Have u ever wondered

Why u can't say


Even with free chat


You have to go back

Way back


The first hacker

Who's name was DingoLingo

He loved Pepe

But he couldn't say "Pepe"

Even with free chat

It made him furious

Everey day

When he went to school

When he to work

When he went to his house

When he went to bed

He was consumed by hatred

So one day

He went to a

Computer program class

And learned how to hack

And he hacked AJ

And made their logo

The face of Pepe

And made the Jamaa Journal

The face of Pepe

And made all the animals

The face of Pepe

And all the phantoms

The face of Pepe

And renamed the site

Pepe Jam

And there was world peace

And he found a cure for cancer

And he saved every

Nation from everything

And made the universe

Utter perfection

With Pepe



Which stands for


Said hacking was

"Criminal activity"


"Against the rules"

So they banned DingoLingo

And took down

Pepe Jam

And that's why

We can't have nice things


Why we have

Scamming and hacking

And war and illness

And chaos reigns



Doesn't want you to know


You can't say "Pepe"

And you can't say "DingoLingo"

True story

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