Chapter 1

Today I saw Dora. She was walking in lost temple of Zios. I said 'Hi!' and buddied her. She sent me a rare backpack. Next thing, Dora was in my den! Let me describe her. She had red eyes and a smile that reached almost all around her face. It had pink lumps on her lips. We talked but all she said was 'Crinky' I wondered what that meant. Finally, she said something else. 'Go on Animal Jam at 3:00 in the morning and click the Appondale tree three times.' Oh and a few other things that I forgot to mention. Every now and then she would vomit up her lungs, brain and heart. When she did this, she started choking. Then she would get a blender out of her backpack and blend her heart, brain and lungs together and drink it. Oh, and she choked up blood-stained froth.

Chapter 2

All I meant when I buddied Dora was to have a little fun and then unbuddy her. But oh no, it didn't work like that. Little did I know that I was falling into a dangerous trap. You see, The mystery about Dora is in one of my other creepypastas (see 'Crinky') Dora is a frightning girl who has an urge to kill, online and off. Dora is just a misunderstood girl. No one ever pays attention or talk to her. When they do pay attention and talk they just say mean things. Why, you ask? Because of her name. Jasmine. I mean, I think it is a pretty cool name, but that is just my thoughts. I fell sorry for Jasmine (a.k.a Dora). So she haunts people as Dora. Read on to find out what is her plot.

Chapter 3

First she buddies people.

Then she follows them, even in their dreams

Next she kills them.

Look out for Dora.

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