Alrighty, who wants some CHOCOLATE?!?!?!

Domino: ME! HAHEHEHEHE!!!!

Calm down, dude! Anyways, you want the chocolate or not?

Domino: Of course I do! Why nautical?

Shy: *peeks in* Hey, I'm the one who cracks puns around here! *runs away as Insanity Wolf chases me*

Ok, let's go! *tosses a chocolate bar into the air*

Domino: Hey, wait! Spirits can't ea- *is interrupted by the chocolate bar which lands into my mouth*

So? How's it taste?

Domino: *chews the chocolate, then swallows*

Onria: *crashes through the ceiling onto the table, which turns out to be a glitchy table* Whoopsies! Sorry! *dashes away*

Domino: YUM! MORE! MORE! MORE!!! *screeches and chases after Kawaii, wanting more chocolate*

I have no more chocolate!!!!

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