Bandicam 2014-06-15 20-46-24-998

It was a normal day as I walked around Jamaa.

I then saw a fox sleeping on the ground saying, "Send me stuff! I have nothing good!"

I checked her animals and her trade, her pets and achievements.

It seemed she really was poor. So I sent her a gift, A Winter Jacket.

Then I went to my den. I saw my mail had 20 new messages.

It all said, "Thank you! please respond soon!"

I then responded, "Your welcome."

She responded, "Do I look pretty?"

I checked her. she was wearing my Winter Jacket.

I responded, "You should get more clothes."

Yet what was funny she didn't have an username...

I then got her message: "Ya like pretty stuff?"

I responded, "Why are you all about pretty stuff?"

She responded, "I'm working to win a fashion show! I never won because I never had such pretty things~"

I replied, "You look nice yet you probably won't win anything.."

She then responded, "See me!? see!?"

I looked at my den. It was locked, but she was in there!

She was covered in blood.

Blood dripping everywhere.

The once beautiful music started to sound darker, static-ish depressing music.

She said, "Can I have your nice, pretty sparkling things?!"

I heard through my headphones.

"NO!" I typed in the chat.

She replied, "Oh, Ok I guess i'll have to do what I did which is why i'm red!"

The noise screeched and my computer suddenly shutted off.

However, after 5 minutes something appeared on the screen, even though it was shutdown.

"I'll have pretty nice things and now I can win a fashion show!"

I restarted my computer and tried to log in again.

"The account is invalid."

I sighed.

I couldn't log in again.