Warning: Very dark content, gladly no swear words in it though. Can only be read by those who can taste the emotions of those who we do not speak of.

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"Nothing is better than a great cup of err.... blood.... to read a great story like this masterpiece!" ~ The Lost World Reviews.

"Umm... I guess I like chapter one???" ~ Escortiah, a old and wise creature.

"After I continue eating the chains, please... BREAK ME OUTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ~ Nightheart, an evil black cat.

"Oh my, Jic-Jac is in this!" ~ Trix

Chapter One: World Of Gray

"Pass the ball! Come on JACOB!" Lucas shouted in happiness.

"Not if only you go longer! Hehe!" Jacob purred. "I also bet that you'll miss the ball when I do my SUPER-THROW!!!!!"
Dark Prison Chapter One ; World Of Gray

Dark Prison Chapter One: World of Gray (REMAKE 2016)

That super-throw was going to be the worst mistake I had ever done, thanks to our ancestors... I wouldn't have been born to do a super-throw. And also, thanks to our great, great, great, great.... even 5 more greats.... great Uncle Paul... wouldn't have set off the alarm to challenge our enemies the Zorkiahs.Yes, you just heard me say that. We have enemies, in our world. The Zorkiahs are a huge group of shapeshifting aliens. No, not those green humanoid bug eyed things you see in Sci-fi movies.

Now, Zorkiahs are shapeshifters as I said before. But these things can possess anyone who attacks it sometimes, but it happens very RARELY. Sometimes, no one even knows that they are near someone who is possessed or.... if they, themselves are possessed. It is quite sad really, but in this story. A lot of THINGS happen, very bad things in fact. So please, try and hurry and release yourself from where ever you are... near a whole lot of light. Because this story is... not a common one.

The purple ones are the least bad, but the blood red ones are the worst and the green ones are common. They are very powerful too as they are QUITE big in population, mass and height. Their bodies can look like otters or meerkats when they are tiny things, and quite harmless. But when you annoy them or when they get older, now... they can become anything...... step by step..... claw by claw.

"Come on Jacob, THROW IT!!!!" Screamed the high pitched Lucas. "JACOB! JACOB! JACOB!"

"Fine, but it'll be the last time" Jacob sighed. "We have to get back home soon, its nearly half past six!"

Jacob kicked some gravel with his feet pads, and dust flew in all directions. Then he twirled and twirled and TWIRLED until he got dizzy and... ZOOOOOOOOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The super throw was unleashed, and the ball was thrown into the alley near the 'Died-Clean' prison.

"Where did it go?" Coughed Lucas.

"I don't know, I think it went into a ditch or something...."

"I'll go get it.... I bet its in the alley, with all the other junk and scraps the humans left..."

Suddenly Jacob saw some glowing purple eyes in the dark behind Lucas as he saw him run to the alley.

It was a Zorkiah.

"WATCH OUT LUCAS!!!!!!!!!!!!" Screamed the tiny Jacob.

But it was too late, the Zorkiah pounced on him and Lucas's fur grew a black stripe and he screamed as the Zorkiah pulled some hair out of his fur.

Lucas then raised his paw out of the dark and black slime went down until it met his claws.

"Lucas?" Jacob squeaked.

Jacob saw a hammer in the distance, and he picked it up using his mouth and dashed into the Dark Alley.

He saw the glowing eyes and guessed it was the Zorkiah, and so Jacob jumped on it and drew a giant scar on its rough belly.

Something then pulled him backwards and he saw Lucas, but was it really Lucas?

Lucas then waddled to a fountain with Jacob in his paws and growled "You don't belong here, only a prison would want a criminal like you".

He then pushed Jacob into the fountain and blood poured out of his right paw.

"LUCAS, THIS ISN'T YOU!!!!!!!!" Jacob shrieked in fright.

Lucas then covered Jacob's mouth and tried to push his face into the water, but instead Jacob accidentally hit his head and fell backwards.

"See you soon little brother, if .... you are my little brother"

Chapter Two: You are harmless, NOW.

"Wake up, little boy....." A voice whispered.
2. You are harmless NOW

Chapter 2: You are harmless NOW.

In a quick second Jacob opened his eyes and his fur dripped from the water around him, while the coins that were thrown in shined in the glossy clear water.

"...Where am I?" Jacob shivered.

He glanced at a wound in his right leg of which was still healing, and then he felt his face of which he could feel the bones everywhere.

