It was Tuesday. I sat up in my bed. My fur had a lot of stuffing in it. Don't ask me why. I was playing a pillow fight in my dream, and when I woke up, one of my pillows was destroyed and the stuffing got in it.                                                                         

I still don't know how, but this "new" update Aj added with the sleeping mode has been a pain. Your screen turns black for like 3 minutes and you have a weird dream. Is this just me or is it everyone? I still didn't understand, but anyway it was time for school. Liza told my class about the phantom history, and how Zio's and Mira had vanished. I wasn't paying attention though. I was thinking about what i should play at free time. Liza came over to me and said, "You don't wanna be phantom bait." My ears perked up. Phantom bait? What was she talking about?! Later when the time passed, Liza finally stopped talking and it was free time. I padded over to my best buddies. But when I did, Liza stopped me. She said that she will make me go in a dark room in a cage if i don't listen. I didn't care, and i still wasn't listening. I turned around and started talking to Crunchy. Then, Liza shot magic at me right when i turned around and i found myself in a dark room, with no title, and I was in a cage. How could i be so foolish? I thought in my head. I should listen to the alphas not myself. I was loosing hope in myself, and it was what Liza wanted. I started to shrug in my new cage. But at that moment, I saw a beautiful white and yellow glow. My jaw dropped when I saw Mira and Zio's. They opened my cage and told me about the evil Liza. I was scared. They told me when i loose hope, Liza will control me! I listened this time, but will it be the last...

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