-Cyber Danger-

-note from me-

Hey! Like always sorry if there are typos or spelling errors, I am from Poland, so I don't have that much English like you guys. Anyways this might be triggering due to depression-metion of self-harm and bullying.

If that stuff makes you uncomfortable, then don't read it, I care for you ;-;

Anyways, let's get on with it!

chapter 1

"....depression and other such things have been causing horrible events lately. A 14 year old Koala-" I turned of the TV. Everyone. Everyone who is being hated on is going crazy. Sick.

I jumping into my chair typing in 'youtube'.

"Duchess happysun.... Duchess Happysu-oh there's her channel! Let's see... hmm... 'about hate', 'a peaceful world'... oh here it is!" I muttered, clicking the last video, called 'love life- I sing!'. Seams like all the others are about stopping the hate and bringing on peace. As the video started, music fell into my ears. A voice-not wonderful, actually, it wasn't good at all started singing, but she was happy, which was the only thing that mattered. I scrolled down to the comments.

"your voice sucks... why'd you upload this?" -Chast1723

There is the comment that started all this. And another jammer to visit.

-an hour later-

I got on snoutbook, (something like your 'facebook') and made sure everything is ready. A few minutes ago I hacked into her data, and noticed Chast1723- was called 'Perfect icymoon'. So now at least I know her name, and besides that she writes everything about her friends, so I know almost everything about her.

I opened Pawtalk and hacked into Awesome, her friends account. I had to get to her. Hmm... she's on and currently speaking to someone... I need to check this out. I clicked onto her computer icon and hacked into Pawtalk, listening to her conversation with another one of her friends she wrote about on snoutbook, Queen Icyflower.

"...Perfect, check Alex's account. On snoutbook" said a high voice, probably Queen.

"Why...." trailed on another one, which I am guessing is Perfect.

"Because you won't be happy with what he posted."

" whats the point in checking out what he wrote?"

"'cause it's 'bout you"

"WHAT!?" asked Perfect, typing something into the keyboard, then gasping. This seams interesting....

"...I do NOT play with bears! I ANIMATE! It's different!" screamed Perfect, I didn't need to see her face to know she was angry.

"...calm down. How about you explain this with him?"

"But that 'aint no FUN. Nor is that gonna work. We need revenge."

"Perfect, this isn't the right way, don't do anything stupid, okay?"

"Oh come on! I'll just hack into his account and post something... But how?" This was my turn to come in. I grabbed a black mask and pulled it over my face, making my head look flat without eyes and a mouth. Next I grasped my green hoodie, forced my long bunny ears to stay under the hood and sat back down.

"No! No hacking! That's just... bad!"

"Shut up... oh wait someone's calling" Perfect replied. Yes, she got my call. I was addressed as Awesome, so 'course she thought I was him.

"hey. I saw that Alex did something... came by to see if you know" I said, deepening my voice to the one Awesome used on youtube, which I found once I noticed he was Perfect's friend. Now that I could see the two, Perfect was a pretty, young Panda, about my age, which was 15-16.

"Ya, I know, I want to gain revenge. Do you know Alex's paw word?" she asked. My camera wasn't on-duh, she would know I wasn't Awesome. I sighed and went to Snoutbook, signing his username into my hacking device.

"Ya ya here, i'll send it over" I said, once again in a deep voice. I clicked 'send' and made it go strait to her computer.

"Oh my zios... it's his account!" she said, her eyes widening.

"That's what you asked for, right?" I questioned. She nodded, and started clicking around.

"I know what to do... haha! I'll make a post with him showing a pic of a bunch of stolen items, and write that he scammed them"

"Your so evil! But okay!" anounced Queen. How could hey be so rude? Horrible? EXCUSE ME? Well... let's see how this goes. She does what she does, then I DO what I NEED TO DO.

"Here, there's one" I sent her a picture strait to her computer. Is she so stupid she didn't notice I freakin hacked her? Oh well...

"Oh thanks..." she trailed of, while doing something. Once she was done, I check to see what she did. I noticed two very important things right then- i'll see what she'll say when I tell her.

"I have to go! Good luck doing the revenge!" said Queen waving, and logging of.

"Yes, life is SWEET!" yelled the panda, leaning back on the chair. Rolling my eyes, I deepened my voice once again.

"Well then, why the hate on him?" I asked. From what I know, this isn't the only time she did this.

"Well, he posted a picture with me playing with stuffed bears... That's not true, I animate them" she said. Wow... such drama. I checked back to the post she made, and milions of hate comments where there-not one good one. Who is this person? Ruining others lifes. Sooner or later i'll force her...

"...hey, did you know that Herstain gave us an extra essay?" she asked. No. Come on, not cool bro! I don't know that stuff!

"Well not really. Who's Herstaun again?" I questioned. Her smile fadded and she looked like she was puzzled. Hey it's just a question...

