Warning : This has blood and things in it.


Tasmanian walked through the hall and glanced up at the sky. It is not red but black.

"Somethin' wrong brother?" He turned his head to meet eyes with Shi.

"I am fine.... It doesn't feel right though." Shi just nodded.

"I know what you're sensing, I am sensing it as well. It's darkness, Taz, we can't excape form them this time." Tasmanian looked at him.

"We will. I will not allow us to be killed. I'm not allowing any one to be hurt this time either" Shi's eyes grew large.

"Tasmanian, you're not going to-" He cut him off .

"Yes, I am going to, brother." Shi shook his head.

"I will not allow it! You're King, what would happen if you were killed?"

So be it, he thought. A blood curdling scream filled the air. The first thing Tasmanian did was leap to the armory and get into his armor.

"Taz! They breached the gate!"

"Just what I was expecting." Finishing his, armor he ran outside yelling, "EVERYONE INSIDE THE CASTLE!"  

                                                                                               ~~Shi's POV~~                                            

  Shi at his side with his mask seemed to glow with anger "If only father was alive..." he growled "Shi, Secure the rest of the castle and villagers." his head swung to meet his brothers gaze "No way in Oblivion am i leaving you!" Oblivion is the area they where in thou Oblivion is a lot larger than one kingdom wars every where because of searches for the forgotten queen or Creator of Oblivion vanished. "I TOLD YOU AN ORDER SHI!!" He shook his head his two tails twitched "Tasmanian, Brother... I can't father told me to protect you no matter the cost." Most siblings in Oblivion where told to kill each other if they where Royals like those two but Tasmanian didn't kill Shi and granted him life instead of being a cruel Akuma, Akuma's are violent species are similar to wolves in ways, but have human forms. Tasmanian sprinted into the thick "Thus nain fiar" Fire burned enemies "Taz its been a while" a Female voice rang in his ears "Who are you?" A Female royal stepped forward "Don't you remember me..?" her red hair and black fur blew in the wind "Yes how could i Kistune...:" Her smile widened revealing sharp fangs Tasmanian growled bared his fangs Leap at her mouthing a spell that froze her,   

 Shi battling like no tomorrow "COME AT ME! YOU WILL NOT HIT ME" he taunted as a larger Akuma stepped forward "shoot" he said under breath "HA! THATS ALL YOU HAVE FOR ME KITSUNE?" he yelled turning his head, 'she is battling Taz' "So your a hot head huh?" the Large Akuma said, "Nope i just like challenges" Smiling under the mask a glowing sensation appeared around Shi, "Whats this are you a fairy?" The Akuma laughed. Shi smiled "You'll regret that". Blood splattered onto his mask. The large Akuma fell over, soaked with his own blood. "Let this be a lesson, never underestimate Royals.." the large Akuma coughed horribly, dying. "You will die....." it managed. "Well that's interesting....because you just did." turning to go assist Tasmanian, Shi saw him be thrown to the ground "TASMANIAN!!!" I yelled over the fighting. sprinting, a large white three tailed akuma appeared, Growling. "Th-three tails....? Thats?!?" She lunged at Kitsunes biting its neck and holding her down. Shi managed to get to his brother on time. Tasmanian's wounds were deep but the three tailed Akuma was destroying Kitsune "Who are you?" i said as she turned from her battle leaving Kitsune to her fleeing. "I am Akuma pleased to meet you Shi." Confused more than ever I said "hold a second Akuma?" She nodded "Akuma, Something wrong Shi?" I nodded "You know my name, helped us and.... You have three tails." she laughed "Yes, I see you noticed who i am Shi, But he cannot know." Akuma said walking over to my brother to heal him.                                                                                              ~~Tasmanian's POV~~

            'Talking? Who's talking?' i thought as i felt my strength come back opening my eyes Shi's mask was off He sighed with relief "|The battle was won. But you where harmed in the process." Shaking my head "What happened how am i..?" He put me on his back "Some one healed you and walked off" i knew he was lying but ignored it. The battle was over but i had a feeling it wasn't "open the portal..." Shi's ears flicked "Why?..." he asked "Because i need to see a friend." He nodded, "But where to?" i glared "Thats for me to know." he opened the portal as i asked i willed it to go to the world of Enthusaths,(earth) "Keep Oblivion safe..." he nodded "I will, Brother Who ever you're going to see better not kill you!" he said as i entered my fur became thicker as i changed world features. 'Snow? Of course winter i forgot.' a wolf with a golden chain on her neck approached "Who goes there?!" Sighing i said "Tasmanian, i would like to see Nori." She shook her head "The alpha isn't taking visitors..." Glaring i said "Well tell him his old friend Taz is here." 

