AJHQ wanted to see a new update. Yes, it was a great update. Only non-members were able to play animal jam and all members were banned. Aparri sighed as his account was banned, and he created a new non-member account. He posted on his Instagram,


Only non-members are on AJ now.....,... :( how sad is that?

His non-member fans, there were a lot, unsubscribed to him because of this post. They liked that non-members were able to be free and not teased by members..... but non-member scammers had nothing to scam because they wanted member items.

A non-member called Princess Prettypaw was very angry at AJHQ. Her slaves (her slaves were ones who made her rich and gave her everything she wanted, even their own account) were all members, and she hated that they were gone. She tried to live with it, but she couldn't. She had lots of storage accounts, and so she logged into one by the name Princess Snowypaw. Princess logged off of that account and back on to Princess PrettyPaw. Princess searched her buddy list for non-members, but all of them were members, and all of them were banned.

Princess decided to quit animal jam.

And an innocent animal jam player who was a member and really kind to all jammers got banned too. She was enraged because of this and decided that she wasn't going to be nice; she was going to try to be mean. She wanted to let them feel how she felt when she got banned from being kind.

All the non-members smiled and shouted, "Hooray!" but soon, their cries stopped. The non-members knew how it felt to be bullied- and it was a bad feeling- but it kept them occupied. One by one, the non-members started disappearing, until everybody was off of Animal Jam.

A few years later, when Clark Stacey noticed this, he frowned, then let everyone, non-member and member, back onto animal jam.

"How are you?" Aparri cried to his fans, giving each of them a smile.

"Yo!" Bepper cried, handing out autographs to her fans.

"Hey, beans!" cried Julian2, jumping for joy. "How are you?" he both gave a smile and an autograph for his fans.

"We hated being in there without members for so long!" cried one of the non-members in Aparri's crowd.

"Yeah," responded another non-member in Aparri's crowd.

"Non-members are actually horrible human beings," Aparri said proudly.

"Yeah, they are," replied a member.

"Yep. Let's ask Clark to ban 'em again, this time forever." Aparri grabbed his phone and began to text Clark about this.

Clark accepted, and non-members were banned again.

"YWDUDFUG" screeched a non-member from his bedroom. "WHY DOES AJHQ ALWAYS BAN NON-MEMBERS FROM ENTERING THE GAME???"

"It's because..." his sister replied calmly, also curious if he was telling the truth that non-members were banned from the game. She typed in her username and password and hit play now. "ERROR!"


His sister was also a non-member, obviously.

"So the rumors are true.." his sister said, a bit of suspicion in her voice.

Clark read all the complaints he was getting from his email. He was getting a lot of angry parent messages, but he just deleted the messages, not really thinking about anything he was doing.

One of the AJHQ members ran into Clark's office and said, "There's been a lot of complaints about your change... not a lot of people like your change."

"I think the game is better this way, now no non-members can enter Animal Jam, fewer people to deal with! Besides, we'll higher the membership price so we can get more money! It's like, a win-win!"

'No, it's not a win-win," his colleague replied, "It's stirring up hate and drama for the game!"

"So?" Clark rubbed his fingers together. "The only thing that matters right now is money, we can deal with the hate later."

"I'm done." His colleague began heading out the door.

"I'll pay you most of the cash the game is making if you stay with us," Clark bribed. "And the game is making a lot."

"Fine, I'll stay, and give me the money you promised."

Magical Spiritjammer walked the Diamond Shop halls with pride. She was a member and she got to stay on Animal Jam.

She bought every item, she thought all of the items were going to be rare soon.

She was traded a bunch of spikes, and she gladly accepted them.

She was feeling so glad and happy until


She clicked the to home page button in fury. She attempted to log in, but every time she did, an error message would show up.

She decided to create a new account.

She was a non-member on that account.

She realized that

members were unable to play the game now.

"Sis, did you hear the news?"

James woke his sister, Amy, up.

"What?" Amy asked. "I was sleeping, and I had an amazing dream, so this better be worth my time."

"Amy," said James excitedly, "Non-members can play Animal Jam again!"

"Is this a joke?" Amy asked. James was known for pulling off jokes to his older sister.

"No! It's real!" exclaimed James. He ran to the computer they had, dragging his sister alongside him.

He pulled up Animal Jam and entered his username in....

He was logged on.

"WOW, IT IS TRUE!" Amy exclaimed.

"True as can be," replied James.

"Alright, so non-members can play the game now. Happy?" asked Clark to his colleague.

"No, now the members are going to hate on us!"

"They aren't going to hate on us," replied Clark, rolling his eyes.

His colleague grinned in a sinister way. "They better, or they have a problem."

The non-members were kind of glad now that the members were gone from the game.

They had a convention, saying how much they didn't want the members, and they smiled so much and laughed together and cared for each other.

But then one of the non-members said, "This game won't be here for long then, we aren't paying for the membership, which means AJ will become bankrupt."

The majority slowly nodded their heads. It felt to the non-member, Little, that they weren't too sure if they would want animal jam to be a non-member game anymore.

The rest, however, were against this idea.

"I ONLY LIKE THE PEOPLE AND NOT THE GAME!" shouted one, using the angry animated jamoji since all of the privledges for members were now available for non members.

"The members are BULLIES!" screamed another.

"BOO, MEMBERS!" they shouted in unison.

"Calm down, calm down," Little said calmly to the angry people in the crowd. "You can quit animal jam at any time if you wish."

The crowd quieted down, and the crowd slowly went away.

The crowd was slowly quitting.

Everyone was screaming, yelling. “It’s the end!” someone screamed. The word of non-members quitting quickly caught the attention of animal jam players around the world. Everyone was beginning to quit and instead hang out with their fellow peers who liked the same game they did.

Everyone was giggling and having fun when AJHQ noticed and decided to take action. “Okay, everyone, please stop quitting. Animal Jam is an amazing game and you should continue playing it.”

Everyone ignored AJHQ.

Everyone quit.

Animal Jam had no hope for new players.

They had to shut down.

and this was the end of animal jam.

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