This is based off of "The story of Dr. Jekkyl and Mr. Hyde". Remember, this is BASED on. That doesn't mean it's exactly the story. Just Pretend All these animals had been invented.


Hungry Jackal, AKA Doctor theJackal

Hungry Jackal was the first Jackal, and he was a kind soul. He loved going to Brady's Lab and experimenting. He made many great inventions, such as cures for many different types of cancer.  He gave to the poor and convinced the rich to be generous.  As you can see, he was a great Jackal.  He had many friends, such as Gabe "Chum" Nutterson, who was a squirrel.  They were very good friends despite the fact they were from very different species.

One day, Dr. Jackal disappeared for a while without a single trace left.

Introducing the Nutty Guy

Gabe "Chum" Nutterson was a squirrel who was a nut and loved sciency stuff and all those "wonderful" things that Hungry also loved.  As they grew up, they were still friends, but soon got more distant because of all these things happening and all those things stopping.  Mr. Nutterson was an average squirrel.  He had a kind heart and a smart mind, and was very loyal to his friends.  He never stopped checking in on them, sometimes bringing nuts, which was a bad thing because Dr. Jackal was alergic, but whatever.  Lets get on into the story.

Chapter 1:

Gray smoke hovered above the city as rain danced on the roof.  Mr. Nutterson was eating his daily breakfast which contained of berries, nuts, and seeds.  The only sound was the wind and rain on the windows, when there was a soft plop.  The newspaper clattered onto the floor, and the beautiful grey wall-eyed mare flew away.

Derpy hooves wallpaper by joehellser-d46u88i.png

Something about her...


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