 she glared "Fine. And address me as Eclipse or Lunar Eclipse!" she turned and entered her camp In a few minutes Nori came out with "Lunar Eclipse" By his side "Tasmaniann what brings you to our world?" I looked at Lunar Eclipse 'something is strange about her i sense Akuma blood in her...' i replied "I just fought a battle for Oblivion's sake, Again Kitsune." His eyes widened "Kitsune? Why did she attack she almost was killed last time.." I nodded to Lunar Eclipse "Lunar.... Please leave." she shook her head her mane bristling "Ain't no way Pops!" i looked at him "P-Pops??" he sighed "This is my daughter... Lunar Eclipse" My eyes widened 'That's why i sensed akuma!' Nodding in respect to her "So who's the mother..?" He laughed softly "You know who." Thinking hard i figured it out "Black sun?" he chuckled "Bingo." i sighed "So how have you been Nori?" He sighed "Fine i know you didn't come here to exchange hugs and kisses its always something else.." i nodded "Your getting better at that.." i looked for Lunar she was no where looks like she listened to her old man. He sighed "Well i guess that means you want me to assist?" I sighed "If you wouldn't mind.. To help" Out of the corner of my eye i saw a white wolf with strange marking and blue tints in her hair with magenta and black out lining  her fur she notice i saw her and ran off "Taz?" Nori's voice broke me from my thoughts. "Yes Nori?..."  his first comment was "What are you looking at?" I glanced at him and back to the running wolf "Nothing just a strange wolf."

Chp1 part 2

Nori woke the next morning to see his daughter gone and his mate just waking.  "Morning Nori." Blacksun Said with a yawn "Good morning Blacksun. How was your rest?"  She just looked at me "Not good?" She shook her head. "The fact luna left this morniong early shocks me where -"  she was cut off by a wail "WHAAAAAAAA?? WHO LET HIM IN?!?!" I walked out to see Tasmanian's head being bit off by my daughter "Eclipse i did" i said holding back a laugh "Well he's creeping me out!" she whined I laughed "I didn't do anything" Tasmanian said his pupils wide  'pupils huh? i guess his wolf for has pupils..' i thought "We need to hunt." "Tasmanian, your with Lunar Eclipse" Both of their eye widened "WHAT NOT HAPPENING DAD!" Eclipse roared "Why.... Why Nori why do you do this to me..?" Tasmanian mumbled to where i could hear it "Because you two need to get along" "EWW! DAD NO!" she yelled "Shut up. not that way!" i growled "NOW GET YOUR HUNTING DONE!" They stalked out of the pack's small clearing. "Nori you know their going to kill each other" a deep voice said behind me. "I know Venom they just need to get  used to it. he won't be leaving soon." i said "Yes but.. they will not cooperate well." he sighed Just nodding and told Blacksun my mate "Blacksun lets hunt south of camp." she followed me out.

~~Lunar eclipse's Point of veiw~~ 'I had to be picked to go with him! and only two of us...? wait does that mean he's a really good hunter?'I said staring at him "Got a problem?" he growled looking at me "Wha? Oh nope not one at all" I said freaked out 'WHY ME?????'  I smelled deer "that way" i picked up my speed my purple mane started to blowing  in the wind "Hold on... Not deer blood?" i lost the smell of the deer a black wolf like demon stood in front of us mask broken up the front  "Who are you?" he growled getting up from his injured state. "An Akuma.. eclipse get behind me now, actually no run back to camp. GO!" Tasmanian yelled I turned and ran 'This guys magic is strong..' a blast of light erupted from where i was just 5 minutes ago. "What?" Pain struck my body "What is this..." I blacked out

~~Tasmanian's point of view~~ 'She's far enough to be hit by the impact but not by killed by it' I muttered a spell light blast of purple surrounded me changing me into an Akuma. I charged at the wounded, winged Akuma extending my claws shadows threw me back  "This is my fight Akuma." A feminine voice said a gray skull mask and purple glowing slits in the eye's area, i examined closer to see her wings spread wide 'she's a phantom crap..' "Why are you here Phantom?" i hissed "to finish my fight. Obliviously" she growled again her icy blue marks glowed in the shadows her black fur blew in the wind, her amulet glowed while shadows danced behind her.

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