I loved trolling people in Animal Jam. But they always had a good laugh afterwards. I was happy to know that they understood trolling. But, there were people who didn't. They hated trollers. After I had trolled some jammers, they started cyberbullying me. I had enough of this. 

But they'd regret it later.

As I came across them another day in Sarepia Forest, they were being rude to a jammer that looked unusual. He was a koala with small ears and weird eyes. I never saw a jammer like that, ever. Listening to them, I heard he had trolled them. But they didn't accept it. As they got very rude, the koala looked stranger.... he didn't talk, though. His animal slept on the ground and had the crying emote. But, something was scary about that emote. The tears weren't blue.. they were red. Blood red. Suddenly, the bullies stopped talking and watched-- as did I. He stood up from sleeping... And now, from crying, his jammer's eyes were bleeding. That couldn't be coded into the game, I thought. "DON"T MESS WITH TROLLEERRRSSSS" he spammed. Entering jammers had static pelts or the vortex glitch.. The bullies' jammers glitched, and my game did, too. It turned into a static screen, and the jammer's face appeared for a split second onto my screen. 


My screen.

The next day, I got on. Everything was ok... except one thing. I saw t

The jammer's emote.

he bullies in Coral Canyons. Their eyes where red, and their jammers panted. "WE'RE SORRYYYYYYYYYY" they spammed, like the troller koala. Their paws were dug into the ground, bleeding. My screen staticed again.

The next day, I tried again. That time, nothing bad happened. The koala was gone, and the bullies were, too. 

So let this be a lesson, jammers. Never mess with trollers or people having fun with you, or you'll pay....