Hey there ONLY friend. But not BEST FRIEND. Okay, you expected the "Dear Diary" statement? Well you are wrong. I am not here to just write and tell you about my adventures...(my CRAZY adventures, as my mom says...) This is only one of my adventures, so I may tell you more soon enough.

It all started when SarahJello & I ate some yummy ice cream at the ice cream cart. Sarah, my sister, is a wolf & kept on licking the ice cream so much it went to MY FACE. (Since when did wolves eat ice cream? o_o...) Not much of a worrying thing isn't it? Well I am going to show you that part RIGHT. NOW.

Sarah ate up all the ice cream when all of a sudden...a black mist surrounded us. A black penguin with a mustache came up to us & took all our ice cream. He expected us to cry but I didn't really care because I thought I had enough ice cream for now. Sarah looked at me as if she also wanted me to cry. But she can't force my life. She knows that! That black penguin was named "Doom" and he thought it was a cool name for haunting babies playing Animal Jam. But I mumbled to myself: "What a stupid name..." I don't think he heard that. He lied to us that he is so popular and earn 1 million subscribers in his Animal Jam Channel on JamTube! (A/N: Parody Of Youtube) He also told us that he has an interview live to be uploaded in the interviewers' and his channel. Doom is STUPID. I have a headache in him. I felt a heartburn & collapsed.

I didn't hear anything that time.

When I was still lying down, suffocated, I heard a voice. It wasn't Sarah, more of like a male voice. More of like Doom's voice. Wait, did i say..


I tried to relax my head in the minty green pillow, but it was no use. I was sweating. Sweating so bad the nurses are called. It's not another comatose (obviously...) but I didn't get to feel anything. I was at my room reading the latest Animal Jam news. When Doom got featured. He was telling the truth. Sometimes I WAS the one who was stupid. I threw the newspaper all over. Doom, Doom, Doom, but i saw that Doom got banned....

I smiled like a fool. But then I noticed small handwriting....

"For 2 days."

(KateAJ is at the pic. below. I may show SarahJello when I write the 2nd Diary Of A Random Animal.)


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