"Mummy, why is that man naked in the fountain?" A little girl kitten clenched her mother's hand.

"I don't know Isabelle.... he might be one of those Streaking Seagulls" The mother replied with a strange tone in her voice.

"Well, madame .... I don't know what I am...." Jacob interrupted slowly, then he paused and spoke again slowly and noticed that his voice got deeper.

Then he started to look at himself and it seemed like time past.

"...Umm... mind me for asking but... what year is this...?"

"Oh, silly.... its 2064....." The mother smiled shyly.

''...Oh my Giraffe......"

Jacob realized he was a full grown adult.

"Can we help him, Mummy?" The little girl asked jumping up and down.

" ... I guess we could give him some cookies ----"

In a split second Jacob leaned over and started stuffing his face into the basket full of cookes.

"THANKS FOR THE COOKIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Jacob screamed in delight.

"Your welcome!" The little girl squeaked.

"Shadows aren't welcome here ... " A tall white cat in a dark green jacket, and a furry trapper hat hissed.

Jacob's ears pricked up and turned his head facing the other cat.

" ... Are you kidding me, do you think I AM AN IDIOT?" Jacob snarled back.

"Oh, little Jacob ... your not an idiot ... but a criminal"

''I know that voice!!!!!!" Gasped Jacob as fell back into the fountain.

The mother ran away grasping her child with her screaming.

The cat in the jacket walked closer as he closed his eyes and threw his hat on the ground showing his face.

It was Lucas.


"Shh... come with me ..." Interrupted Lucas, pressing a claw on Jacob's mouth.

He bent down and picked up Jacob and placing him on the ground, then grabbing his hat putting it on his head softly.

Lucas hopped foward and signaled Jacob to come, and so he followed Lucas while tiptoeing behind.

Lucas looked up at the central bank and grinned.

"This is the place ... for our little 'visit' "

Jacob gulped and turned his head to the side.

Lucas opened the doors and his eyes grew bigger sparkling at the diamond in the middle of the bank, calling him to come.

"What have I done ... "

The diamond shined in Jacob's eyes as well, but he shaked his head and decided to go back outside.

Suddenly, the alarm went off and Lucas pushed past Jacob with security guards knocking Jacob over and getting annoyed.

"LUCAS!!!!!!!!!" Jacob screamed, but it was too late.

Lucas then turned around, and a few tears streamed down his eyes in fear.

"REMEMBER JACOBSON!!!!!! YOU ARE HARMLESS NOW!!!!!!!!" Lucas shrieked as the police came into the chase and knocking him out after.

Who is Jacobson?

"Oh shoot, thats my real name ..... " Jacob reached his paw out, and collapsed as people streamed out of the bank as the alarms continued their ear killing screeching.

"Where is this mad place ...".

Chapter Three: Shadow's are not always evil.

Dark Prison Chapter Three

Dark Prison Chapter Three: Shadows are not always evil. (REMAKE 2016)

"You there!" A news reporter shouted at Jacob still on the ground.

Jacob closed his eyes and was like a ragdoll now.

"GET THIS MAN TO THE HOSPITAL!!!" The news reporter's voice faded away as beeping and booming noises filled Jacob's ears.

Jacob opened his eyes and looked up at some doctors who were staring down at him.

".... Where am I....?" He whimpered.

"Well you're at the hospital sir," One of the nurses popped their heads into the room. "A lot of people ran over you, and so we had no choice but to do surgery on your head and ... fur I guess... hehe"

Jacob looked at his stitches and crossed his arms in anger, then he suddenly remembered Lucas.

"WHERE IS LUCAS?!?!?!?!" He cried.

The doctors looked at eachother in confusion and sighed.

"We don't know where this ... 'Lucas' is ... but if you mean the one that stole the diamond-----"

"YES THATS HIM!!!!!!!" Jacob stood up on the bed.

"Charlotte, ... give him the shot ... "

A grinning female nurse stormed into the room holding a needle in one paw, and a rock in the other.

Charlotte and Jacob

"Hold sssssstill ... Jacob, I will fix you up very quickly " Charlotte whispered in a calm but bitter voice.

But it was too late, Jacob went out of the room rushing across each floor and stairs and falling to his knees at the bottom of the Hospital.

" ... I am coming Lucas ... I will not wait any longer, staying here in this underworld!" Jacob puffed.

