There is lake hidden deep within Sarepia Forest. This lake is called Phantom Lake.

Phantom Lake was once beautiful and tranquil, until the day came for big innovations, A Panda wanted to build a hotel right by the the lake. The lake was originally named after Mira, Skymother. Mira's lake attracted all kinds of animals, such as Loons, Deer, Ducks, Geese, Frogs, and other lake animals.

Chapter 1: Mira's Lake

Deep within Sarepia Forest, dwelled a lake with water so clean, you could see the bottom of it. Things were peaceful as Deer, Wolves, Owls, and Horses got along in harmony, each Tribe taking turns to drink from the lake. Today it was the Deer Tribe's turn to get a drink. They walked up to get a sip of the lake, and they talked about the other tribes, they discussed what to trade with the other animals. Eventually the deer left. The lake stayed peaceful. When it was the Wolf Tribe's turn, the wolves found an unusual type of tracks on the banks of the river. They could not figure out where it came from. They assumed it was from some sort of giant snake. The wolves panicked and ran back into the forest to warn the other tribes. They told the deer about the tracks, the deer at first were skeptical, until they saw the tracks for themselves. The Deer then got worried. As the Deer and Wolf tribes went to tell the Owls. The Owls noticed something strange already, the leaves and bark was covered in a layer of soot.

Chapter 2: The Trucks

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