Warning, might be frightening to younger readers.

There are all sorts of arcade games on Animal Jam. Swoopy Eagle, Jamaa Derby, Fruit Slinger; you all know them.

But there was another game that was never truly released. It can be found by clicking on a very precise pixel in the corner of the Sol Arcade. If you are sucessful, the game card will come up, reading "Deleted_Game_02".

When opened, the game looks very underdeveloped. It is a black background with many gray paths. A rather scared looking Greely is the playable character.

At first glance, the game does not appear too scary. But once you begin the game, it all goes downhill.

The music is dissonant and high pitched, making electronic screeches at unpredictable times. The notes are random, creating a frightening melody.

Jumpscares appear as you walk Greely down the paths. They are pictures from Animal Jam, but edited. A koala with its eyes gouged out. A wolf with a spear piercing its chest. A bunny being eaten alive by parasites.

If you manage to get to the end of the game, Liza will be standing there, appearing to cry out in pain. If you click on her, she sobs, "We are doomed." After she says this, the number "0202" comes up.

No one knows why Animal Jam would ever make a game like this. Such violence would have never been tolerated.

If you do manage to find this game, do not play it.

It was deleted for a reason.

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