As he walked along the footpath searching for Lucas he noticed a newspaper in a tree, so he snatched it off the branch and read its bold lettering that said at the bottom:

-Here we have DIED CLEAN in this Prison, and we need guards to look after our prisoners. So we need YOU, to come and make them feel safe again! Will you help them?-

'No thanks, I'll rather find a new----' Jacob paused, and looked in front of him.

It looked like 'Died Clean' Prison that was with the Advertisement in the paper, WAIT! Was it the same Prison that was beside the alley the Zorkiah was in and hurted Lucas?

"No, it couldn't be ... it just can't be..."

Jacob walked around it scanning the walls with his eyes, and it was the Died Clean prison.

"I might go inside just to check if its safe"

As he placed his right paw on the doorstep, the wind opened the doors and a bunch of people sitting in chairs looked at him in confusion and whispered to one another while he walked foward to the woman at the desk.

"Can I help you with something Sir?" She asked.

"Oh, sorry... I am just having a look around jussssst checking this place out ..." Jacob replied back, shifting his eyes to the paper in front of her.

"Ok then, do you want me to get you a tour guide orrrrr---?"

"No, no no... Its fine! Its fine! Its fine!!!" Jacob stepped back a bit from the desk and sat in one of the chairs near the Door of the Prison.

One of the people beside him who was quite large in size, with a large beard and a cane was reading the newspaper so Jacob looked at it then saw the Article about Lucas and the Diamond.

'Lucas ... the only idiot that would steal anything he got his dirty paws on....' He squinted his eyes so much that he was suddenly getting a Headache.

Then Jacob got up from his seat and went to the desk again, and stared at the sheets the Lady was marking and throwing in the shredder.

"Hey umm... I have a question... is there any lists for how many Prisoners are here?" Jacob asked her, scratching his ear in curiosity.

"Yes, yes there is follow me"

As she hopped off her chair, she appeared tiny about the height of 4 ft 10 inches about the size of a dwarf.

Jacob followed beside her as they entered a small room with a lightbulb on string hanging on the ceiling, then he noticed a small box of paper with the lists of Prisoners in the Prison.

"So let me guess, are you looking for a certain friend of sibling in the Prison?" The small lady asked Jacob with her fluffy orange and gold tail touching his paws.

"Oh .. umm its ... just-just-just.... a friend I guess" He lied, looking at the ground.

"Sure ... ok so here is the updated list" She handed the piece of paper to Jacob. "I will leave you here for .. I guess a while then.... so yeahhhhh..."

"WAIT! DON'T LEAVE ME HERE!" He yelled, but it was too late she closed the door causing the light to slowly fade to darkness.

Chapter Four: Stone Dove on falling branch.

"W-w-what d-do I do-o-o...." Jacob shivered as he sat down on the rug.

4. Stone Dove falling on branch

Chapter Four: Stone Dove on falling branch.

He noticed the lightbulb above him had only a few bits of sunshine still in it, so he tried to make the most of it while he could.

Jacob stood up and crawled towards the box of the Lists of Prisoners in it.

"I bet the new lists must be at the top, so I won't bother with the bottom ones right now"

One of the lists said 2064 June 5th on it, and Jacob remembered that the day Lucas got arrested was exactly June 1st because he also glanced at the Calender when he was in the bed of the Hospital.

The Grandfather clock a few metres beside him struck 8:00 a few hours later of sitting in the cold waiting to be let out.

"I can't search right now... I will just do it at 3:00 or tomorrow then..." Jacob yawned as he collapsed onto the rug and softly closed his eyes.


Jacob was now suddenly sitting in front of a fire and Lucas who had the same eyes as he had when he was younger was next to him, and they both smiled at eachother.

"I always wondered if we could play with the ball again and start over... Jacob" Lucas gazed into the flames, of which he had a sheet on his back.

They both shrank and grew into the wonderful kittens they both used to be before the day Lucas changed forever.

"Yes," Jacob pulled the sheet to cover him as well.

Then his ears twitched as he heard a creaking sound behind him and he saw the Zorkiah, the full form of the creature.

"... Lucas" Jacob squeaked. "The Zorkiah is behind us .. I am not leaving you again..."

The Zorkiah was coming closer as everything behind it faded to black.

"Jacob, its only my shadow against the flames"

"Lucas... please look..."

