WARNING: This story contains scary scenes. Not suitable for young readers.

I was using Animal Jam like any other summer day. Since the school year ended, I had been playing it. I was first introduced to it by an online ad. I was 13 at that time, and I clicked on it. I had such a blast playing it! My parents noticed that I was addicted to playing AJ, so for my birthday, I got a 12 month membership card. As of now, I still have my membership, because I found a hack. I'm 15 now, by the way. I was chatting with my friend on AJ with my character, Admiral Strongwolf. We continued chatting in my den until my Jam-A-Gram sound notification interrupted me. 'hold on i got a jam a gram brb' I typed. I clicked on the Jam-A-Gram button. It said, 'do u wanna be my girlfriend'. It was from a user named ilovecaitlyn200. I was creeped out by this, because my real name was Caitlyn. I just rolled my eyes. 'so what did it say' My friend typed. 'some dude who asked me 2 be his girlfriend' 'username?' 'ilovecaitlyn200 why do u ask' '...' 'wat' 'it's just that i heard from a user that a girl got murdered it was the same situation as yours.' 'gurl that's probably fake' 'not it isnt' 'yeah right' It was at that time I went to Mount Shiveer to break the ice. A bunny named Sergeant Cottonclaw joined me. It said, 'do u wanna be my girlfriend' I typed back, 'nah' I clicked on the name plate. His username was, ilovecaitlyn200. At that time, I got a buddy request from that user. I clicked Cancel and blocked him. He typed, 'u will regret that decision caitlyn rogers' I went to another place, but he followed me. I keep going to other servers, but somehow, He can still follow me like he's watching me.

My heart pounded in my chest. I breathed even heavier with every beat. I unplugged my PC and dived into my bed, trying to sleep.

The next day, I woke up to pounding on my door. I rubbed my eyes and put on my fluffy slippers. I opened the door to see a man my age with a large bloody butcher knife. He carried a menacing smile on his face. The last words I ever heard were, "Now do you want to be my girlfriend?"