This story will not make sense if you haven't read the original story, Cyberbullied.

It has been a day or two since the death of Madeline Adams. I was one of her friends from school, Ashlynn. When I heard about what happened to her, I was devastated. And I KNEW who did this to her. My sister, Lorelei. She would often gossip to me about her, and I never listened to her. I knew she did this because I SWEAR I saw her email to Madeline, resulting in her suicide. I never managed to speak up to the authorities about Lorelei until now.

I walked downstairs of our house, looking for Lorelei. "Lori?" I called out. "What do you want, Ash?!" Lori snapped from the kitchen. "I can't hold this in any longer, I need to report you to the officers." I said quietly. I heard a plate shatter and my sister yelling, "ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! I'M YOUR SISTER! IT'S BEST IF YOU KEEP IT TO YOURSELF, ASHLYNN!" I didn't know whether I should keep it to myself for longer, but I just can't. I knew what was wrong from right.

When my mom and dad came home this evening, I ran to them and babbled about what Lorelei did to Madeline. When I was done, My parents had an angry scowl on their faces. "LORELEI PARK, COME DOWN HERE RIGHT NOW!" My mother scream so loud it echoed through out the whole entire house. I cowered in fear of my mother yelling like this. I was honestly scared.

Lorelei came down, and rolled her eyes. "What the heck do you want, mom?!" Lorelei said, crossing her arms. I was shocked by how rude she is. I thought, Was this girl even raised properly in school?! "EXCUSE ME?! WHY WOULD YOU CYBERBULLY YOUR SISTER'S FRIEND FOR NO REASON?!" shouted my mother. My father was busy talking to the police. "Don't worry Morgan. The policemen are on their way." My dad said coldly, sending a glare to Lorelei. Lorelei tackled me to the ground and started hitting me repeatedly.

"YOU LITTLE SON OF A RAT! I TOLD YOU NOT TO TELL ANYONE ABOUT THIS YOU IDIOT!" She screamed in my ear and smacked my face repeatedly. She started attempting to twist my arms. I screamed from the top of my lungs and she smacked me again. Tears started flowing out of my eyes and my parents forcefully tore her off me. My mouth was bleeding and my face was red. There was a sound of a police siren and knocking on the door. My father opened the door to see the policemen and Madeline's mother, step dad, whom Madeline called dad instead, and Madeline's step sister, Terra. The officers looked from me to Lorelei.

"I'm guessing your daughter did that as well."

The officers grabbed Lorelei by her arms and handcuffed her. The police escorted her into the police cab. My parents were busy apologizing to Madeline's parents. Terra approached me and said, "I'm really sorry for you having a bratty sister like that," Before I could reply, the sound of an ambulance was getting louder and louder until it was at my doorstep. A doctor came to me and said, "Come, you need to fix your face up." I was escorted to the ambulance.

Note from the Author

Cyberbullying is a very big problem nowadays. People today don't think about the consequences of their actions, and instead just do more damage to a person's happiness. The stories, "Cyberbullied" and "Cyberbully" were written as awareness and as tribute to Amanda Todd, who was a victim of cyberbullying.

Please, do anything you can to prevent it.


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