Define fun in your words.

You would probably say something like: Fun is when you are enjoying something.

Major Majormajor had a different definition. He saw a 'fun' moment as when he saw jammers crying over pixels. He loved fun moments, so much, that he could tell if they were actually sad or not. It's a rare case when someone is actually sad, so Major took it to extreme measures. He would destroy a person mentally, which led to them destroying themselves physically. He enjoyed looking at the depressed jammers mope about, their tears staining their cheeks.

Major wanted to take it to the next level. He wanted to scam. But he didn't want to do it the classic way, so he downloaded every program he could find. Until he found one, he found a program that worked! He scammed not 1, not 2, but 62 jammers! His crazy obsession caused this.

Major was now a monster, a monster nobody loved.

He had his own scam team. 6 people. Hacking everyone and everything they saw. They laughed at how easy it is too scam. Major enjoyed this himself. But his obsession, went to far.

Nobody liked him, not even his parents. He had no friends and even the scam team broke up. It made him cry. Until he met a friend online. His friend was kind sweet and smart. And Major even trusted them so much, that he shared accounts. He liked his friend, because, the friend was infamous like him, but didn't care. Something, he lacked. He enjoyed his time with his friend. Because he was infamous, no one trusted him. Major wanted an joyous moment one more time. He hacked into his 'friends' account, took their worthless items and watched them cry. He then made the cliche excuse: "My sibling did it"

Dancing wasn't stupid. She unbuddied him as she left the chatroom. Bursting in rage, and, well, sadness. She trusted him.

Major realized his mistake and became depressed. He had given himself this mental disorder. He wanted to end this sadness without suicide. One day, his depression shook off. Replaced with anger to find his most treasured items, taken away. Weeks later his family died mysteriously, in which he didn't care. Major's room was stripped the next day to find a dictionary with only one word in it.


Major went on Animal Jam, hoping to find, 'exciting news'. His game was glitchy, due to all the programs he downloaded. Major wanted to change HIS definition of fun. But it was to late. He dragged himself into this so he had to drag himself out of this. The only way he could drag himself out of this was to stand on the roof..

And well, you know the rest.

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