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Rated PG-13

January 5, 2011

I had gotten home from Mr. Chester's Math class from Brookside High. The afternoon air was refreshing as I thought about doing today.

I decided to log on to Animal Jam, an online playground for kids. To be honest, I'm actually not a kid. I'm 14 years old, but hey, you're never too old, right?

I plopped my bag onto my bed, and rushed to my laptop. I logged on and found three Jam a Grams. They read,

You are nothing

Your face is eww

Aww you're nm, how sad.

W-what? I thought. Nevermind, probably some dumb kid.

I exited the jam a gram mail and didn't bother to block them. I went over to Jamaa Township and saw a pink arctic wolf saying,

"Report Huskywolfy123 please! She hacked my account and bullied me to no end!"

I honestly think this was no kid. I felt the urge to cry, but I fought through it. It's just a kids game, right?

Then, I got a few jam a grams.

I read them all, and they said things like,

You r a beach

Ha, they believed me

You are horrible.

I didn't cry at all, even though how much I wanted to, I just logged out.

I decided to go on gmail and look through my emails to see if any of my friends emailed me. Most of them were spam, offers, and stuff like that.

But there was one email that caught my eye.

It read,

"You are nothing but a pile of idiocy. You're ugly and dumb. You're stupid and you deserve to die.


I started crying my eyes out, when I got a text message from an unknown number. I opened it and it read,

"Why haven't you killed yourself already?"

I replied,

"What do you want from me?"

I was about to put my phone away, when I got a reply from it. It read, "For you to die. You're worthless and dumb. You look like an ugly piece of crap that doesn't deserve to be born in the world."

I tossed my phone aside and jumped into bed, crying.

"Why is this happening to me? I never did anything wrong, did I?"

I said softly, sniffling. Maybe the world would be better without me. My mom and dad were out to go to their friends' house for dinner, so I was alone. I wrote down a piece of paper saying,

"Dear mom and dad,

I'm sorry I'm doing this. I was tired of all the hate I was getting from social media. I love you so much, please don't ever forget that.


I went to the kitchen and started overdosing.

Before the light known as life disappeared, I thought,

I hope you're happy, Earth.


14 year old Madeline Adams committed suicide in her house, after being cyberbullied on the kids game, Animal Jam, Gmail, and through texts. Police are now investigating the incident and tracing the bully's IP address.

Rest in peace, Madeline, an angel that passed away so young.

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