As Lucas turned his head to face Jacob, he had purple eyes and black slime covered his mouth.

"Its only MY shadow..." Lucas grinned as his eye twitched with the Zorkiah petting his back like a normal cat.


"It is now..." The Zorkiah spoke with its first head taking charge of the situation.

"Per them, just admit it Jacob" The second head hissed after.

Jacob suddenly saw Lucas form into something, but he could only make out the shadow as Lucas said to him before"

He walked backwards as evil laughter swarmed him like a swarm of bees.

"Leave me... ALOOOOOOOONE!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"Fine.. I will leave you..." A voice boomed in his ears as Jacob finally woke up.

Jacob yawned as he looked up and a tall creature appeared, looking down at him.

"PLEASE DON'T HURT ME!!!!!!! I DID NOTHING WRONG!!!!!!! I----" He yelled.

"Shh... calm down.." The tall figure appeared as a weird looking fox-like creature.

"... Who are you..." Jacob's eyes grew tiny in fear.

The creature sighed and mumbled a few words.

"Sorry, what was that?" Jacob placed his paw next to his ear.

"... I am Rico" It quietly replied back. "I am the Janitor... and who the heck are you?"

"I am... Jacob"

"Well nice to meet you Jacob, are you a new employee or something?" Rico scratched his head.

"Well ... not really...."

"Then why are you in here for the love of strawberries?" Rico turned around and stuck his paw into a trolley full of snacks and drinks.

"Ok .. fine, I am looking foooor.... my brother"

"Who is this brother, Exactly?" He then pulled out a can of soda and started drinking it.


Rico spat out some of the soda as if it were poison, then his eyes narrowed while he gritted his teeth.

"You don't mean Lucas-Peter-Churchell... Right?" He wiped his mouth with his brown jacket sleeve.

"Well yes, yes I mean it... I guess..."

"Dude..." Rico stepped back a bit. "He had just won a fight against Emmett Smith yesterday"

"Wait .. so he is here?"

"Yes, Imma 'fraid so"

'Phew, atleast he isn't gone and dead' Jacob blinked a bit, still wondering if he is still okay.

A few sharp but high-pitched shouts came from the hallway while Rico's ears turned towards the sounds.

"I better be going, my Boss must've found out I found his secret stash of Snacks n' Junk" Rico said quickly as he started pushing the trolley out of the room.

"Bye Jacob! Hope to see you some time!"


Jacob noticed that Rico had left the door open, so he tiptoed out and went into the same other room that he sat in before he got trapped in the cold by the Lady at the desk.

"Oh boy! I can't wait to tell Lucas everything I went through, he would be proud of me because I--- " He shouted while running then suddenly crashed into a wall.

"...My head hurts..." Jacob rubbed the bruise on his head, he caught a glimpse of a giant figure.

As it smiled, Jacob screamed and he got smacked on the head by a hammer.





"What?" Jacob heard a voice in his mind.

"Yourrrrr a GHOOOOOOST"

"Shut up Cream!" A second voice shouted. "You can clearly see his body, he is not dead ... YET"

When Jacob heard the words 'Yet' he instantly woke up and 3 cats, including a cat with a jacket on stared at him above.

"HEY DUDE!!!!!!!" A small tiny grey and white Bicolor kitten sat on Jacob's nose as he slowly woke up.

"Hush Sami," A medium sized Female cat with orange hair, brown spots and blue eyes grabbed the small kitten and placed him on a Toy Bear.

Jacob's teeth chattered as a large yellow cat with black stripes on his face grinned with him flashing his fangs, while hovering above was a paper plane that just happened to be thrown by a white cat being chased by a black cat that looked like the other.

"Where am I," Jacob asked the small group. "And who are you people?"

"Oh silly-billy, your the one to lead us!" The female cat smiled at him.

"Um Katherine, I think he means 'Who are we' exactly" The yellow cat interrupted. "Well first of all, my name is Jako and she of course is Katherine ... and that small kit is Sami and----"

"And I am Cookies, and that is CREAM!" The black cat pointed to the white cat.

"So your both named after an Icecream flavor, Eh?" Jacob snickered. "But where am I? Is this in the Closet still or something?"

Jako lifted Jacob up so he could get a clear view of the group of 5, and the room.

"Lets just say that your IN the Prison" Katherine's eyes lowered to the ground, sitting next to Sami who was fast asleep.

