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Before you read, this is not a creepypasta... However, if you guys like this story, I may make a second one called "Cute Little Bunnies!!! 2: Monsters under my bed?

It was a bright, happy sunny day in Jamaa! CrystalMist was baking the sweetest blueberry cake for the baking contest! CrystalMist was very popular for being nice, and she says if you're nice, you will be popular, too!

SnappleApple knocked on the den door. "Crysty, are you there?" She asked. CrystalMist was humming a VERY beautiful song as she answered the door. "Why, hello Snapple! How are you today?" She asked politely. "Not much, I already finished my cinnamon Banana Apple frosted swirl muffins! What about you?" SnappleApple replied. "I'm making my Jamaa-famous blueberry cake!" Said CrystalMist. "It's almost done! I just need some honey... We can get some in Sarepia Forest!" Snapple nodded, paused for a moment, and said,"I'll go as soon as you show me your DELICIOUS cake!" CrystalMist chuckled and nodded, leading her inside.

"Uh... Crysty? There's... nothing there." SnappleApple remarked, confused. CrystalMist gasped. "I-it was there a second ago! Where could it have gone?!" She cried. "Don't worry, CrystalMist! I'll help you find it!" SnappleApple said cheerfully.

They searched in a box,

They asked a fox!

They asked their friends, The Bears,

They offered somebody a rare!

They went into the hyena's lair,

They couldn't find the cake anywhere!

"There's only one place left we can look..." SnappleApple sighed. "B-but that place is..." CrystalMist stuttered.


Both of them yelled at the same time. "Come on, Crysty! We just need to ask,"Do you have our cake?"" SnappleApple lectured. Finally, CrystalMist groaned and said,"Fine... Let's go..."

First they went through Cactus Fields,

Then they went through Prickly Pine Avenue,

Last they went to Spooky Thorny Forest,

And they finally reached Mr. Grumpy Wolf's house.

And there it was. Mr. Grumpy Wolf trying to hide the cake in the basement. "Mr. Grumpy Wolf?" SnappleApple said, confused. "Who? Huh? Who goes there?!" Mr. Grumpy Wolf mumbled. "That's my cake!" CrystalMist cried. "W-why do you have it?" Mr. Grumpy Wolf sighed and said,"Well, you have the best sweets in all of Jamaa! But you never give me any!!" CrystalMist pitied Mr. Grumpy Wolf and replied,"Well, after the contest, I'll give you a slice!" Mr. Grumpy Wolf's eyes lightened. "Really?! Thank you, you two!" He said, happily.

During the contest, SnappleApple and CrystalMist won 1st Place, and Mr. Grumpy wolf got a slice of cake!

The End!