" know who he is.. He's the teacher. Hey, could you give me the bio homework from his lesson?" she asked yet again. Few... i'll find that somewhere-the internet is amazing and horrible at the same time.

"Sure, i'll send them over in a sec" I answered, searching for the bio homework on some 'homework help page'.

"....your not Awesome, Herstaun doesn't look a thing like the Bio teacher..." she said. ....ummm...

"...just kidding with ya. So you want that homework or not?"

"Your NOT Awesome! Turn your face cam on!" she screamed. Hmm.... this is gonna get funny. I grabbed the face cam, and clicked the 'on' button. She only saw a weird figure in a green hoodie.

"True. I am NOT awesome" I said, returning to my voice. It wasn't a normal voice-it was metallic, and it paused every few seconds. A few years ago, I was to be an experiment, to be turned into some tech-bunny. I ran away after they changed my organs (meaning changed my voice, and the fact that I don't have to eat) BUT that story for a different time.

"...I'm calling the police. Your some Psycho who hacked my BFF! Your completely SICK!" she called pickin up her phone. No no no... I have anough truble. I quickly went back to her computer, searched the folders and found some weird disgusting photos her Ex took of her.

"STOP, look at the screen" I said, she froze as she heard my cracking, metallic voice. She turned around, to see the pictures.

"You call someone, I post this on snoutbook. You do anything, to block me, and I post this on snoutbook-besides, I know where you live. Try not to give everything out on the internet, girl. Now sit down. It's more comportable" I deepened my voice, for it to scare her a bit. She slowly sat down, staring at her screen, where her photos where.

"Good. Now let's review this" I said, sending her a video file. I saw her slowly opening it, to see her animation of a bear, singing a song-not the best voice, but they where happy-that's what counts, ey?

"...this is my privet animation..." she trailed of.

"Yes. Your making FUN of a GIRL. That is rude, whats more rude, is what your just done with Alex's account.

"It as payback for-" I cut her of. This was pissing me of. Payback? PAYBACK?

"Listen, that's no payback. If you'd look at the comments, notice: the post he did about you had one comment saying:

"leave the poor girl alone Alex..." -Marryl

And your post? YOUR POST has already over 726 comments! And you know what, non are positive. ALL are haters." And with that, I pressed play on my 'read comments' option.

A bunch of whisperes where heard


and more







"STOP IT! STOP IT'S SO LOUD!" she screamed. I snapped my fingers, and the electricity from my half experimented organs stopped the whisperes. I smirked, although she couldn't see it. My smile soon faded as I remembered all else she has done.

"SO. what about this animation?" I asked, opening another file, and as she opened it, she froze.

"...girls, this looks so good in me! I'm gonna look amazing while the others... can go try to look any better then a pig" the voice of a girl was added to a animation of a few stuffed bears.

"You happy? On her snoutbook she has gotten so much hate from her friends about that." I told her. It's true. Half the comments where like:

I'm not your friend anymore! Deal with life yourself! -samantha2230

Yes that dress fits a Shrek like you perfectly, friend-oh wait, can we even call that each other? - poptrii19

....I hate you - lolpott172

"You noticed what you've done?" I asked. She just stood there. After a few seconds I noticed her paw working it's way to the phone.

"NOT ONE MORE MOVMENT WITH YOUR PAW, OR I'LL COME OVER AND KILL YOU" I screamed, as she jerked her paw away.

"Good. Now let's continue reviewing what you have done to others"

"Me? I did nothing! That was for the jokes! Listen I don't know who you are or why you want to speak to me! It's all freakin jokes kay!?" she screamed, yet again reaching for the phone. I dropped my head on the desk, loosening every muscle in my body, seaming like I 'lost power' and passed out. She noticed and slowly moved her paw to end the call, taking the mouse in her hand, bringing the cruser over the end call button, about to-

"FREEZE" I screamed, as a high pitch sound escaped her computer. The cruser disappeared, making it impossible to log out or do anything. She gasped, and fell over.

"Good. Now I FINALLY have your FREAKING attention. Now, get up and sit back down" I demanded. She slowly got up, fear and hate covering her face.

"No you Psycho!" she screamed.

"SIT. BACK. DOWN." I said, narrowing my eyes. She slowly sat back down on the chair. Then, the anger faded and suprize and fear steamed into her.

"Wait! Your... your Alex! Alex i'm so sorry! About that post and all! Please forgive me! It was just a joke! I was just mad, please, stop!" she called.

"Oh, just a joke? Huh... almost makes me want to cry." I said turning my head away, slowly taking the hood of.

"BUT AM I FREAKIN ALEX?" I boomed, showing her my face, only that, it was covered with my mask. She almost fell of my chair when I said that.

"I am not Alex, friend. I need to show you ONE MORE MISTAKE you made" I said calmly, sending her one more file. Hesitatly, she opened it, watching.

"Hello. I'm Duchess, and today i'm going to be singing 'love life!' :music plays, and her voice plays:" I watched her, as she looked puzzled back at me.