'I am in the PRISON?!!?!' Jacob fainted and his head went to the side.

Chapter 5: Walking into Memories

"Jacob, wake up" Katherine poked Jacob with Sami sitting on his head, his tail drooping in front of Jacob's eyes.

"I'm still here?" He mumbled.

Jako rolled his eyes and walked over to Jacob, while Sami jumped off and landed on a small pillow.

Dark Prison ;; Chaoter 5.

Dark Prison Chapter 5: Walking into memories

"You look familiar somehow"

Jacob blinked quickly and sniffed the air.

"Like really familiar"

Sami yawned in the background and curled up.

"You almost remind me of someone, but I don't know who"

Jacob's eyes widened, he knew what Jako was talking about .. so he didn't say anything.

"Oh can you tell me, can you tell me .. the way that this should work" Katherine was singing beside Sami, who fell asleep straight away.

Jako walked up to Jacob and they were facing each other, face to face.

"Wait a second Jako!" Cream squeaked behind them. "Look at the eyes, can you see it?"

Jacob's teeth chattered, he went past Jako and Cream and ran towards a door.

It was locked.

"What's the matter boy?" Katherine calmed him "Is there something wrong?"

"I-I need to get out of here"

"But we just met you, you seem so nice and .. Not evil" She continued.

"I REALLY need to get out of here"

"But why?" Sami woke up, and tears started to form in his eyes.

Jacob stared at the little kitten, he needed to leave .. but he couldn't because of him.

"Why d-do you want to leave?"

"Look, its just I need to find someone" Jacob stared into another direction, to not be hypnotized by Sami's reaction.

Jako and Katherine's concerned looks turned to a small smile.

"Then why didn't you say so!" Katherine closed her eyes and opened her mouth cutely.

Jako opened the door shortly after and the group walked through the hallway.

"Sooo who are ye' looking for?" Cookies piped in cheerfully.

"I am looking fooooor ... um"

They all exchanged glances, and Jacob looked down at his paws.

"..I am looking for Lucas"

Cookies sneezed, and placed a paw on their nose.

"Sorry, Cookies gets a cold a lot .. they are slightly allergic to all the dust in this hallway" Cream whispered to Jacob.

Sami was inside a small bag that Katherine was carrying in her mouth.

Jacob thought all of them didn't hear what he said before, everyone except Cookies.

Chapter 6: Their History

Dark Prison Chapter Six Cover

Dark Prison Chapter Six: Their History

"So where did you all come from?" Said Jacob.

Jako smiled and whispered a few things to Cream and he nodded.

"Well, Cookies and I were the first ones in this group" Cream sniffed the air.

"We were orphans until Katherine decided to take us in, and then we found Jako who got lost in a Restura---"

Jako glared at Cream but then rolled his eyes.

"Let's just say .. I got LOST up in the mountains and I found a resturant which is where I found you"

Jacob was confused still but laughed at how Jako tried to make himself sound tough, even though he got lost in a resturant.

"Sami was in a box in the forest surrounded by wolves and then Jako defeated the wolves"

Jako felt proud now and grinned, while Sami giggled.

"That actually did happen, just so you know Jacob" Cookies added on, walking beside Jacob.

"Ahem .. Continuing on, then we all got taken here to the Prison from a loyal and nice person driving a Taxi"

"Wait, we still have people who drive Taxis? They stopped way before I was 4" Jacob was confused.

Cream stopped for a second, then he looked at Cookies and Jako.

"Are you sure? I don't know if they stopped, they have been doing this for years already ---well the people who drive those taxis" Replied Katherine.

"Yeah pretty sure, unless that'll mean Sami is at least 6 years older than me"

Everyone stared at Sami who fell asleep, then they all giggled.

"So how old were you again Jacob?" Cookies asked.

"I am 4 ---wait no 24"

"How can you be 4 and 24?"

"Long story" Jacob sighed. "Hey also, where are we right now .. I mean we are in the prison, but where are we going?"

"Hey, where are we going Jako?" Katherine looked up at Jako.

His ear twitched, then he stopped and stared ahead.

"Everybody don't move or speak .. I think we are being followed"

Sami woke up and then started to scream.

"SAMIIII!" Katherine covered his tiny mouth, and placed him on her back while they all ran.

"Who is following us?!?!?" Cream said as he ran faster than everyone in the group (He was the most athletic in the group since he would run around the room in his spare time or just chasing Cookies --or run away from Cookies)

Jacob noticed a door ahead and pointed to it.

