probably one of my buddies. At least I thought so. Then, I got at least 3 or 4 bloody Animal Jam animals on my screen. Now I know it was TOTALLY real. Then that is when the horror happened. I WAS LOGGED OUT!

I realized I was being hacked by him. Every time I logged on, I was logged out. Before I was logged out, I saw a bloody Animal Jam animal picture and it said notes. On the top, one of them said: :You will be done for. It will be gone. I am lost forever, but I am not forgotten."

After a few tries, I thought he gave up. Then I realized my animal was all black, and it had the eyes with the circle in the middle. Also known as, 'The Lost Jammer Look' as many refer to. I wanted to cry. I wanted to scream. I wanted to DIE. I then got a Jam-A-Gram from the same person. It said: "Thanks For Playing With Me!"

After that, I told everyone I quit. I grabbed a knife, went to my room, and stabbed myself in the neck and blood showered out from it like in the Anime's I had seen. Before that, she wrote a note. And all she had wrote was: "I am lost, but not forgotten."

Author's note

Sorry guys, it was SUPER short. I know you expected it to be long in juicy, but nope. Its short. SO SORRY! I will do more Stories like creepypasta, love, school, Yandere, and more!

Tell me in the comments what I should write next! I hope you enjoyed!


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