" don't remember your comment? You don't" I questioned.

"...I do, but what does that have to do with anything? Someone would tell her that sooner or later!" she said, raising her voice.

"What do I care? Do you know, how much harm it spread? It has over 1000 comments! All of them ARE HATE" I boomed, pressing the read comments button.

There where more whispers heard

this time



more laughter






the whispers became even lauder and cloudlier from the amount of them.

"SHUT IT OF" she screamed, covering her ears, a tear running down her cheek. I snapped my fingers, and the sound suddenly stopped.

"Do you know how much that hurt her?" my voice went totally metallic, and it cut every second word. Anger isn't good for my tech-organs.

"Check this out" I told her, sending her a file, that imidiently opened.

"Hi guys. It's Duchess here. I just wanted to say that I have been hated a lot lately, a lot of hate messaged and threats to kill me have came. I really, really please you to stop. I am very emotional... And guy who sent me the pictures of dead animals, screw you! It's mean. Well, that's it for now. Bye!" and the video came to an end, as the panda snickered

"PFFT doesn't she know the haters are just going to keep coming? It just turns them on." she laughed, making me loose my calm side more.

"Listen, this video has over 50000 comments. Non of them are positive" I said, once again you could hear faint whispers, getting louder, more laughs, more hate. The hate hurt me as much as it hurt Duchess. I FEEL what some other people feel.

Just 'cause i'm half bot doesn't freakin mean I have no feelings.

"SHUT IT! STOP THE SOUND! JUST STOP IT PLEASE!" she begged, her hands over her ears.

"Fine" and the sound stopped.

"She shouldn't be so dumb! You don't do that! It just turns the haters on!" she wailed.

"Funny it's you who says it-if it wasn't for your comment nothing would have happened." I once again put her video parody/animation with the bear. It started singing, like in the first video of Duchess. The bear made fun of the singer-which hurt Duchess once she saw it.

"You know what, she moved, she was your FRIEND. Do you know she moved?" I questioned.

"No, why would I care?" she snapped.

"DO YOU KNOW WHAT ELSE HAPPENED BECAUSE OF YOU" I screamed. She looked at me, anger, no fear, and most importantly, no guilt.

"You know what? I don't freaking care! I don't-" she cut of, putting her paw on her mouth as she saw what else was on her screen. Another one of Duchess videos.

"You know, once singing made me feel... happy. When I was small me and my mom sang togather-yes our voices weren't the best, but 5 years ago she... died. Whenever I sang, me and my sister felt like she was there for us.... but now, now i'm not sure If i am ment to feel anything anymore. "

Well... I... I... nobody loves me and everyone hates me... so..." the Koala-Duchess- in the frame said, a knife in her hand. She squeezed her eyes shut, and started cutting her wrist, small marks of her own red liquid fading into her fur. The video ended shortly later. What was worse, nobody out of the comments cared.

"And look, another one of our fellow haters" I said sarcasticly, making a comment pop up on her screen.

Hey, do it on the other side of your hand, it's more interesting - Mark12333

Tears where rolling down the Panda's cheek now.

"You know what you caused? Chaos. And, she did what that comment told her to. Luckily her father arrived home early, and the hospital was able to save her. She was sent to a psychologist and had to take depression pills" I informed the bear once again.

"...I... I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I didn't mean any of it! I'm sorry Duchess! I didn't mean it! I was just jelous! You weren't afraid of that hate, nor where you afraid of hurting yourself! I... I just wanted you to feel scared like I was! I-"

"SHUT UP. She doesn't hear you! " I screamed. All her racked for nothing, it's not like I change from myself to Alex and from Alex to Duchess!

"But you can tell her! I mean, you hacked into my computer you can-" I couldn't bare listen to her. I send her the final file.

"Depression and other such things have been causing horrible events lately. A 14 year old Koala, Duchess Happysun has been found dead in her basement. Her father informed us on her visits to doctors and that he has cut herself many times due to internet hate. She has received threats about jammers wanting to end her life. She has been found to have over dosed her amount of depression pills she was told to take. She has died 5 days ago. We will try everything to stop this hate." and it ended.

My sister.

Killed herself with depression pills.

Because of this useless, stupid, internet hate.

I ended the call, I don't care if the freakin Panda has no heart.

I went to the bathroom, slipping my mask of. I put it aside and took out a notebook from a small hole between the bathtub and the wall.

- Haters to visit -

. name: -what done: - mission:

1. Fman122 -hacked jammers - DONE

2. Lost Jammer -hacked jammers - DONE

3. Heliana -hated on others - DONE

4. Duchess- articpaw- hated on every social net. - DONE


102. Perfect icymoon -hated and tried to gain revenge by social net - DONE

if you want to bring down a monster

know that a monster can only be defeated by another monster


I guess that's it

and just for those who don't know:


kay that's about all.

idk what came over me to write depression and crap like this but I did

...hope you enjoyed....?

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