"Okay everyone, we all need to get through that door --whatever is there on the other side is good probably ..I hope"

They all went through one by one ---while Jako got smacked by the top of the door.

It was very dark in the room wherever they were, and they could only see each others eyes.

"Is everyone here?" Jako rubbed his head.

"Yes" Katherine and Cream replied back.

"Yeah, I hope so" Jacob answered.

"ACHOO!" Cookies sneezed and nodded their head.

Suddenly now all they could hear were grumbling noises, and moans.

"...Where are we?" 

"I hope this is not the place" Jako's eye twitched.

A large hand was on Jacob's shoulder and he screamed like a girl when he realised.


"Hey guys .. um, I'm pretty sure we are in here" Cream shivered.

"In where?" Everyone else glanced at him.

"In .. the prison hallway"

Chapter 7: Staring into the eyes

"Hey I think I found a lightswitch, guys" Katherine walked up to a tiny button in the wall spelling out 'S-C-R-E-A-M'

Sami looked at it and screamed as the lights turned on, and he saw huge people which were all staring at them in cages.

"What is s-c-r-e-a-m?"

Cookies' eyes widened and they covered their mouth with one paw.

"Heyyyy ...Guys" Cream walked up to one of the cages and grinned.

"I bet ya'll are wondering why we are OUT OF THE CAGE ---Am I right.. Hehe?"

Jacob observed the cages, Lucas wasn't in any of them.

"Well it's a funny story, ya see---" 

Jako grabbed Cream's arm and covered his mouth, so he will stop annoying the prisoners.

'Hm, he is not in here ..He must be in a different room' Thought Jacob.

"Okay, I am just gonna go searching for something in some of the other rooms" 

They all looked at Jacob with a blank face.

"I'll go with you --Because you never know if one of these guys will attack" Cookies raised their paw. "Everyone else can stay here unless they want to join ..So does anyone else?"

No one else spoke anything, or raised their paw.

"I guess it's just you and me then, Cookies" Jacob started heading towards the door with Cookies skipping behind him.

The door slammed after they left, while Jako and Katherine exchanged glances at the prisoners still in the cage.

"Sooooooo .. Who is up for a lil' musical of how we all met?"

"CREAM, PLEASE NO!!!" Everyone shouted at Cream who was pretending to play the guitar.

Meanwhile in the hallway, Jacob and Cookies carefully walked down and looked at some of the signs and posters on the doors and walls.

"So Jacob," Cookies asked. "Is it true you are looking for Lucas?"

Jacob suddenly halted and stared into their bright eyes.

"Y-you weren't really supposed to hear me say that ... But yeah, I am actually"

"Sorry Jacob, I just sometimes accidently overhear someone's conversations I guess --most of the time" Cookies blushed and looked at the ground.

"It's okay, C-cookies"

Jacob noticed one of the signs had read out 'CAGES 16-30' and since he is 24 and Lucas would probably be 28 or 29 by now, he and Cookies walked into that room.

"Golly it's dark in here, there is hardly any light except that tiny lantern at the top of the roof" said Cookies looking up at the roof.

Most of the people in the cages looked very nightmarish and huge.

..Until he noticed one small, skinny, grey and black kitten sitting down crying in a corner.

'That is odd' Jacob walked straight past it as it mewled.

Chapter 8: Red sphere.

After 5 minutes of searching, Jacob and Cookies were very tired so they sat down against the wall.

"Do you think we'll ever .." Cookies panted. "F-find Lucas?"

"I hope we do, or else someone else might .."

All of the sudden, a chair came flying out of the window above them.

"Oh" Cookies looked up at the window and stood up again.

Jacob looked in the same direction and they both heard loud voices, coming out from the window.

There was a giant sign beside them on the wall spelling out Cafeteria, as well.

They slowly opened the door quietly, until something blocked the door.

It was a giant greyish pink cat, it had bright neon pink star glasses and large ears.

"Name, date, birth, cell"

Jacob looked at Cookies, so Cookies stepped forward and pulled on a weird looking face.

"Mr Snuggly, 7th September 2064, 1st of November 2034, Cell 96"

The cat nodded, then moved out of the road.

"How ..did you do that?" Jacob whispered.

"Let's just say I have many cousins who go here, okay?"

