I do realise I haven't finished the Mistakes of angels yet, but I'm having to re-think everything, because I managed to get my notes file deleted. Okay, so you need to read Angel's Fate if you want an idea of what's going on, but it isn't required. Also, this one isn't as drama heavy, I'm not good at writing drama. Well, here goes!

And please don't edit without my permission, unless it's grammar.

Chapter 1: Accepting Crimson

Crimson walked through the streets of the town she now called home. As usual, a lot of the people around her kept a close eye on her, as they had no trust in someone who was said to be evil. She began to float over the streets, to avoid some banana skins some monkeys had thrown in her way.

"I told you she'd catch on! She's evil so she notices things!" The monkeys started arguing.

"You didn't say she could fly!"

"She has wings, of course she can!"

"Stop shouting! Her sister is coming!"

Angelica walked up to the three. "Hello there. What were you shouting about?"

"Oh, nothing. Just talking about something..."

"Angelica, can I go see Crimson now?" Kimi woke up due to the noise.

"Of course, Kimi. She'll be walking, maybe you should join her."

"Kimi! Hey Angelica!" Crimson flew to them and landed on the path. She looked towards the monkeys. "Now, who's going to be good and admit to throwing bananas in my way?"

"What? You could have seriously hurt her!" Angelica started acting a lot less nice and sweet when her sister came into the picture. It was her return favour for her sister's constant defence of her. "If you admit it, I won't tell your parents or the guards."

"Fine... We threw banana skins at her because she's evil."

"Okay. By the way, I was kidding! I'm telling your parents anyway!"

"What?! But you promised!"

"Come on then, Angelica. Let's go see what their parents think."

An hour later...

"Well, are they so bad for defending themselves against someone like her?"

"Yes, actually. My sister doesn't hurt people anymore." Angelica didn't seem very happy with the monkeys' mother's answer.

"Well, she used to. Could still be dangerous. Should have locked her up and thrown away the key. So, no, my daughters will not be punished for protecting themselves."

"Guards! I have found three monkeys who threw banana skins with intent to harm!"

"What?! You can't just call the guards!"

"What is it Angelica...." Princess answered the alert.

"My sister was nearly harmed due to these three's actions. Their mother refuses to do anything, so I called the guards."

"Right... Miss, your kids are in the wrong... Please discipline them.. I don't want to put three kids in jail."

"Fine! Jess, Jane, May, inside this second!" The mother led the three inside their home, and started handing each a cookie. No warning, nothing.

"Do you want to press charges? She hasn't learned her lesson." Princess seemed concerned about the mother not doing anything.

"No, no. It's fine. I'll be fine." Crimson just wanted this to be over.

"Okay. I'm glad you weren't hurt. After all, there is a festival tomorrow, and a lot of the people are excited to see you. Including some people applying to see you directly. If you would go through them now, it would be easier tomorrow."

"Of course, could you tell me on the way back?"

"Okay, well I'll go through the ones who said they knew you. Captain, Scarlett, Katrina, Major and a Calisa Angel-fate."

"Reject Captain, Accept Scarlett, Accept Katrina, Accept-- Wait, did you say Calisa?!?"

"Uh.. Yes, yes I did. Do you know her?"

"Not sure.. But that's the name of my-- me and Angelica's mother. Or at least Angelica's."

"You are not sure she's your mother too? And didn't you say our parents got turned to ice and smashed?"

"Well, I'm a shape-shifter because of phantom goop... And that also cuts off relations. And I knew our dad did, so I presumed our mother had the same happen to her."

"You two should get some sleep. It's a big festival, and you are going to need a lot of energy. Also, do you accept the meetings with Major and Calisa?"

"Of course!"

Chapter 2: Long time coming.

"Next. Who's next?" Crimson was going through her private meetings before her big speech. "Can't wait to see the rest of this festival."

"Um... I am.." An Arctic Wolf walked through the door.

"Okay... And who are you?" Crimson continued to look at her book.

"My name is... Calisa Angel-fate. Or as you better know me..." Calisa took off her hood. "Your mother."

Crimson looked up at Calisa. "Mother? I am so sorry for everything I've done..."

"The lab shouldn't have been open, it's not your fault."

"But... The alphas they froze you. They turned me into a statue.. And what about Father?"

"He left. Saying he knew it would happen. He hated you, although I doubt you forgot that. The alphas froze me, yes. They soon released me. You... 11 years was it? And what of Myth, Precious?"

"Those aren't our names anymore. Angelica for Myth, Crimson for me. I'd like you to meet someone."

"Of course."

"Kimi, someone wants to see you!"

"Um hello..." Kimi walked into the room, wearing a small bow on her fox head.

"Kimi, why are you a fox..."

"Because I felt like it. I am ten. Do I have to be a tiny bunny?"

"Fine... Mother, this is Kimi.. Kimi, this is my mother."

"Crimson, what does she mean by she wanted to be a fox?"

"Ah... About that..."

"Crimson gave me a plush made out of phantom goop and I got some on me and now I can be anything I want!" Kimi grinned, finishing her cycle of forms on a fox. It had been 7 years since then. A lot had changed. Kimi could speak normally now. She was still very playful. Crimson had kept to herself, caring for Kimi. Scarlett was 21 as was Crimson. Angelica and her friends were 20 mostly, and they just loved having fun. And as for Captain... Well he got into the guard! If you count dishwasher as been a guard. Angelica insisted today, today Crimson would let people know her. And that's just what Crimson was going to do. And what better day than the friendship festival?

Chapter 3: Friendship Festival

"I better go make that speech." Crimson ran towards a stage, while Kimi showed Calisa around.

"We should go watch the speech! Scarlett, you going to watch the speech?" Kimi ran up to a confused Scarlett.

"What do you think I wore this cloak for? By the way, who's your friend?" Scarlett picked up the locket she had just bought, and put it on.

Crimson walked onto the stage, as a crowd gathered around it. "Um... Hello. I know I've hurt a lot of people in the past... But I promise I'm not like that anymore! And even if you don't believe that, I'd like to say.. thanks. Thanks to the six girls....... who stopped me from going past the point of no return. Major, Kim Katrina, Scarlett, Kimi and... Angelica. Thanks to the town that accepted me, despite me never trying. Just... thanks. And if you want to know if I have any wishes... My only wish is that my family are accepted, even if I am not."

"Yay for Crimson!" Kimi cheered loudly.

Crimson walked off stage towards Kimi, Scarlett, Angelica and Calisa. "Who's on next?"

"Some girl called... Dare--" Angelica was cut off.

"My name is Infinity Dare. I'm sort of a singer. The band's name is Dare." Angelica looked at Infinity.

"So is your band on next?"

"Yep. Just waiting for the mic to get here. Well, here it is. I better get on stage! By the way, nice speech Crimson!"

Chapter 4: Infinity Dare

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