In case you read my blog post, I thought I would write one last story <3 Please enjoy Death By Animal Jam 2: A new life

The bunny cried as life was eternally black, and all that could be seen in her eyes was dust. "Please help! I don't want to stay like this forever!" Her call for help was answered, but not the way she wanted it. Instead, she heard growling and roaring, and in the distance, whimpering. "NO!! That's not what I meant! Take me somewhere else!!"

The bunny couldn't tell whether or not it was day or night, but she was tired. She fell asleep without even knowing.

That night, she had a dream. How can you have a dream when you're dead, you may ask. No one knows, but it happened to her. She dreamed of a meadow. A meadow that would never end. It had carrots in every corner. She looked around. The sun lay hot on her fur. But not sunburn hot, a pleasant, warm feeling. She hopped around, wondering what was out there. She stumbled upon a forest, filled with oak trees. It was beautiful. Out of no where, she felt something touch her shoulder.

"No, don't go in there, young one!" A female voice wisely explained. As the bunny turned around, she saw something beautiful. The prettiest thing she had ever seen. It was Mira.

"That is where two very dangerous creatures live. You wouldn't survive going into that forest!" Mira cried. The bunny thought for a moment. That was the forest mom sent me to! "Do you have a home?" Mira asked. The bunny was about to say yes, but as she looked around, she couldn't see her den, not even a glimpse of it. "No. I don't. I don't have a name either. Nobody likes me." She whimpered. Mira nudged her with a smile on her beak. "You can live with me. I shall name you Lily."

Lily cried tears of joy, and looked down at the ground, frowning. "I'm only dreaming. I'll wake up later, and you will be gone." Lily mumbled. Mira hugged Lily and picked her up. "You are in what we call a Lifeless Dream." She explained again. "You will never wake up. You will be happy forever." Lily's eyes lit up as the turned away from the meadow, and to Mira's castle.

One Month Later...

Lily yawned at a new day, slowly falling off of her memory foam bed. She looked into the mirror, about to see her ugly morning self, but she saw something different, that looked sort of like Shadow, and someone that looked sort of like her. "Mom? Correy?" Lily whispered.

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