Jacob's eyes widened and he looked ahead to see a weird cat dancing on the table, it was singing some weird song lyrics and it had a weird red sphere in its hands.

Hold on.

Red sphere?

"Is that who I think it is..?" Cookies stared at the dancing cat.

Jacob walked foward more and squinted his eyes.

It was Lucas.

Lucas then suddenly noticed Jacob who gave him a furious look.

"Jaaaaaaaaaaaaacob! Long time no see, ol' brother of mine!"

He jumped off the table and reached out for a hug, but then Jacob lightly slapped him.

"Outside, no talking, NOW!" He pointed to the exit door and dragged Lucas with him and Cookies who was worried.

"W-why would you leave me for way past 3 months, after you stole that diamond ----"

Lucas grabbed the diamond from the bag he was carrying out, with Jacob still furious at him.

"A-and I had to get taken to the hospital, then I left that place, found this prison, met all these nice people caring for me .. THEN I FIND YOU JUST DANCING ON THE TABLE IN THE CAFETERIA LISTENING TO 2020's MUSIC!!!!!!"

Cookies and Lucas looked at each other, then back to the angry Jacob.

"Woah bro, look I am sorry I put you through all this --but I didn't know you would go to the hospital or meet.." Lucas looked at Cookies again. "Wait --what's your name?" 

"Cookies, sir"

Jacob sighed and Lucas continued.

"or meet Cookies, I just thought you would look at the note I left you in the hospital"

Jacob growled at him and crossed his arms.

"And where was this note, exactly?"

"Why it was on one of the balloons beside your bed, I placed it up on one of the balloons that was being carried to your room" He grinned. "It said 'remember to pay me a visit in my new home!' did you notice it Jacob? Did you?"

Jacob then suddenly remembered, the note was on the balloon in his room so Lucas was telling the truth.

"Okay .. Okay, I am less mad at you now" Jacob shifted his eyes.

"Let's make a deal to never be far away from each other again, okay Jacob?" Lucas placed out his paw.

Jacob looked at the ground, then rolled his eyes.

"Okaaaay..." He shaked his hand and they both made eye contact.

Cookies smiled.

"Well now that we are together and happy, shall we go introduce him to the others?" 

Jacob and Lucas nodded, so they all ran in the direction that Cookies was going which was into the room Jako, Katherine, Sami and Cookies' brother Cream.

Jacob knocked on the door, then the door carefully opened to the crew looking down at Sami.

"W-what happened? What happened to Sami?"

Cream looked up, then sighed.

"Sami needs food, they haven't eaten for a while --and could get sick if they don't eat"

Sami mewed slowly and closed his eyes.

Jacob walked over to the others, then Lucas reached into his backpack and pulled out a piece of fish.

He placed it on the ground beside the small kitten and Sami turned his head and bit into the soft food.

Chapter Nine: Mockingbird.

"Hm" Lucas looked at Sami who was still eating the fish.

"They look a bit young to be in this prison, how old are they?"

Katherine shrugged and then sat down next to the kitten.

"Sami --I think is about ..3 or 4 years old" She finally replied.

Lucas nodded and sat down as well next to the two cats.

Jacob suddenly remembered there was still some prisoners in the cage, but only Lucas would know these people ..probably.

"Hey um, Lucas" He asked. "Just wondering but--"

"But what?"

"D-do you um... Know any of these guys?" He pointed to one of the cages which had 8 or 12 prisoners in it.

Lucas walked up to them, of which they stopped growling but instead mumbled.

"I know only 6 in there" He observed. "...Well that's odd"

Jacob's ear twitched.


"Jeremy Sanriski and Tom jonaski are supposed to be in here! They must've escaped or moved!"

Jako waddled up to them with widened eyes.

"J-jeremy, you said?" 

"Yeah, Jeremy saaaaaanriski" 

Jako grinned and then shuffled backwards awkwardly.

"Do you know them? You seem suspicious"

"No I don't! I swear!"

Lucas growled at him, then everyone including the prisoners gasped.

"Then answer this question for me, if you don't know them... then why do you have an ususual scratch mark on your leg shaped like a 'J'?"

"My name is Jako! It starts with that letter! J-A-K-O!"

Lucas cornered Jako next to one of the cages, of which one of the prisoners grabbed his tail if he tried to escape.

"This is the first time I have seen Jako scared like this, he gets nervous --but not ever like this" Cookies whispered to Jacob quietly.

