I was once playing Animal Jam and I have seemed to find Aparri At Jamaa Township. He was doing an update video. As soon as I went to his den, everything went black. Then, right after that, a bunny appeared. As I walked to the bunny, I said, "Hi! Do you know the way out of here?" Right after, the bunny left. My screen then went red. As I restarted the computer, I typed in my password and then the animal jam logo popped up on my sreen.

I Clicked play and I ended up in Jamaa Township again. This time, Aparri was gone and the music was backwards. All of the sudden I got teleported to my buddy's den. Her name was changed from "Cupcakedragon41" to "41dragoncupcake" I tried to log out, but the home sreen was changed. All the alphas had bloody eyes and had what it looked like flesh in their hands. I went to call Animal Jam, and then when they picked up, They said, "Sorry, Animal Jam is having some problems. Check back later."

I hung up. Now I was REALLY scared. I turned off my computer and decided to watch the Seahawks go against the Washington Huskies on Collage Football. But instead, the screen said, "Sorry, No Wi-Fi connection." I looked as if my cat had pulled the Wi-Fi plug. But it didn't. It said Wi-Fi was on. I Thought in my head, "How is this possible? How can I play Animal Jam with no Wi-Fi?" Then I heard a knock on the door. I slowly opend the door. It was my friend from Animal Jam. She had her laptop in her hands ready to play. As we got on, My computer worked, but hers didn't It said, "ERROR: DATA NOT FOUND" Then I heard Squiggy (My Kitten) Meow for help. I Saw that he was being held by the tail by my little brother. "Pranked ya!" He said. He got a remote and pressed a button. Soon all the devices in the house said, "Pranked ya!" Lol this story was all a prank! XD

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