Congrats, you just scammed someone. You made an innocent person cry, even if they weren't innocent. If they done something wrong, it's someone elses job, not yours. Why did you do it? Do you want rares? If so, why not trade? How do you think we will think of you now? Your friends are either idiots or don't know that you're a scammer. You know it's not too late to stop right? Not enough? What are you going to tell the future generation? I was a scammer and made many innocent kids cry? Having a life is a gift, having a good life is a choice. Maybe you chose the wrong choice? You know it's not to late to turn back, pretend the whole thing never happened. Maybe you don't want that extra chance. Fine, be that way then. Don't turn back. You know, if you scam me, you might wake up to all your items gone. You know I can do that right? No, I'm not joking. Other people can do it too. Don't bother using a spare account, because I will find you, that's a fact.

You made kids cry.

You lived with guilt

You showed how pathetic you are

Are you happy now Scammer?

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