"Then what is your last name, Jaaaaaaako?" Lucas snarled at the tall golden cat.

"I don't have a last name! I was born in a family without one!!!"

Lucas continued and then raised his paw high, with Jako looking like he was about to cry.


He turned around to see Katherine behind him --holding Jacob.

"Why should I, little lady?"

"Oh, you already know why ..Lucas"

A trap door suddenly opened when she pressed her paw on a black pin, she held Jacob over it who begged to not be dropped down.

"L-Lucas please stop annoying Jako, this is embarressing"

Lucas sharply turned around and walked up to Katherine and the scared Jacob instead.

"Put him down, little lady"

"Not if you say sorry to my friend, also these prisoners" She growled.

Everyone including the prisoners in the room stared at Lucas, he sighed then turned around to face Jako.

"Fine ...I'm S-sorry"


"For um, saying that you are ..bad?" He whispered.

Jako then smiled at Lucas and patted him on the head with a giant yellow paw.

"I think he learnt his lesson Katherine, you can put the pipsqueak down now" 

Katherine placed Jacob on the ground slowly beside the trap door, then it began to close.

"Pipsqueak?" Jacob laughed awkwardly. "Did you just call me pipsqueak?"

Jako looked down at Jacob and nodded his head.

"Well you are quite small, you also squeak a lot whenever you talk quietly" Replied Lucas who was reaching into his backpack.

Everyone laughed while Jacob frowned angrily.

There was a short silence until Katherine piped up.

"Hey um Jako, can I ask you something outside?"

"Sure okay" Jako walked over to her as they headed out.

Chapter Ten: Supernatural 


Dark Prison Parody

{The writing below is a deleted part of Dark Prison .. please don't kill me for this}

Dark Prison - Chapter 5


"I'm still here?" He mumbled.

Jako rolled his eyes and walked over to Jacob, while Sami jumped off and landed on a small pillow.

"You look familiar somehow"

Jacob looked at Jako's eyes, and blinked a lot of times then he giggled like a little girl.

"Yoooou look familar actually!" He shouted and touched Jako's nose with a claw.

Jacob smiled and stood up again, Jako's ears flattened and Katherine was worried.

Jako and Katherine then sat face to face, trying to ignore the silly Jacob in the background.

{ NOTE TO READERS :: In further chapters, Jacob will act a little bit childish once in a while .. he is not crazy or anything .. lets just say he is just BEEEEEING himself }

"Do you see it Jako?" Katherine exclaimed. "Did you hear that hiss in his voice?"

"No I didn't"

"Its so obvious now, its his brother!"

Jako was still confused, he could be anyones brother.

Katherine turned red in anger, and mumbled more gibberish.

"LUCAS!" She screeched "IT'S HIS BROTHER!!!! ITS LUCAS!!!!"

Jako then suddenly remembered, and looked at Jacob ---who had tried to jump over a box but got stuck in it.

Katherine is right, only Lucas would do that voice

Cookies and Cream were now a bit scared of Jacob, as if he was a zombie.

Sami was mewling like crazy and Katherine was trying to calm everyone down.

"SILLLLLLLLLLLLENCCCCCCCCCCE!!!!!!!!!!!" Jako screamed, and then Jacob and the others were back to normal but were staring at him in confusion.

"Jacob, we need to talk"

Jacob shivered a bit, and then nodded.

Jacob followed Jako and Katherine into another room, with a desk which was similar to the one the Lady at the desk was at.

Jako breathed deeply, and then looked at Jacob with a sad look.

"Look .. Jacob, you are nice and all but there are some things you ---and we need to know" He started.

"Why were you acting strange back in there?" Katherine added.

Jacob was puzzled, he told them that he was acting normal and just sitting down quietly.

"Well okay then, but back in there you were scaring everyone"

'Me? Scaring everyone? All I could see was everyone looking happy and smiling' Jacob shrugged, still confused.

Katherine and Jako then snarled at him, and they knocked the desk completely over.


"DON'T YOU DARE CALL US THAT NAME AGAIN OR WE WILL SHRED YOU TO ICECUBES!" Jako screeched at him, and they both crawled closer to him.

Jacob shivered and slowly walked back to the other room, and the others woke up and started to crawl towards him like Katherine and Jako.



Falling Flowers

Crystal Minds

Rachel's Life Story (MIGHT FINISH)