(You are a bunny in this story) You looked out of your window in your den. It was raining, but the raindrops were much bigger than usual. you grabbed an umbrella with your chubby paw and ran out of your den. for each drop that fell on your umbrella, it faded away into thin air. You grabbed a bottle and cork and held it out. A drop of water fell into your bottle, then you quickly popped the cork on. The water gave off a strange aura. You suddenly felt your eyes water. a large tail fell from the sky, it was red and thin, but the end of it was shaped like a triangle. tears streamed endlessly down your cheeks.

You didn't feel anything, but you were crying! Horns sprouted behind your ears and a tail slithered down from behind you. The large red tail near you flipped over and two feet were near it. You heard loud cries, getting closer and closer. Your umbrella got hit more often as the cries got closer. Right before a huge drop was about to hit your bare head, you woke up in bed. There was a bottle with a cork in it was next to your lamp. Your ears twitched as you got closer. Inside the bottle, there was a letter. You took off the cork an opened the letter.

"You must be (y/n), yes? Well, I knew that..." was written on the paper, but a lot of the letter was either missing or wet ao you couldn't read it. The rest of the text that you could read said," are very cruel and miserable beings. Go stop them from making us... all the time. Collect a tear in this... cork on as quickly as possible."

You went outside and saw a crying bunny. She sat in Club Geoz, near the DJ'S turntable. You thought about the letter and had an idea. You thought you needed to collect a tear. You held the bottle under the bunny until a pink paw knocked it out of your paw. "You failed us," a deep voice growled from behind you. You looked at where the voice came from, and a familiar wolf stood there with a familiar rabbit.

"Peck? Greely?" You muttered In shock. Greely growled and peck pulled a knife out from behind her back.

"You have been a failure. Did you forget about your power to see what something looked like in the past?" Greely snarled. he swiped his claw in your direction. You had never had the power to see as Greely had said. Peck stabbed you with her knife and Greely bit your shoulder. You died. Greely and peck were under a curse. the curse wore off and Greely started crying for the first time in years. Peck's eyes watered. This was the curse of the Devil. You could only feel negative feelings and cried when you should feel fine. The evil absorbs happiness and other positive emotions each time the curse is active. The Devil had spread the curse all over Jamaa. Dark figures raised from each negative emotion and the figures were named phantoms. That was the real way that the phantoms were created.