Don't Date Online

Once upon a time there was a little girl named Kate who had a wolf avatar which was white with pink hearts, and one day she danced in the middle of Jamaa Township, saying "If u like me, come 2 my den!!"

5 minutes later, she clicked on the den icon and she saw loads of people at her nicely-decorated small den. "There will be a contest. if u win, u are my date!" All the guys at her den looked excited and nervous, could their small personalities possibly be a match to Kate's cute, girly and prissy personality? "First u must bring my fave food 2 me." And so it began!

After she had just sent off a non-member wolf with bat sunglasses that offerred her cupcakes, she awaited eagerly for the next guy to come up. 

"Hello my dear, care for some pizza?" She heard the voice say through her speakers, and Kate could also see it on the text bubble. The wolf was a member, he was different from other Jammers. He was white with blue flame patterns, and his name tag was pitch, dead black, with glowing red letters that read "Major Fieryclaws", and there was a glowing red claw mark accompanying it.

"Omg yes!! U won! WE HAVE A WINNER!!!!" Kate screeched, for pizza was her favourite food. "Now u must dress nicely for me!! I am pretty, cute and talented so I need a hot guy to go with it!!" She said, for she could be a bit vain at times.

"My beautiful dear, will this outfit do?" The voice spoke through her computer once again, and it was also in the text bubble (okay, so when the voice speaks through her computer, it's in the text bubble as well. We get it now.) It was Major Fieryclaws! He had black wings, and a long black spike collar, he had a lava glove that was charcoal grey, and seeping with real lava. He did indeed look very nice.

"Yes!! Omg totally!!!!! U won again!!!!!!!!!!" Kate screeched. "Now, for the final round, u will give me a pet!! My fave animal tht is." She said, twirling her hair in real life.

"Darling, you are very beautiful, and here is a beautiful pet to go with it." A soothing voice sounded. Major Fieryclaws. Kate glanced at her screen excitedly, there was a photo of a beautiful dog, with thick, silky white fur and brilliant sky blue eyes. It moved around and did actions like a real dog would do. Kate beamed, and she clicked on the dog, it told her to type a name. She typed in "Snowy" and saved, and then all kinds of action  buttons popped up. There was "Play", with a picture of a cartoon dog next to it, "Eat & Drink", where there was a picture of a food bowl, and so on.

"This is the best pet EVAR!! U R THE WINNER OF EVERYTHING! MAJOR FIERYCLAWS IS MY DATE!!" All the other guys left in sadness and jealousy, and Kate pulled up Major's player card to become friends with him. She gasped. His player card had his avatar in it, but everything else was pitch, dead black. There were glowing red letters for the words. "Ultra Rare, Extremely Rare" the words flashed in her mind, and she found the add-a-buddy button which was gleaming red, and glitching. Kate's new boyfriend accepted.

The brand new couple went on many cute dates, at the Dinner Party and other parties, and Kate had fun with her pet dog Snowy. But one day, that all came to a stop.

3 months after Kate had announced Major as her boyfriend, they were happily married, and when Major wasn't online, Kate went to her den and sat there to play with her dog. After 10 long minutes of waiting, Major Fieryclaws finally arrived. But something was different about him..

Instead of his white coat, he had black fur instead. Instead of his regular blue flame pattern, it was bright red instead. His avatar was covered in bloody scars, and he had a large butcher knife in his mouth.

"Wh-what happened to u?!" Kate stammered in fear. 

"Nothing, my dear, just fixing you up." Major replied.

"Fixing me up? 4 what?" Now Kate was deadly scared.

She watched in horror as her beautiful Snowy dog glitched into a black hound dog named "Bloody", with a pitch, dead black name tag with gleaming red letters. Bloody pushed up Kate and held her against a wall, and Major Fieryclaws quickly strapped her down.

"You're very lucky this time, usually I let my victims have a slow and painful death. But this time I'll kill you faster then ever before, you were such a precious jewel to have, so maybe I'll let this last moment with us together slip by swiftly." The charming voice spoke, it made Kate feel dizzy in real life, like she was being controlled by a generous, charming man who completely stole her heart.

"Don't date people online." Major murmured, before stabbing the large butcher knife right through her avatar's heart.

And the next morning, Kate's family found her dead in the bathtub with a large butcher knife stuck in her chest, and there was a note on her stomach written with her blood reading, "Don't date people online."

Don't date online...

Or the wolf will get you..

Do not date people online. Ever.