Lovely hate (The scammers smiling at the scamees)

Large disgrace (The gifters)

Everyone late (The people who lost in Dolphin Dash or Derby dash)

Life Race (Derby dash)

Splitter paint (The paint theme that didn't come D:<)

Less luck (The eagle adventure, in which you get store-bought items)

Dead duck (A flying animal pretending to be scammed)

Clingy call (Them people always following you and asking you for rares)

Hollow Hall (Empty places or servers)

Death for all (Scammers, gifters and hackers taking over)

Note; This poem was very rushed. I promise to make more and add on to this one.

We were making the thingys were we would go

"Ask about an animal and answers appear"

All a's or other letter.

I decided to make a ryhming poem with that, but some wont have it. :/

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