I was tired, just getting home from my 4 hour drive home. I logged onto Aj as normal. There was a mysterious animal, a never before seen lynx, named Cyber. He was a hacker. He had hacked lynx into the game by creating a lynx in a special AJ hack engine called AnimalHack. He came up to me and said "DoN't LeAvE mE

hErE.." I was quite terrified. I didn't want to log off because I had heard creepypastas about getting hacked and stuff so I just stood there staring into his mad, sad eyes. "Please, don't hurt me." I pleaded. "No, I won't. People think I'm a hacker, but I created AnimalHack to have fun in Animal Jam. But now people bully me and run from me. I only want to have buddies. Please, be my friend." said Cyber the lynx. I felt bad leaving him, so I buddied him. He gave me rare spikes whom I gave to my friends.

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